Romance scam letter(s) from Luke Cunningham to Lilliana (Canada)
Letter 1

The one and only lily of my entire heart, I want to start by apologizing for this silence between us these few days, it’s the way things were at arrival. The Lily of the valley and of my heart, we arrived safely (all glory be to God), i decided to keep you abreast with how things are going here. Also, i felt you might be worried, since you haven't heard from me.
So, i decided to squeeze out time and make sure i let you know that though there's a lot of work to be done, i'm committed to also keeping in touch with you because i miss you a lot. I don't know if i told you that recently, i don't travel offshore very often and that i even intend putting an end to offshore operations, the moment i get married. Only difference might be that sometimes, i have to go offshore for inspection and careful oversight functions, especially when things are not going as expected or it's getting to the finishing line, i need to visit and put things in order for last line finishing, delivery and handing over. Just so you have an idea where I am presently my rose and lily of my heart, I am actually in Hill Island, a Baffin Island offshore located in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago in the Territory of Nunavut. It's pretty cold out here though I hear there’s weather fluctuations at this time and the network has been really messy and unstable but I will always keep in touch. I want you to know you're always on my mind and I look forward to getting things sorted so we could meet in person as soon as i'm done with this job (though that’s dependent on your decision for now since you didn’t sound very fine with it, the other time). I will be writing to you tomorrow when I get some free time. I would be sending you some videos of my arrival here at the platform, made just for you. It hasn't been easy since my arrival here as I have been trying to put things in order, attain stability and begin work, smoothly. The videos are confidential honey but I made them for you. I want you to promise me that you would keep them private to yourself alone. We have a lot of restrictions here on the platform as mobile phones, video calls, cameras are prohibited due to the proneness of some of these gadgets, etc in oil processing to attract explosions, which though mild, could lead to greater explosions, life threatening damages and others.
Letter 2

Dear Sir, I am beneficiary to Mr Anthony Wozniak who is currently offshore working in Canada as an Independent Engineer with Chevron Oil and gas company. I want you to help me process my Mr Anthony’s vacation permit so he can be approved a leave to unite with me. I would be grateful if this can be done because we have made plans ahead. Tell me what is required for me to do to begin this process , I hope to get your response. God bless you, Yours Faithfully Here is the UN Barrister Email address you would forward the email to - All you have to do is send the letter i sent to you to the email address I attached.
Letter 3

GOOD DAY MADAM, We have received your E-mail regarding your beneficiary vacation on behalf of Mr. Anthony Wozniak and we will work on it as soon as possible so that you both can get together, but before that can happen, we need you to take part in a vacation certificate process which would be tender to the United Nations resolution to authorizes your beneficiary to be allowed to leave the platform and come to you in your country. The leave permit certificate is a legal tender and is a document that will allow and gives your beneficiary access to the crossing of seaports and water authorities and water protection points during his flight and passage through the sea without stopping and searching. You will be the beneficiary of receiving this leave authorization certificate if you carefully follow all instructions provided to avoid any complications, but before this is possible, we need you to send us the following necessary information so that we can use it to process the exit certificate and your fiancé can go on this leave to be with you, thank you, 1. Nationality
2. Date of birth
3. Phone number
4. Passport ID or full name
5. Profession We are waiting for your reply as soon as possible to start the clearance process, Best Regards, James Mason.
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