Romance scam letter(s) from Mark Stewart to Ana (Serbia)
Letter 1

Good evening, My name is Mark Stewart have, a data analyst at UBS Investment Bank London.I a right business for you, I have with anyone reveal this deal. I hoped that you will not expose or betray this trust and confident I'm going. with you for our mutual benefit Please for the Maintaining personal integrity and reputation of my profession rate, I give you much, this transaction very confidential for security reasons to keep and to avoid loopholes for us to get the maximum success without To achieve delay in this transaction. In the examination of bank accounts in our bank I discovered an unclaimed fund Sum of £ 15.000, 000.00 EUR in an account that to one of our foreign Customer Late Late Mr.Hock Miller, an Italian businessman who unfortunately be Life and his whole family lost heard in a plane crash.
you through his personal file in my bank, I discovered that he died without without specific reference to achieve in this medium. I like to try your To provide consent to present you as the next of kin of the deceased, that the proceeds of this account valued at fifteen million British pounds will be published as a beneficiary, what percentage ratio of 55 % to be shared to me and 45 % to you on. All I require is your biggest to maximum sincere cooperation, trust and absolute confidentiality To achieve success in this project. I have carefully mapped the procedures for the execution of this transaction under a legitimate arrangement to you from a breach of the law both in Your country and here in England when the fund is transferred to your bank account. protecting I have all the relevant documents that will be requested by UBS to indicate that you will be the rightful recipient of this heritage and UBS Bank the fund to you, may be released without further delay. After your Testing and acceptance of this offer, please send me the following Information, as indicated below, so we go and get this fund immediately transferred to your bank account. Please send the information as follows below; - Your Full Name
- Your date of birth
- Your home address
- Your fax number
- Your direct mobile phone number. I await your quick response and re- assurance through my private e -mail, that we begin this transaction immediately. Sincerely,
Mark Stewart UBS
data analyst
UBS Investment Bank in London
Private E -mail :
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