Romance scam letter(s) from Arrison Wade to Lynn (Thailand)
Letter 1

Hello there! being a privilege I am Elated to meet such a good looking lady like you here,How's your day?where are you from?
Letter 2

Hello,pretty lady,how are you this faithful morning?I wrote you so we can know better,I like the way you are on the photo.I hope you will be able to write back to me this time.I will be expecting to read from you any moment from now,I admired you a lot,you look humbled and cute,I wish we can Interact here more and more...have a nice day.
Letter 3

Hi Lin,Is indeed a surprise to see your message lol,You may call me Arrison.It's really a long time I expected to hear from you...Your so amazing on the photo. I found you good to be friend with me.I like your picture.You look so simple like me he he.Where are you from?I am living in Kensington.I believe we can know more better.Write back.
Letter 4

I am a single Dad have a son he is 5 years old and will be 6 soon.I live in Kensington and my mum lives in my Dad native home in Doughty street.I got Divorced last year with my ex wife because of she is more of living a self centered life which result to our separation and we finally got Divorced last year.I am a Coordinator in Lady Moura cruise line own by a Saudi Citizen.I will love to have a face to face webcam chat with you to made us get more close to each other.I like how I feel about you and I hope you will be interested to be more close with me.Let me know about you and the life you live there.Malaysia and Thailand is far from my country,have you been to UK before?have a peaceful moment.
Letter 5

I feel so glad with your intent so far.I wish to know how old your,I'm 47.most of it all I hope you love peace because that is most important thing that I need from a woman who is precious to me.Do you like the idea of having a webcam chat with me?I hope we can chat on cam to make us believe more in each other.what's your hobbies,send me your email address I wish to write you in other to let you know me more better.have a wonderful moment.
Letter 6

Lee thanks for extending your hands of friendship with me.I have added you on MSN and have send you email to help you know better about me.I am glad you were able to interact with me.for the nature to connect us here I believe we can have a better understanding within ourselves.I have take proper look on your photo and it pleases me.I am hoping to get more used to you and want you to feel free with me.more of it I still expect your questions because I know women is good to ask a lot of questions he he.take good care of yourself,I hope to hear from you.
good age!
Letter 7

He he he Your kidding here is it I think the first to thing we need is knowing each other better.I want you to know meeting you is indeed unpredictable,Your picture attracts and doesn't allow me take off my eyes the moment I viewed your profile he he.How are you my Dear?Your so lovely on the pic.good night.
Letter 8

Hello Lin,what actually happened,do you received the request or not?I didn't see your reply on my email box.I hope to read from you soon,have a good day.
Letter 9

Hi Lin,how are you today?I am not sure you added me too,because I have check on messenger but couldn't see any add from you.why can't you send email to my box.
Letter 10

Lin No email from you.Are you sure you did well?Nothing we have done about this,that is working out.Can you check your spam and see if you can see mine there?
Letter 11

Hello Lin I have resend the email on this address't feel too bad about it,I guess the sea wave might be the caused.I look up to read more from you,take care.
Letter 12

You are now becoming more important to me,Your words is filled with caring and respect.Whenever I read your message it seems we have been into date for a long time.I am proud of the lady you have become,all about you appears to be humble,I love you without missing any of my words.I want to be your life partner.what's your decisions?
Letter 13

What will I say than to ask your forgiveness.I have kept you waiting because of the nature of my Job.Darling I have not had time to get in touch with you because I was making sure all the passengers went out of the ship without anyone losing his or her luggage.Non of the staffs has rested properly since the ship anchored here in Monaco.I am thinking of you and don't know what's really on your mind.Let me know if your there online.
Letter 14

Darling,How is the weekend?Nothing gives me joy than to know from your message your happy communicating with me. Pardon me for not given you maximum attention that you required from me but I am assuring you that you are so dear to me and I will always be here to reason better with you once I have a free time on duty. I want this relationship in real life,I am happy that I am lucky to meet you from face book. I want to share this feelings that is growing in me in real life,Your the determinant of this relationship because you must promise me you will love my son as you will love me.That is all I want from you.I have told him on the son that the new mum ask of him.What's on your mind?
Letter 15

I am a bit free during the lunch period and my bed time,Darling I will be going home tomorrow during my Lunch period I have been informed to come over to Italy for the contract signing I have inform the board of the directors and I have been permitted to go because they my assistant connected me to the shipping company in Italy and she will be at the control room till I am back.If you have a yahoo account send it to me because we will chat that this weekend,I am going home with the office laptop and no MSN is been installed in it.I will be glad to spend the weekend together with you always Mwahhh!!!!
Letter 16

Darling pardon me I went to my mum's home and from the I went to the live football Match between Manchester United and Norwich,I wasn't happy at the moment as Man United lost Against Norwich city.We will chat tomorrow don't be aggressive my love.
Letter 17

My love, I don't know how I can ever thank you for being such a caring and understanding person that you are. I just hope I can keep you happy all your life.Why are you not messenger to chat with me?
Letter 18

Darling even if the whole world stands against you, I promise you can always count on me. :) :).I care about you and I love how you make me feel.what does your heartbeat tells you about me?The moment I wrote you the first day,I was sick that very period and a lot of thoughts was in my mind.I have no wife who can look after me,Nor woman who is dear to me till I met you.I love how I feel about you and I am not missing words here.I believe your a woman to live with but inwardly how do you feel about me if I may ask because I love all I have seen about you.To crown it all I am with you don't bother about that. :) <3
Letter 19

Dear Lin
I have peacful trip back to the ship after signing the contract in Italy.How are you over there?I have a friend from Africa who work on the ship with me.I was discussion about you with him and he said he has a cousin who lives in your country Malaysia.I will like you to find out who he is whenever you go back to your country Malaysia.
Now regarding about us.Darling I am not here to keep on writing to you like kids always do.but to let you know what I need is a wife not a girl friend.I need a wife who will take care of my home and myself but you said your not ready yet so I will always respect your wish but as for to wait till you decide I think I have nothing to said about that because I am growing old and need a good wife who will understand me and accept me as I am.
You are the most amazing person I have ever met. You make the world a better place to live in. I feel so lucky to be loved by someone like you but will not force you to get marry with me when your not serious.The attach photo is an old photo I took with the guy I told you about that his cousin lives in your country.I will like you to find out about him when you go back to your country.I wish you can take care of him since he is in your country there.take good care of yourself I will expecting to read from you soon Mwah!!!
Letter 20

Darling I am afraid if I couldn't meet up with your requires in the future because as long as I know human wants are insatiable,This is while I opened up to you initially.
Three reasons why I told you all about myself is (1) For you to know what I have been through since last year.(2) I am not the type that can twist words or hide myself just to win your love and at last you will find out I am not honest with you.(3)I feel better with you with what I have seen so far,but you must decide if you will go on with me or not.
The word "Love" has so many definition,but as for me I describe Love as something that I am eager for,When I feel differently for a woman I am totally in love with her despite who she is,what she look like,the joy that runs in my heart for her has no end.Now we were able to meet because of the social site and since we started to communicate I feel so different and exicted knowing you.I don't want to be the one who speaks love like a song but to see it in action.So from your observation do I suit for what your looking for in a man,I love you Darling what about you?
Letter 21

Hi Darling,Hope your in good health there,don't be a workaholic okay. what made me to request a webcam chat with you initially is for us to have easy feeling along with each other,To believe more and to trust ourselves more stronger,knowing we here for each other,believe me I am now loving you more and more,I wish you always close to me.
I have a borden which I have decide to share with you after I read your message.My life has a lot of challenges since I got divorced with my ex wife.I still owned the Bank and my account has been restrickted.All my Datas is been monitored by the authorities in my country because of a lot of dept I am owning the Bank as regards to the Divorced with my ex wife.
During the period I got divorced with my ex,I was fined(penalized)a hug amount of money for my ex wife in other for us to part ways from each other in a law court.That really made my life empty as 70% of all I have labored for goes to her as regards to the law of my country(UK).
I have a good Job with a good position but the bank has limit my salary to nothing as regards to the dept I owned to the bank,I bought a new home after the divorced just to have a new life all together.I am always happy man and has not let you know about this.Now we are more close and got deep feelings for ourselves,I have to let you know all about that,for you to decide if you truly love me.
I have been seeking for a contract from a shipping company in Italy through my assistant here in Lady Moura. About the contract I am to supply 40 motor boats to the company as I am waiting to assign to be supplied.Each one cost 125,000USD...If you multiple 125,000 USD into 40 is 5,000000UDS.Is a good amount and a lot of profit...I have with me 230,000USD which I loaned from the portofino team,While waiting for this contract please I need your prayers.The contract will help me to restore all I have lost that's why I am seeking for it.
I have expose all you need to know about me,is left for you to prove if you indeed love me as I do.I respect the fact you have been so kind to me,your good looking and gorgeous but this is what you should know and I have said it all.I look forward to know what's on your mind.You are always on my mind Darling I hope to find peace with you.Write back and let me know what you got to say.
Letter 22

Darling you have greatly moved me to fall with you. My son's name is Junior Arriosn,The attached photo is the one you were asking for and that of my son.You will see him on webcam when I go home.The ship will be sailing to Gibraltar that's the next rout we will be sailing,I wish you can meet me there.
I am going to answer all your question but it will be a bit snappy.
What is your priority in life?
My priority in life is mostly my family(my son and my mum) and to accomplish the goals which I have set up in life.I am saying this because I am single for the moment,If you accept me to be the man of your dream,Then will I add you among my priorities in life .
Similarly...what would you consider your greatest accomplishment in life? and what would you like to be the greatest accomplishment of your entire life?
The great accomplishment in my life is when I live a good legacy to my entire nation,as to make sure all the concerns me bears good records.What would be my greatest accomplistment is to brought my whole family to an expection in life,To make my son had all it takes to respresent me well in future.
Assuming you are a third party watching how one's life unfold now, how would you describe Arrison Wade as a man, a husband and a father to a son?
The has been a man since has involved with marriage.Between a Husband and a father to a son.I will rather refer him as a father to a son because he did have a son.
If you are given a chance to turn back time to safe your marriage, would you take it for the sake of your son? What would you have done differently?
Been a victim,I think since my son is with me the question should be asked if he is with his mum.
What do you see in your parents' marriage life that you admire and cherish most and would like to make it better on yours?
My parents marriage has all it takes to be regards as a perfect my marriage because they always do things together,My mum valued my Dad more than I her son,She make sure my Dad will feel better once he comes home from the office.They hardly exchange words to each other,I am just saying this briefly so that you can have the full picture of what I am trying tell you.Their Marriage is about love and tolerant and they have nothing against each other .
If you could stop a moment in time to share it with me, which moment would it be? Why?
Actually I don't really understood the question but If I should stop a moment with you that should be when you gave birth to a baby,Because as my wife there is not stop with you till end of time.
Now that you have known me a little more deeper, what thoughts run through your mind when you think of me?
I really dreaming how to drive you wide because the day we had webcam chat I saw how beautiful you were looking and you should know I have been so thirsty since I failed in my marriage.So what runs in my mind is how to make you feel confortable with me.
What is it that made you fall in love with me and want to be my life partner when we only know each other for less than a month?
Your picture was the first that got my attention.You were looking like a first class university student.Secondly your dress,You were looking decent and presentable.To crown it all,you look beautiful in my eyes.
Do you not have any concern about our possible differences be it race, culture, beliefs, religions, etc?
This reminds me to let you know that my ex wasn't an origina of UK but her step mother had her from the orphanage home in Mongolia and She grew up with them in UK as there daughter and she equally has the right as a citizen because her step parents.
Physically we are so distance apart, how do you see this relationship would work out? How far would you go to make it work should I tell you that I do love you too?
At the first sight I had interest with you and distance has nothing to do with me if I have found love with you,That's just the fact Darling.
Do you not have any concern if your son and mom would love me and accept me like you do?
Is normal,they should love you and accept you to all extent.
How do you plan to live life with me and your son as a family?
We will live as one family.My son is still young to take a decision on his own us.
I have no much time to write you as you expected but all you shoule know is I will tolerat you as my loving wife and take care of you and my entire will have free hand to make deciosn as mum needs to do as well.I hope with this brief explanation you will find it pleased to count on me.Have a lovely moment darling I care about take care.
Letter 23

I really enjoyed the beautiful email,wow this is interesting!...I have a lot to share with you about my Job but you just have to know I have been into it since 1995 up till date.
Honestly I am so excited to have meeting you in this whole wide world.I believe you understood the very first email I sent you.I want a relationship that will be build by love,tolerance and resepct not by misunderstanding or quarreling.I am on duty on the ship we sailing to Monaco Spain.I hope I have made this very clear to you,I want this relationship to be a better one,hope to hear from you take care.
Letter 24

Hello Dear,
How are you doing?regards to your question I told the law court that I can take care of my son not minding what the mother wants.My mum is helping me to look after him with her maid.I understood all you have said and I chose to write you in a different way this moment,I am not sure if you would believe me but you are always on my mind since I met you. Whether I am alone or with others, you always keep coming into my thoughts. Is this what they call love? I do not remember if you ever asked me why I keep on writing you. Even if you do, I would not be able to come up with an answer. Does love have a reason?
I guess I keep writing because I like you so much. What is it I find attractive about you? Is your deep eyes, your smile, your youthful charm, your simplicity and your tenderness? All those are priceless to me. Do not ask me why. Explaining to you would be impossible.Every day, I wake up with a longing to see your message, a yearning to spend some time with you. And how my heart skips (a beat )when my eyes finally get a chance to rest on your beautiful photo. It seems like the hours of waiting had been a truly rewarding experience.
And when you write me in your charming way, I lose myself in your words. I wish I could converse with you all day long, listen to you and look into your eyes - the most amazing things on the planet. That would be pure heaven for me!
I guess you would not dishearten me and be my sweet bosom friend? Nothing will please me better than be in your company for some time on a good Day, and afterwards. With all my heart, I wish you a happy in all you do there,be safe and always take good care!...I miss you.
Letter 25

Hi Lin,
How are you?I am glad as we are getting along with each other despite we are busy with our daily routine.I feel better with you in all.will you be able to go along with me?I am a singe Dad,have been separated over a year,before finally Divorced last year April.
Let me explain all this in details to let you know me better.I have a son 5years old he will be 6 very soon,he stays with me.I am all alone and no woman can proudly say she is with me or I have lay with her since last year.I'm busy with my Job,believing that someday a lady who really understand me will come along.
I have not been on that site regularly ever since I became a member there,but the period I saw your profile, I was really having a feeling of a woman as nature made it to be.The moment I saw you there I became interested believing we will come to a knowledgeable understanding to know each other better.
I won't say your the best I can expect from a woman till you made me grow widely in love with you,I just wanna be thirsty for one who really impress me.with your photo I saw there,I believe I am having a nudge to know you better.
I'm the chief Coordinator of Lady Moura cruise line.I make sure there is safety on the ship and to communicate with other crew members in our various ships and submit the report to the Board of directors for the day to day operation of the company.
I wish to have a webcam chat with you if your willing to go along with me.The Divorce I had with my ex wife,put a lot challenges in my life and I have been through a lot as a result of that.I like the way you make me feel,and If you are willing to be in relationship with me I will introduce you to my mum,so we can get along with each other.
My Dad passed away few years ago.He was deliberate to his service during the time he was alive,he work both in Spain,Italy,Hungary and France...The last place he worked for was in Hungary before he became sick and was brought back home before his death.
My mum is still alive but not that strong to do things on her own,she been taking care of by a help maid.I don't really know what makes me to say all this to you but little I know I just been interested.
I have made up my mind to accept a lady who really want to spend her entire live with me not minding where she come from.All I want is her been there for me both to enourage and to take care of me and in return I will treasure my love for her as often as I could,means I can't do without her.
I look forward for email believing that we will have a webcam chat to get started, have a quiet time with your family there and enjoy every moment of you day.I'm Happy and always wishing the same to you...Arriosn.
Letter 26

Darling is has been this way,Now you have to know the true nature of my Job.I miss you and this period we are more busy than other Months.The is I care though I have never seen you real, never met you, never heard or smelled, or touched you, never known
But truth be told, I'm deeply, truly, madly in love with you. Just because I know that you're in love with me too.Distance means so little when someone means so much. And you mean so much to me!I miss you very much for every time when I think of you, my heart breaks into pieces and just a quick "Hello" from you brings the broken pieces back. Call me please.
Letter 27

Darling How are you doing there?if I have offended you just accept my apology.I have not been online since I left you the last message because we are more busy this period.I got a call from the Ministry of Work and Pensions UK in the Government,I was told to come to the Government Secretariat immediately.But I can't because I am on the ship.The issue was that My late Dad name is among the citizen that are due to received there wages from the government.My late Dad work with the UK Embassy during the time he was alive and was opportune to be a member of town planing and city Development during his service before he passed away.So I have a lot to do because the letter from the Government stated that I should provide a beneficiary back up document and his Will letter head together and it must has his signature duly Signed.But the amount wasn't disclose yet.Darling I have been going for this since 3 years ago and all my effort was not that successful but I am glad that they have finally said something good.I will discuss with my late father's lawyer on phone to make sure I provide all the required documents about this.If I am going back to UK then I will come to Thailand from UK once I am through with the Government.I can't wait to meet you in Thailand Mwahhh!!!
Letter 28

Darling I'm sorry mom was seriously sick we have been in the hospital,That's why I was unable to get back to you,I'm so sorry for not informing you.But we are back home now she has recovered.Please forgive me I miss you a lot darling.
Letter 29

My days are passing by and I am not aware if it is day or night, because my head is beyond the clouds, I'm so in love with you. I feel I have known you all my life, yet when I'm with you, I'm so captivated by your voice and face that it's if I'm hearing and seeing for the first time. I know now what I want out of life. I want to see your smile as I approach you. To taste the spice of your kiss, that nourishes my love, but leaves a hunger that is constantly with me. I want to feel the softness of your soul and the warmth of your presence. When I am with you there is no past or future, there is only Now! When we are apart the hour glass of time seems filled with all the desert sand of the world. How can man withstand the flames of this passion without being consumed by the fire? My only explanation would be that your love makes me feel immortal. Loving you, every minute, every hour, every day!.Now I have know you and what life you love to live I pray that I can satisfy you in the way that will be so pleased to you.
Letter 30

Darling the officer in the Pensioner office told me that I need to pay tax and insurance charges as regards to the wages of my late father and I have no idea of that before coming.Honestly I am not buoyant enough and the amount wasn't disclose to me yet.they said tomorrow I will know all about that.
I will need your support if at all the money they will ask me to pay is bigger than what I expected okay.Whatever decision you make is okay with me.I'm going back to the pensioner office tomorrow I will let you know all they will say okay.I miss you a lot.
Letter 31

Darling I have been told about the actual amount of my late father wages and is 1.500,000000 GBP = 2.411907156 USD. The tax and insurance to be paid is 18.000 pounds sterling.
Darling I was surprise when I read it through the letter that was given to me by the officer in charge.Darling I need your support like I told you initially,The Tax is too high for me at this present situation I am.I told them to deduct it from the said amount but they officer said they are of different department and is the Bank that will paid the money to me,so I need to settle the tax first to enable them send a notice to the Bank for a release of the fund to me.
I'm glad they finally call up this after I have done all I could to get it since last three years.What do you think Darling?I need a help.
Letter 32

Darling this really touch my heart,I hope you know what I meant.Tears roll out of my eyes as I am reading your message.My love why are we not created in the same world together,I won't have been in the condition I am today if I met you on time.I wish your the mother of my son Junior things wouldn't have been this bad because with the little you did,You have spoiled my heart with lots of love and caring.Darling I don't know where to start to appreciate you for all you have done for me.I'm glad that nature brought us together and I will love you with all I have in sincerity and love,I will make you a mom and satisfy you with your desire.Thank you...If you wanna send it to me you will use my name and my address through the western Union because my Bank will have an eye to it if you pay through my account.I'm going back home,You can sms me when you read this.Love you always.Mwahhh
Letter 33

This is what it says as I wanna add you.Friend requests are for connecting with people you know well, like classmates, friends, family and coworkers. Please don’t send this friend request unless you know this person personally.
I have tired severally to call you today but your phone was not on the service why and what happened?
I have no scanning machine home to do what your requesting darling.What will I do?
The other of my account was Knockout by first book because I opened it from different location.
face book!
Letter 34

Darling little you may know that you have been a source of my joy from the moment I met you.Life taste more good as we are privilege to found each other.You have been a constant support and my strength throughout the very period we started to communicate here in year 2012 and I know 2013 will only see this support growing and your love will exceeding more than the affection you have showered me in the past.All what we discuss here is reasonable and I know your a good person.Every of what you wrote to me has a sign of respect and I'm willing to love with you.Let this year enable us to make a favorable decision that will Usher us into a successful result all through the year.I love you and wish you a Happy New Year.
Letter 35

Darling,I sent a message to the guy I told you that was living in your country and I told him to email you once he receive my message.How are you today? Darling each time I look at your gorgeous face, I feel my heart melt in your love. I just cannot stop thinking about you.It's just about my heart and all it's harbors is you.I'm thinking of a better way to surprise you because I know you deserve something more better to understand how much I valued you.My heart heavy in love with you,I can even go hunger just to satisfy you.All that runs through my heart, vein and Marrow is you.I know this is a natural feelings and I can't stop loving you,Your my priority and I mean to it.I love you and remain to my words,have a better day.
Letter 36

Darling I wake up so early just to leave you message because I'm leaving back to Italy today and I will go to Hungary with the deposit money for the contract and I plan to deduct the money for the clearing of my Dad wages once they gave me the deposit money in Italy and I will be back with the money from Hungary to settle everything,I'm so glad that this year brought good luck to us love.The joy that runs within my heart since I met you doesn't need to be frustrated.when nature bring things that we desire in life,there is a burden that is attach to it.If you can feel the way I felt you will cherish each single day that brought us together these day.2012 brought us together but all I know 2013 has the answer of our meeting,and I'm assuring you I'm willing to ask your hand in Marriage.This is my true word for you and it's come from the dept of my heart.I miss you so much my love I wish your living in London we would spend the New Year celebration together.I just cannot wait to meet you. Everything has gone beyond me, I have lost control over myself. I am lost in love. Always take care of yourself and I don't wanna hear that things go wrong with you.I love you!!!
Letter 37

I'm chatting with Dhim now.He said I shouldn't worry about you he will do his best to keep in touch with you.Do me a favor and be nice to him because I ask him to get close to you.I know he may find it difficult but I want you to make sure your in good communication with him too.I'm going out now to meet the lawyer.My love always remember that is you and I this year Mwahhh!!!
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