Romance scam letter(s) from Michael Brooks to Susan (USA)
Letter 1

[6/23/21, 6:18:19 PM] Ben: ‎Messages and calls are end-to-end encrypted. No one outside of this chat, not even WhatsApp, can read or listen to them.
[6/23/21, 6:18:19 PM] Ben: Hello it's Benjamin from tinder
[6/23/21, 6:52:53 PM] Ben: Great !!!
[6/23/21, 6:53:05 PM] Ben: I was waiting for your reply
[6/23/21, 6:53:14 PM] Ben: I thought I did something wrong lol
[6/23/21, 6:54:18 PM] Ben: Looking at those beautiful photos of yours
[6/23/21, 6:54:39 PM] Ben: If only I can get lucky to treat you like a Queen
[6/23/21, 6:54:46 PM] Ben: It's means so much to me
[6/23/21, 7:03:44 PM] Ben: How long have you been on that app
[6/23/21, 7:32:29 PM] Ben: I just opened it 3days ago
[6/23/21, 7:32:40 PM] Ben: You haven't met someone to have a real date
[6/24/21, 1:48:30 AM] Ben: The bad men will always leave for the good ones to come
[6/24/21, 8:40:27 AM] Ben: Hello
[6/24/21, 10:26:02 AM] Ben: How are you doing
[6/24/21, 10:30:00 AM] Ben: I will text you soon
[6/24/21, 10:30:03 AM] Ben: Driving now
[6/24/21, 4:18:05 PM] Ben: Hello
[6/24/21, 4:18:15 PM] Ben: Are you originally Asian?
[6/24/21, 4:21:37 PM] Ben: You have an accent??
[6/24/21, 4:21:49 PM] Ben: How long have you been in the states
[6/24/21, 4:50:44 PM] Ben: I am originally from Denmark
[6/24/21, 4:51:03 PM] Ben: I came here because I got married to an American woman
[6/24/21, 4:51:11 PM] Ben: She is dead now
[6/24/21, 4:52:02 PM] Ben: It's fine😔😔😔
[6/24/21, 4:52:21 PM] Ben: Since then I have been unlucky with women
[6/24/21, 4:55:34 PM] Ben: Benjamin Miguel
[6/24/21, 4:56:00 PM] Ben: My full name how is that a problem
[6/24/21, 4:58:52 PM] Ben: You have a Chinese nam
[6/24/21, 4:58:56 PM] Ben: Name?
[6/24/21, 5:04:17 PM] Ben: I love the name Wong 🙈🙈🙈
[6/24/21, 5:04:26 PM] Ben: I have heard it in movies
[6/24/21, 5:04:42 PM] Ben: Maybe it's just a name for beautiful women
[6/24/21, 5:06:01 PM] Ben: I have been through a lot as a man and have conquered much opposition in life as well and would love to meet someone who'll understand how been hurt feels and would love to find a honest relationship, I want the love that's been locked in my heart for so long to be unlocked by that special lady
[6/24/21, 5:06:43 PM] Ben: Are you Religious?
[6/24/21, 5:10:23 PM] Ben: I am not too Religious but believe there is God
[6/24/21, 5:10:38 PM] Ben: So tell me ....Do you have kids?
[6/24/21, 5:10:54 PM] Ben: What kind of a man will you love to meet
[6/24/21, 5:11:57 PM] Ben: I have a 10years old son
[6/24/21, 5:12:06 PM] Ben: His name is Kelvin
[6/24/21, 5:12:18 PM] Ben: I just miss loving someone
[6/24/21, 5:13:12 PM] Ben: Lovely name
[6/24/21, 5:13:25 PM] Ben: We could have dinner together next weekend
[6/24/21, 5:14:11 PM] Ben: But I just think we need more time to text before we meet so we don't have a boring date
[6/24/21, 5:16:03 PM] Ben: Have you met anyone online before?
[6/24/21, 5:19:26 PM] Ben: Sorry about that
[6/24/21, 5:19:46 PM] Ben: The bad men will always leave for the good ones to come
[6/24/21, 5:28:14 PM] Ben: You deserve the best ain't letting you go
[6/24/21, 5:35:09 PM] Ben: We are just getting started
[6/24/21, 5:39:26 PM] Ben: I just want your honesty
[6/24/21, 9:00:17 PM] Ben: Wish I can prepare you dinner sometime
[6/24/21, 9:00:28 PM] Ben: Do you know I love cooking🙈
[6/24/21, 9:01:22 PM] Ben: Same old shit just a different day
[6/24/21, 9:01:39 PM] Ben: Boring life with a goodnight and good morning kiss
[6/24/21, 9:08:06 PM] Ben: Still in buffalo
[6/24/21, 9:09:32 PM] Ben: Just my son and a nanny
[6/24/21, 9:09:41 PM] Ben: I don't have a family
[6/24/21, 9:18:02 PM] Ben: He needs a mum too we just need to be happy that's what matters
[6/24/21, 9:21:27 PM] Ben: I'm a ready to move mountains just to be with that special someone
[6/24/21, 9:21:40 PM] Ben: Because true love lasts forever
[6/24/21, 9:21:49 PM] Ben: I really do not believe in Divorce
[6/24/21, 9:22:08 PM] Ben: I believe in till Death do us apart
[6/24/21, 9:32:06 PM] Ben: Are you kinda busy ??or you have too many messages to reply
[6/24/21, 9:34:28 PM] Ben: That's so sweet
[6/24/21, 9:34:37 PM] Ben: So let's get to know you better
[6/24/21, 9:36:23 PM] Ben: I am a Country Man at heart. Am quiet but yet I love to meet people, open to new things in life love to treat people the way i wanted to be treated, love shopping, camping, country, beach,traveling and animals and you
[6/24/21, 9:41:43 PM] Ben: What about you
[6/24/21, 9:43:56 PM] Ben: Do you like to walk on sand beach
[6/24/21, 9:45:28 PM] Ben: Do you like sea food
[6/24/21, 9:46:09 PM] Ben: What's your favorite dish
[6/24/21, 9:52:02 PM] Ben: I love pasta too
[6/24/21, 9:54:10 PM] Ben: From my own opinion, when it comes to marriage, there's actually nothing superior than being with your soul mate, some one who truely adores you, understands you, cherishes and loves you the way you are, don't you think so?
[6/24/21, 9:55:43 PM] Ben: I want the kind of relationship that could leads to marriage
[6/24/21, 10:03:10 PM] Ben: How long have you been without a man
[6/24/21, 10:03:40 PM] Ben: 😳😳that's a long time
[6/24/21, 10:04:01 PM] Ben: Wanna talk about it?
[6/24/21, 10:10:07 PM] Ben: He is Asian or American?
[6/24/21, 10:15:08 PM] Ben: Both?
[6/24/21, 10:17:28 PM] Ben: Who are both?
[6/24/21, 10:19:32 PM] Ben: They don't deserve you
[6/24/21, 10:25:20 PM] Ben: I'm sorry you must have gone through alot
[6/24/21, 10:26:48 PM] Ben: Okay here is something for your night
[6/24/21, 10:27:04 PM] Ben:
‎[6/24/21, 10:27:42 PM] Ben: ‎GIF omitted
[6/25/21, 7:57:23 AM] Ben: Good morning, baby. Hope your morning is filled with peaceful energy and positive thoughts. I just wanted to remind you that you’re strong, smart and beautiful, and nothing can stop you.
[6/25/21, 9:51:56 AM] Ben: Yes I did and yours?
[6/25/21, 10:05:45 AM] Ben: Was dreaming about you can't wait to see you soon
[6/25/21, 10:06:53 AM] Ben: It will be a dream come true
[6/25/21, 11:19:23 AM] Ben: Are you working today
[6/25/21, 11:22:04 AM] Ben: Not yet
[6/25/21, 11:22:10 AM] Ben: Where do you work?
[6/25/21, 11:23:18 AM] Ben: Explain I don't understand
[6/25/21, 11:27:46 AM] Ben: So what's the nature of your job
[6/25/21, 11:33:49 AM] Ben: I'm an orthopedic surgeon
[6/25/21, 11:34:02 AM] Ben: I fix bone for a living lol
[6/25/21, 11:56:49 AM] Ben: Well I lost my license
[6/25/21, 11:57:53 AM] Ben: After the death of my wife
[6/25/21, 11:58:10 AM] Ben: I almost went insane and fell sick
[6/25/21, 11:58:16 AM] Ben: I was in shock
[6/25/21, 11:58:24 AM] Ben: That was how I lost my license
[6/25/21, 11:58:34 AM] Ben: But I am getting it back soon
[6/25/21, 11:58:54 AM] Ben: I just need to show them I have gotten over it
[6/25/21, 11:59:09 AM] Ben: Start up a new relationship
[6/25/21, 11:59:19 AM] Ben: Do some community service
[6/25/21, 11:59:40 AM] Ben: You see why our conversation means alot to me
[6/25/21, 1:23:26 PM] Ben: I really can't wait to make this work
[6/25/21, 1:38:19 PM] Ben: ‎You blocked this contact
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