Romance scam letter(s) from William Sanders to Kati (Finland)
Letter 1

August 2, 2021 Private and Confidential Dan Morehead,
CEO & Co-Chief Investment Officer,
Pantera Capital Management LP,
3000 Sand Hill Road, Suite
1-235, Menlo Park, CA 94025 William Sanders,
CFO & Chief Investment Officer,
Optimex Exchange Ltd,
1410 Honeysuckle Lane, Seattle WA 98101 Dear Mr William, LETTER OF INTENT FOR INCLUSION INTO BLOCKCHAIN SEED INJECTION PROGRAM ‘This letter sets forth the General terms and conditions under which Pantera Capital Management LP through the entity “Pantera Capital”, would enter into agreement for discounted purchase of the stated tokens’ This is to inform you of Pantera Capital’s intention to inject funds into the Optimex exchange blockchain project as part of our Seed Injection Program. Based on details of Application, the firm will grant the disbursal of One Hundred and Fifty million dollars ($150,000,000 USD) in native Tether (USDT) for native OPTIMEX tokens at a stated 5% discount surmounting to $157,500,000 in OPTIMEX tokens.
This disbursal will only take place after the successful takeover bid has been completed and a new majority shareholder has been installed to oversee the affairs of the company. As stated in the application, the sum of Twenty million dollars ($20,000,000 USD) will be given to the new majority shareholder as a solidarity fee. This letter is an Official offer and all details would need to be executed through a formal Purchase Agreement within 5 working days of receipt of the LOI. Sincerely, Dan Morehead
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