Romance scam letter(s) from Alexander Smith to Maureen (USA)
Letter 1

Honey if you don't want to help me with the money why don't you tell me the name of your bank and also if it can accept a good sum of money so that I can take the loan grant from my bank
Letter 2

Enough of all the questions I just want to know if you're willing to help me or not either ways
By the way do you have a driver's license even if it is expired and also I would like to know your mobile carrier network you're using
Letter 3

Honey is that what you have been afraid of
Letter 4

Afraid of having or taking a large sum from your bank You don't have to worry about that. There are ways we can go about this together. You can simply make a transfer from your bank or do a cash mailing where no one will ever be suspicious of anything
Letter 5

Honey this is not a financial scheme.If you're saying so that means you do not believe me. I understand all the stress that you've been going through over the years. Even with all my pressures so far, I also feel stressed out begging you for help. I want you to please see reasons with me and try to rescue me from this situation. If you can help me I promise I will be home before this month runs out remember I shouldn't have been here by now
Letter 6

Honey I didn't ask take the loan form anymore when you started asking me some questions like you wanted to help me.i just wrote to them and they accepted by asking me to fill out a form providing my receivers name and bank. I can't trust my colleagues with a huge sum of money especially a loan when I have a wife I can lean onto that was why I spoke with you about it all. By the way I never told you I was the owner of the company. I am self employed but still working for the company. What makes me self employed is the ability for me having my own working tools and machines which are solely my responsibility when something of such nature which I am going through now happens. These are stated in the deeds and agreement of the contract before I began the job The parts are owned by a sole proprietor as well and he cannot self them to me on credits no matter what. It's pay before service honey. I give him his complete money and he ships the parts down here to me that's how it works my love. Moreover what I have is not even up to half of the amount we talked about. My colleagues helped with the little sum that's on me now so please honey help me to complete the payment so that I can have my machine fixed, finish the job and be home. I have gone through a whole lot about this so please try to see reasons with me honey and save me from this shame and disgrace I am in right now
Letter 7

Honey I told you that when you can help me get home by having my machine fixed I am going to take care of whatsoever bill that we might or will have. If you can be able send some money to your granddaughters, how much more me the man you said you love. Please honey I need you more than anything in the world now
Letter 8

The point was that you sent something to them honey z it doesn't matter how much it was. If we've both discussed about how much we can both come up with we wouldn't have been on this topic by now
Letter 9

Don't get me wrong I am not mad over the fact that you sent something for your grandkids birthday
Letter 10

Honey please why are you no longer talking to me or responding to any of my calls!? Have I done or said something wrong, please tell me ok

Letter 11

There wouldn't be any stress if we just come together to see how much you can raise for me on this. At this point in time. I'll manage whatsoever it is you can offer even if it's the $20 you offered your grandkids because I've been treated like a child all these while
Letter 12

By me begging you for help for up to a month now. Even a child doesn't seek for help from the parents this much before granting his or wish
Letter 13

Honey there's no way out with my bank please understand. The frustration I am going through day by day will make $20 a worthwhile for me it's not that I am happy about all these but I am tired and frustrated. Please if you can also use Zelle to send me some money please do I can get you whatever requirements or address that you may need
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