Romance scam letter(s) from James Conrad Anderson to Rope (South Africa)
Letter 1

Hello Rope,
Now here's the thing. I would so love to call and text and skype and do all that stuff with you right-now but i unfortunately can't.Rig exact locations are usually kept like some kind of secret because of bunkers and pirates so you can't even bring in your own personal computer.There's an I.T.C room here on the rigand that's where we all come to send mails and stuff. Web-Cams are disabled .The calling and skyping is done when you are on-shore.Yea,interesting isn't it. There are Sea-Pirates always at Sea targeting Oil Rigs for their Crude and sometimes they also kidnap expatriates and hold them for Ransom Money sowe always try to keep the line of communication to it's barest minimum.
So what do you think? We wait till I come onshore or should I go ahead and introduce myself "Formally" to you?
Letter 2

Well it all depends on how long the Contract's for. It might be for just 2 weeks and then it might be for 8 weeks so yea...It all depends on the Duration of the present contract you are handing and working on.
So tell me more about yourself...Let's get to know each-other better,shall we?
Good Morning.
Letter 3

Hello Rope,
I'm glad to hear that you are good. I'm good myself.
I'm an Engineer. I do offshore Oil explorations on Oil Rigs around the World.
What is it that you do?
Letter 4

Hello Rope,
I'm sorry for the delayed reply. Work has been Crazy.
How are you doing and how was your week?
Letter 5

I tend to get very busy so I think it's best I just tell you about myself once and for all.
My name is John Anderson Trembuly,you already know that but everybody calls me Jay. My parents are from America and South Africa(my dad is American and mum is South African)but I live in Aberdeen,Scotland. I'm single,41years old,no kids and have never been married....I'm a Petroleum Engineer and I'mcurrently under contract with Exxon U.K. I do offshore Oil explorations so that means I'm mostly always Offshore on an Oil-Rig
Now for the unfortunate part..I live alone as my parents are both late and I have no siblings that I know of.I lost them in a Car crash back in 2009 and I have been alone.The effect of the loss and the memory of them was just too much for me so i had to relocate and luckily for me,there was an opening at work so igladly took it.Aberdeen is a nice place,i've got no regrets
I was actually in South Africa in 2016 working a contract for PetroSA on it's Oribi and Oryx floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) facility located off South Africa’s Southern Coast. My mum never really talked about home because of the Circumstances that surrounded her Leaving the Country so whenI got the Contract to come down there,I didn't hesitate.
Now I'm looking to come back down there as my Vacation's coming up real soon so I can find out what I can about my Mum's Family and Heritage. Like i said,she never talked much about home and when she Passed i promised myself that i'll.
I love Tennis and football a lot. I also love swimming,surfing,snorkeling,
fishing, fact anything that's got to do with water I'm plus i do a lot of reading too.
Hmmm...That's all I can think of right-now so feel free to ask whatever.
Find some of my pics attached.You should send me some of yours too.Oh and that's my mum..Before she Passed
Letter 6

lol. Well that's my Life basically.
Thanks for your Condolences. It's been over 10 years and i still can't get over it. But then again, do you get over stuff like that? Anyways, I've decided to put it all behind me and move on with my life ........start a family of my own. I don't want to dwell there anymore. It still hurts(especially when you have nobody)buta man's got to do what a man's got to do.
Yes, I'm an only Child. Unfortunately.
And my Folks were only Children too
You've got your Mum,Dad,2 Brothers and a Sister??!! Gosh i envy you! lol.
Yes you did mention not been Married or Having Kids. I'm soooo glad to hear you say that you'll love to have Kids as that's exactly what i want too. To have kids and have a Family. Not getting any Younger and with what's going on in the World now, who knows how long we've got left?
Hahahahahaha. I bet when push comes to shove, you WILL kick someone right? Just Kidding. I love that you are health conscious and a fitness buff. You love the outdoors just as much as i do which is really cool. This is getting better by the Min. An Intelligent, Pretty, Outdoor girl who wants kids. lol
Hmmm. Let's see. Oman, Venezuela, Spain, China, England, Angola, South Africa, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia and where i'm currently situated, Scotland, which is my home now. All except for England was because of Work
04 March 1980. That's my Birthday.
The Big 40 Yea? lol. That was 2020 for me. I really didn't think about it. I mean, there was a lot going on in the World plus i was working so i guess i didn't have the time to. lol
Nope. I don't think you've left anything out. I love the Pictures by the way plus your hair's beautiful....Thanks for that.
So tell me more about South Africa. Am i making the right decision visiting my Motherland? All I know about the Country is what I've read on the internet and the little time I spent working out in Mosselbay and I was on the Rig for most of that so it's really not much.
How's your day going?
Letter 7

Hello Rope,
First off....How was your Weekend? Mine was Hectic hence my delayed reply.
You are welcome. It's Beautiful your Hair. It's Natural Hair right?
26 Years old. That's how old she was when she left South Africa. My dad came out here for a Safari trip and the rest they History. Her folks weren't too keen on her leaving but she was in Love. She only came back twice throughout her lifetime.
Oh well,I would love to come back down there and meeting you just made me make up my mind. lol. All i really knew about my Mother's heritage was her name-Elizabeth Kruger and that she was from a city called 'Bloemfointain' (i hope i got that in South Africa.Apart from my short stint in Mosslebay,that'spretty much all i know but i intend to find out all i can and see if i've got any relations when i come.As for the time of my Vacation,i get to know in about 2 weeks from now. That's when my current contract expires. I'll keep you posted
Oh Really? A Guy or a Girl? Where did she/he work out from? Chefs are an intergral part of Oil Rigs. We can't live without them, I tell you. lol
The leisure facilities differ from unit to unit, but modern rigs are more comfortable than ever. You can spend time in the fitness room,I.C.T room where the computers and stuff are but I'm presently in my Bunk as i'm Rig Manager and thus,have my own computer in my Bunk.Have I shown you pictures of what theRig looks like? You also play games with your colleagues, watch movies or simply rest in your room.So basically,that's about it.
So two weeks of research work right? You'll have some time off then? I'd really love to spend the whole of my 90days with you. lol.
Have a great day today.
Letter 8

Hi Rope,
Widespread Riots? What's going on? I usually get pop-ups from a newsletter on Happenings in South Africa but I think i disabled it a couple of weeks ago....I shouldn't have.
Yes. The Perentas and Grandparents. Those are who I'm looking to get information about. Cousins,Uncles....stuff like that. Certainly not her. She was my Mum. I know enough about her already. lol.
You are a bundle of Resources Rope and I'm glad more than ever that I met you. Thanks for all of the info you've just given me and I'm pretty sure that we'll be needing ALL of it. I just need you to promise me one thing;that you'll be with me every step of the way.
You'll have to excuse me as I don't mean to prey but I got to ask as I'm not one to 'beat around the bush' so to say...Are you in any sort of relationship presently? I wouldn't want to be an intruder,if you know what i mean.....
So you're home now? Nothing's going on? The Riot's not all over the Country is it? Just where you are situated? Fill me in. Or No. I'll just go online and check it out myself. lol
Letter 9

Hi Rope,
Yes,I have been reading about it all. As you have stated,it is in just two of the Provinces right? I'm not sure if I read that right? They really went and let Animals out? I didn't read up on that. That's so wrong.
Glad to hear that things are calmer now.
That's a real saying! I just checked it out and I see it! Everyone needs a Rope in their life.I love Sarcasm as you must have noticed by now. lol
Oh Please,don't skip it. It's actually very important that I know as that would help me (us)in getting to know each-other better. I almost got married at one Point in my Life but then my Parents happened and I just upped and flew.I shut everyone out including her. She's long married now and she's got 3 Kids. LovelyCouple. I think I still have a Pic of us...I'll check.
Yea i'll take what i can get. I don't expect you to put your life on hold just because I'm coming over so yea...that sounds like a deal.
lol.WW2 right? In reality though,I think the advent of Social media (Instagram,Snapchat and all those other stuff which i've never used i might add) has made us forget what it means to actually write how we feel like it used to be. I'm old School and even if I wasn't out at Sea,I would still prefer to send letters andemails.
Your emails are the highlight of my day this past week and for that,I say thank you!
Hugs and Kisses,
This was back when she Graduated College some 12-13 Years ago.@ Pic attached.
Letter 10

Hey Babe,
Can I call you that now? I feel like I should. I want to.
lol. I do the same thing too. It's the first thing I do when I come down from the Platform-Check my emails to see if you've written.
Yea. I know how mainstream meDia can twist and turn things to conform to their own narratives.
I think I get what you are saying. Poverty breeds contempt,anger and malice. That's what I've come to understand.
Now enough of all this talk about carnage and riots. Let's talk about us. lol. So would you consider me a ''foreigner'' ? I mean,I'm part South African right? Plus i'll have to go back to work after my 3 Months Vacation. Would you put your ''heart on the line'' because I would . I fancy you a lot and I'm sure that thatgoes without saying. You won't have to ''chase'' me. I can promise you that. Where was he from by the way?
Yea i thought about that too when i was in my Bunk(have i shown you a pic of my bunk by the way?)yesterday. I've never opened up to anyone like I did with you for a very long time. That's how I knew that this was something i'd love to take to any Length......relationship wise.
lol. It's a Deal then! 5km walks everyday.
hahahahahaha. So it's going to take us about 3 days for a 90min movie? Nah. I'll just watch the movies alone then.
That;s the thing. I've never been able to hold one because of my Job. I can't remember the last time I was in a ''Relationship''. A fling here and there and that's it. I don't want that anymore. I want a Partner. I want Kids. I want a Family.
What are you up to today?
Hugs and Kisses,

Letter 11

lol. Okay where do I start from?
Alright then.Babe it is. It will be reciprocated right? lol
hahahahaahahahaha. African American will be the right one i think. Musk South African?
lol. There's a formula? Never heard of that. But it makes sense though. 6 to 8 Months is an ideal time to figure out if you want to spend the rest of your life with someone.
lol. You are going to have to stop again if we are going to try to have a baby. I have nothing against Smoking. I indulge in a Cigar every once in a while myself.
You are freaked out about it? Bi-racial babies are Beautiful! At Least,that's what I think. I also think having two heritages should be a beautiful thing. Two Worlds. Do you you think?
Yep. I agree with you on that. I also believe that prayers do get answered, and what you ask for you will receive.
You are kidding right? Who gives the right to anyone to ask about who I chose to date? Relatives or not. Especially the ones i just got to meet??? Nah,that's not going to happen. Not with me anyways.
I'm glad you asked these questions babe. That's communication and it's very important in any relationship.
I don't know if I missed any questions. I'm pretty sure I did. lol. Please let me know if i did.
How many Kids will you love to have? I want a huge Family. I intend to end my Off-shore life and open up my very own Consulting Firm when I turn 50 so you don't have to worry about me been overseas while you alone take care of the Kids. Now with that in mind,how many kids will you love to have?
Here I'm still trying to remember what I've missed.LOL
Okay i'll just stop here. I trust you to remind me.
You should be asleep now.
Have a good night's rest babe.
Hugs and Kisses,
Okay so that's my Living Area, the Rig i'm currently on at nighttime and then me trying to keep a Moustache. you like? hehehehhee
Letter 12

I actually slept for like 3 Hours. Lots to do out here. The Barges are coming in in droves and need loading overnight so.....
lol. I hope you got some sleep and you didn't just watch your Fingernails grow.
lol. Yep. That's what a rig looks like. Oh really? Anything for Charity.I should still be there in November and i'll love to donate too. There are a couple I currently Support. Do you know what the Charity's all about?
Oh, I didn't know that. Hmm. Nice. He's going to Space soon. Richard Brandson Just did right?
Oh really? Hypnotherapy? You had to go through hypnosis for that? What happened to the Patches and stuff?
hahahahahhahaa. You just made me laugh out loud for real! You don't know how the goal posts are looking?
Oh Yes,I knew I missed at least one of the Questions. Okay to answer your Question-Yes,i've dated outside my Race. Twice actually. Once when I was in College and another a Year after I relocated to the U.K. The latter I can still say,was the best relationship that I've ever been in. For sure. So yea,I have noqualms with that. It doesn't matter to me who you are or where you are from. Never did.
Sooooo. I shall have some news for you about when I leave here on Monday so keep those fingers crossed!
I hope you are having a fruitful day babe.
Hugs and Kisses,
Letter 13

You don't have a choice but to be productive. It's deadline day tomorrow. You have to be. lol
Alright then. I'll check the link out when I have some spare time. This is ''You'' time now. Yea i know it sounds(and it is) hectic but i've got a plan and i intend to follow through with it. Hopefully,nothing extraordinarily difficult comes up.
A week?? Nah. No way. There's no way I'm going to go a week without talking to you. Yea,we might go 24-72 hours without communication but that will be the Max. The Storms might get worse and knock off Comms but it's usually back up within 48 hours. Thanks to the Tech Guys On-board.
I appreciate the fact that you feel it's been a Bother to me but it really isn't. In-fact,it's actually the Opposite. You are the Highlight of my day nowadays....away from the Norm and I thoroughly appreciate that. So yea, I'm ''chilled'' whenever i'm writing you an email...You better believe that.
lol. I don't sleep for 3 Hours every night. That only happens when something comes up and trust me,stuff comes up EVERYTIME on an Oil Rig. lol. But it's no Bother. You(we) get to rest and Laze around as much as we want when you(we) are Off-shore and back at Home.
lol. The Weather doesn't really count much when you are out at Sea babe. It's ALWAYS cold! Yea the Sun comes up every now and then but not really much.
So it's Sunday! What are you up to?
Hugs and Kisses,
Letter 14

Hello My Darling,
Okay so i'm going to reply to your last two emails in a separate email but first,i've got great News.You asked about my Plans right? Well,here it is.
So I leave for shore on Friday 30th of July so I should be on a flight down there on the 31st. (The very next day, Can’t wait any longer,sick already of all the Sea water).
Now this is what I need your help with. I want to get an SUV before my arrival, A Range Rover preferably (get the chance to spend some of my money, I work too much plus,i hate Rentals). Please find out the cost of it over there? Regarding where I will stay, can you also help me find out how much it will cost torent a furnished apartment(one with a pool preferably) for 3 months? Or what will it cost me to stay in a hotel for 3 months.I’ll make arrangements on how to get you some cash for them before I come down. I want everything to be perfect.
Oh and just so you know ,I'd rather buy one cash than rent one-the Car. I don't like rentals and besides,I intend to make Africa a ''home away from home'' sort of thing so i think it's wiser just buying one. What do you think about that?
As for the Apartment,I'm not sure of where I want to stay but what I do know is that I want to stay somewhere close to you..That i'm sure of. You are like the only one I want to be with as you must surely know right now and i'll love to have easy access to you and you to me likewise so Yes,an Apartmentsomewhere close to you will do just fine.
I've got 60,000GPB budgeted for the Vehicle . As for the Apartment,I've got 10,000GBP budgeted for that. Now I don't know what the Current conversion rate is with your currency to the British Pounds but I'm pretty sure you can work with that. You can, right?
I hope this is not too much for you and that you can handle it? I'm sorry if it seems like I'm rambling. I'm just so excited that I'm finally starting with my dream Vacation.
I'm sorry if I'm blabbing too much rightnow...Just Excited and I hope you feel the same way too.
Now onto the next email. lol.
Hugs and Kisses,
Letter 15

Hey babe...always good to hear from you.
lol. It's funny you noticed that I didn't include ''babe'' in my previous email when you've NEVER included it in any of yours. I noticed but I chose not to say anything about it because I didn't want it to seem as if I'm pressuring you to say it. You'll say it at your own time, I told myself.
3 Months. That's how long I would have spent on this particular Rig when I leave on the 30th.
Yes. I have been on the same Rig more than once. I've actually been on this Rig 4 times. I was on the same Rig in Saudi Arabia 3 times and Twice in the Netherlands so yea...I can be on a Rig more than Once. If I get a new Contract and the Pay is good, I accept. lol
lol. Nah. I wouldn't say I have a Favorite. All of them's cool. I get to work with the Locals and learn the languages and culture as much as I can...that's the best part. Meeting people of Diverse Culture.
Hmmmm. Anything else I'd love to do? See the Country basically. Have Fun!
. With you ofcourse so I'm going to leave the ''Trip Planning'' to you as well. lol.
Like I told you,I didn't get the Chance to do that back in 2016.
I think that's all of it?
What are you up to?
I can't wait to see you!
Hugs and Kisses,
Letter 16

You don't really seem enthusiastic about all of this Rope. You don't want this to happen? You make it seem(and I'm starting to feel) like I'm forcing all of this on you.
You literally said NOTHING concerning the First OR the second email I sent you.
Anyways,I hope you have a good rest. Please i'll need to know if you are in this or not. Send me an email when you wake up.
Letter 17

Hey Babe,
Apology Accepted. I guess I have to apologise too. I never knew you didn't see the email thus my Reaction.
Oh, I've been told to Family? Now I feel Important! lol. What's her name? Hopefully,we get to hang out ALOT when I get there.
So you are an Introvert AND an Extrovert at the same time. lol . Okay I get it. I'm that kind of Person too. It takes me time to also be Comfortable and Relaxed with someone but not in this Case. I just find myself been very open and trusting with you. That's how I know that this is something Real and I'm willing topursue it wholehartedly.
Yes. Nothing's sure. I know that. We are going to be even more sure of how we feel about each other when we eventually meet up but I've always trusted my Guts! It's never failed me all these years and I'm pretty sure it won't start now.
lol. Okay. No Hugs at the Airport. Maybe just a Kiss? *wink*
I think I've answered that question in the tired paragraph of this email. Yes! I see myself trusting you wholdhartedly and i'll prove that to you in just a couple of days so keep those Fingers Crossed!
lol. Really? Let's get a house then. You know you don't have to stay in your Apartment for the duration I'll be in South Africa right? I'd rather have you with me(while you do your own stuff of-course) than you been in your Apartment coming and going from mine.
Nah. You just take care of Everything. Just send me the Quotes and I'll send the Money for it's Payment.
Hmmmmm. I'll think about that. Like I said,I really don't like Rentals...not even for two weeks. lol. Check how much it will cost too and we'll take it from there.
You look good on both I'm sure. I don't really have a Preference. Heels or Sneakers. As long as you are comfortable. What shoe size do you use by the way?
Okay got it. Ten Threads and we start a new one.
lol. I wasn't frustrated. Just sort of disappointed as that wasn't the kind of reply I was expecting but we both know what happened now so it's all in the past.
Of-course you are coming to pick me up. I actually wanted you to come pick me up with the SUV you must have bought at that time. I've had everything planned in my head.
There was ''My love'' somewhere in one of your emails? How come I missed that?
lol.Well i can help out in the Swimming if you want me to. You don't have to worry.I've got all the Certifications anyone will ever need when it comes to been in Water. Deep or shallow.
Oh and i thought i'd answered this Question in a Previous email to you. Well,just in case you didn't or you didn't see it,here it is; Someone Good. Someone Nice. Someone I can spend time with and be Happy or sad . Someone to share my Thoughts,my aspirations,my Hopes,my Achievements,my sadness andJoy....I could go on and on but I'm sure you get the gist now.
I hope you had a good night's rest and even a better Morning.
Hugs and Kisses,
Letter 18

Hey Baby,
I've got some good news and some ''Not so good news''but I'll start with the good news first.
So the Chopper did come in today like promised and I just got back on the Rig a few Mins ago. I sent you a parcel.The name of the Courier Company is Freights drop Logistics .Here's the details of the parcel:
Web Address:
Tracking number.... FDL039823464089-CARGO
They've got a maximum 48hours delivery policy and that's why it's like the official Courier Service for everybody up here.They are that efficient.Try tracking the parcel from time to time so you know when it arrives.
Now for the surprise i got you(sorry it's not me all wrapped up,you'll have to wait a little more for that)I got you an Apple iPad Pro, HP Pavilion laptop, a Gold band wristwatch,Ray-Ban Sunglasses,a couple of tee-shirts and 2 iPhone XPlus(One's mine)and of-course,some Sneakers. I also got us 2 Aberdeen FCjerseys with our names on it(that took like 5 mins to have it printed on at the store)They are like one of the best football team in Scotland and i love them.They are like one of the best football team in Scotland and i love them.There's also a 4K Video Camera with built in Night Vision Function, Built-in microphoneand speaker in there. That's what I intend to use to document all of our Journey over there. I threw in 7 hard copies of Photographs of me here on the rig too. I was going to get you some shoes but i of-course don't have an idea about size and didn't want to spoil the surprise
There’s a sealed Brown envelope in the parcel, it’s got 80,000 GBP in it. I think that should be enough to cover everything(accommodation,
vehicle and miscellaneous expenses) right? plus that's all the physical cash I've got on me right now.
Now for some ''not so good'' news babe. Something happen on the graveyard shift yesterday.The Foreman got involved in an accident.A cable line snapped and cut through his safety boots.He's was in the infirmary but we had to move him to an on-shore Location for better care.Now I'm going to be here for anextra two weeks till a replacement comes. I'm absolutely gutted right-now but then again,I'm not hurt so I guess I should be grateful.
This shouldn't in any way change any of our plans. All you have to do is shift the reservation of our Apartment but get the Vehicle.There's no need to wait for me for another two weeks for that. If it's necessary for you to put down money for the Apartment so we don't lose it then do that also.
Okay now I have to get to work.I love that you love how i reply to every email you send and i'm not stopping now. I'll reply to your previous email later tonight. Just had to send this now.
Again,I miss you like I've known you all my life.
Kisses and hugs my Love,
Letter 19

Hey babe,
By now,you obviously know that there's an emergency on the rig and that's why I haven't been able to reply to all of your emails. There are loads of questions on most of the emails you sent yesterday so I'm going to have to take my time now to answer all of it.
As for the payment for the parcel, I don't think that that's how it works but which ever way it is,you can have your money back as soon as the Parcel is in your possession. I don't want you spending any of your money for this. I would have actually paid for it out here but it was said that it has to be paid for in thedesignated Country before its delivered. I didn't think it would be a problem.
I have to get back now. I shall reply to your emails comprehensively later tonight.
I'm safe. Thanks babe
Hugs and kisses,
Letter 20

Dear John Anderson Trembuly,
We are pleased to inform you that your shipment has now cleared customs and is now En-route.
Tracking Information
Tracking Number - FDL039823464089-CARGO
Location: LONDON
Latest International Scan: Customs status updated
We hope this meets with your approval. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if we can be of any further assistance.
Yours sincerely
Freight Drop Logistics
Your Address Here...
- Web:
Freight Drop Logistics
Your Phone Number Here
Your Phone Number Here This message is intended solely for the use of the individual or organisation to whom it is addressed. It may contain privileged or confidential information. If you have received this message in error, please notify the originator immediately. If you are not the intended recipient, you should not use, copy, alter or disclose the contents of this message. All information or opinionsexpressed in this message and/or any attachments are those of the author and are not necessarily those of Freight Drop Logistics or its affiliates. Freight Drop Logistics accepts no responsibility for loss or damage arising from its use, including damage from virus.
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