Romance scam letter(s) from Jason Mayer to Anette (Sweden)
Letter 1

I have sent you so many messages and it's not showing it has been delivered. I don't know why or if you have connections problem with the mobile or blocked me or abandoned me
I don't know if the mobile starts to malfunction again or you want to clear your head.. I miss you and can't stop thinking about you for you are my true love and with you I
know am complete and can make a good home 🏡 together. Baby I am not perfect no matter what circumstances just be reasonable and assured I will never hurt you and if this is
not love we both share then what is it called??.
You can take the whole time to think but know I will be waiting for you. I can't make it alone but we can make it together over every storms that come our way...
You know our secret place and text me via whatsapp to know if it's working. Thanks ... for coming into my life. I love you and that's what I can't deny.
Take care of yourself out there for me and always be a good girl. Your candy man says so 💕
Letter 2

To start with I am very disappointed in you as you have keep failing and not keeping to your words and promises.
I thought we were together and building our lives for the future purpose!. I will not let pride eat me up and make me lose focus because I know it's you that brought the light
into my life as I want to make it remain that way and also for our kids too, I see my future in you.
My mother can't lie to me about you being my wife but I also don't know if am important in your life. Even Heaven and hell are aware that I love you so completely and genuinely
but now I feel not only like a failure but worthless because I told you about everything. It's a crime to love you and be honest?
I really love you more and gave my all trusting and believing in you as loving you is the greatest thing ever happened to me. Do you feel same too or just empty words?
Another day without you is crazy. I miss you and can't stop thinking about you. Are you still having time to think? Are we going to throw out everything we both share?
Am I still the man your heart have always wanted? Because you are still the same woman I love from the start. If you still feel same way and believe in me, that we can definitely make
it work out putting away the trials and circumstances to corrections making everything and moments count then You know our secret place and I will be waiting.
I love you ... 💕. Even your father in heaven is aware about it. Good morning
Letter 3

Also me too ..., no other woman has stolen my heart 💕 just the way you did and made it a beautiful place with your sparks. I miss you so much and we both want the same thing,
we choose to be happy and we should work towards that. Go and unblock me. We have a future together and we should not let little things of life shake us. Our souls won't be happy if
we are like this. We have come from a thousand years. I want and need you back in my life. Am incomplete without you as you have filled my soul with joy and happiness. Baby let's keep
our promises, let's not let the devil laugh at us, and it's says in the Bible "two shall become one". Let that one be you and I. There are so many we can achieve together as loving you
give me the strength to keep going. It's certain we can't do without each other and let's make each moment worth it.
Good morning ☀
Letter 4

I am not a fault finder I just want the better you and I on more mutual ground of understanding and covalent bonding. I am actually begging to have my eyes 👀 closed so
I can sleep after a long day. It's been sleepless nights without you. I did not choose this part of loneliness. I drop down thousand of words but it's not the same as you have
blocked me this time again , can you unblock me politely please . I miss you my queen 👸, your morning wishes and prayers into my life,. Baby I love you and I can't do anything
without you and I know you feel same too as I miss you so much. And let's put things right together. We disagree to agree and war to bring peace, if no rain there won't be rainbow 🌈 and
for sunshine ☀ to take over. Baby Don't make me do what the devil wishes. I still want to be your candy man always, please still be my Mrs know know and my personal nurse .
I hope you understand my plight and motives. Nothing is still changing the way I feel about you 💕 as you are more than enough for me as no woman can take your place in my heart 💕,
you are very important and have a special spot inside . I still fucking love you ... 💯 💚 and always I will love you as my number 1, my woman and my everything ❤️.
Letter 5

I have always loved you and I still will be loving you for the rest of my life. You are the only one I have and just you alone I have dedicated my life to because with you I found
happiness as I always say you are a blessing to my life.
I know it's not easy and things get ugly too. I do appreciate it all you have done for me and I am very grateful for all. I never never say those words to you even though I am little
jealous of which you have noticed. I love you much more ... and it's why I said maybe you don't know how deep too I have fallen in love with you. I fucking do love you and I never blocked
you, never left you either because without you my own life is empty. I understand it was a bad day from the office but the other words I didn't understand and know where they were
coming from. I don't know if you block me, am texting and replying you but not going through also.
Letter 6

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