Romance scam letter(s) from Brian Wool to Gloria (USA)
Letter 1

Strait Street, Valletta VLT 1436.Malta Port of Corpus Christi
222 Power St,
Corpus Christi, TX 78401,
United States I am writing to you in respect of your mail to kredox bank. Mr. Chris Henry is a distinguish customer and his free and clean from any form of money laundering. The United State IRS verified and clears the transfer money clean.
Kredox bank is officially shutdown and have requested customer to withdraw all his/her saving money from respective account on January 12th 2020 issue date. Mr. Chris was operating overtime on the bank website. Mr. Chris Henry funds money is be held onhold by United State Internal Revenue Service (IRS). From your email, Kredox Bank assure Port of Corpus Christi and Mr. Chris Henry to pay off IRS Gift Tax for the completion of the transfer money to the designated bank account.
Thank you for your perpetrate service. Manager
Kredox Bank Plc
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