Romance scam letter(s) from Joseph Dunford to Dobby (USA)
Letter 1

Good day madam Thank you for writing to United Nation district Afghanistan Kabul. Your application will be reviewed based on the authenticity of the license / vacation excuse. We will require the following details to proceed. 1) Your full name 2) Date of birth 3) Address (phone number included) 4) Reason for requesting vacations. 5) Any identification issued by the government (scan or take a clear picture)
Letter 2

Madam I just received a mail from Gen Joseph Dunford that you blocked him it's that right to play games with the UN based on your meeting with him, he is a good man who really love you and want to be with you that why we did everything possible to make sure you meet him but a report came that you blocked him tell us why
Letter 3

We received an email from Gen Joseph Dunford , The Initial amount for the vacation due to the Emergency will be of fee $43,000 to the account details below. Name: Terrior Green
Acc Number: 7185913006
Routing number: 031000503
Bank Address: East stroudsburg, PA.
Home Address:104 dairy hill ct, east stroudsburg, pennsylvania 18301
Bank Name: Wells Fargo Bank
Swift Code: WFBIUS6SXXX. Awaiting the slip after transfer
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