Romance scam letter(s) from Eric Dawson to Lisa (USA)
Letter 1

Hi Lisa, How are you doing today ?I really appreciate you giving me your email and yes i got the yahoo IM invite :) You know? this is life and we never can tell what little steps we take lead to greatness, and as they say,A journey of a thousand years starts with a single step, and i heard love is not even a destination but a journey for two to walk in harmony for life, maybe this may be our first step to greatness, who knows ? .I am tired of a life people live by saying they want something and neither do nothing about it nor willing to do so. I don't know how online dating works but i know it is a medium where two people can surely get to explore each others mind without sentiments. I know it is good cos it allows us to cut blabbering and really speak our minds without intimidation of beauty and soul stealing smiles. Seriously i am one who wouldn't bore you, i had discuss passion and fun than politics or religion :) How do i make my first impression here? let me give a full biography :)
Name,.. Eric Dawson
Age,.. 51
Background,... Father is American / Mother is German,.
Status,.. I am a widower, i lost my wife 5 years ago
Kids,.. I have one wonderful Son who is such an adoring boy , kind and understanding, he is 14yrs old on Aug 4.
Job,.. I am Renovation Expert, am into Building/Homes renos , Roads, Bridges , Oil Well pipes and general construction am self employed and i have the grace to work with close people, am currently bidding for a contract overseas .Wish me luck upon the contract..
My father died long ago and i also had my share of the pie when i lost my wife and best friend to a Car accident 5 years ago, since then, my boy has always stayed with my Mum in Munich ever since while i delved myself into work pretending to be hardworking even though i know in my heart i was trying to just forget my pain and loss though it sky rocketed my success but am i really successful without a woman to crown me? I know i would give all i have just to have that one thing money can never buy,. I haven't even been on the dating scene ever since i lost her, but now i feel ready to do this and for one last time for ever. I know i am a man who understands that loving is not about how much we have in the beginning but how much we can build it into as time goes by. I want a woman to be with me for being herself not changing to suit me but allowing myself to accept her for who she is, i want more than a wife, i want a best friend more like a partner in crime lol. When the time comes you will only find out it is like a force greater than our control is driving us towards someone to make us happy beyond our imaginations. If you ask me what love feels like, i can never have a description enough to do it justice, some says it is like a butterfly in the belle, but i say it is just that feeling you get from someone and you know you like it so much you want to spend the rest of your life living like that. I am a man who knows what he wants and wont waste your time like a fool at my age lol. I decided it is time for me to build a family now, accept a woman and all that matters to her and build our own paradise, it is time to buy the big house for all to call home,. I want to quit field trips after this last contract so i can be with family and change investment to buy me my time with my new family. Such is my dream, if such is the dream life you want then we can explore this journey called love. Would you give this a chance with me? I know we are not God and cant tell tomorrow, but we can make a good tomorrow by living today right, they say we should dream like we will live forever but live like we will die today, nothing last forever but we are only here today lol. I know i can not promise you all will be well, but i can tell you i know there will be ups and downs, but i can promise to work with you on everything to make a better tomorrow, It is like who wants to change the world has to first learn to change himself, that is what i know, we can start from somewhere and who says here cant be that somewhere, pls let me know what you think my dear, i will be waiting impatiently for your response, Thanks for taking time to read my mail lol don't stop smiling and have a lovely day. Your new found friend Eric
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