Romance scam letter(s) from Jones Lucas to Dobby (USA)
Letter 1

Attention: We acknowledge the reception of your mail regarding a application leave form for Jones Lucas, and we are happy to know he have someone like you to apply for him...but we have to bring this to your notice when apply for application form you have to pay refundable fee of 4050usd before the form can be release to you and we need to get some of your details as well to enable us know where he’s going for is vacation or anything else..... Telephone/ Mobile .....................
House Address ...................
Your Age .................
Occupation .................. Waiting to receive the listed information from you and to also know if you agree to our terms and condition of the refundable fee? Yours Faithfully Exxonmobil contact person
Mike Williams
Letter 2

Madam it’s our policy here at the vacation department, so sorry that we ask all of those information from you it’s for the record.. Sent using the mobile mail app
Letter 3

Sorry madam We can’t accept money order. will have 3 method of payment either you mail cash bank to bank transfer or bitcoin payment...
Letter 4

That’s all we can give to you a cashier check doesn’t need a cell number okay?
Letter 5

The reason will didn’t give you a company name on cashier checks is best know to us so you can’t put Exxon Mobil on it we have different department here and you can’t tell us now to receive money okay?
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