Romance scam letter(s) from Victor Francis to Victoria (Ukraine)
Letter 1

Hello dear, wow i love you name it is female version of mine i am looking for a beautiful lady like you. let me introduce myself my name is victor badie and i am from new cairo egypt. I own property in both shoubra and in the nile as well as giza and mandianty where i own a large vila and 2 apartments. I am working as a general surgeon both here in cairo and in oman where i worked for over 20 years. in that time i had liver failure and needed a transplant to save my life, lucky i received one and i survived. My first wife Nour was not a good woman and she took all my money from me, i was married for 20 years to her but i divorced i returned to egypt 7 years ago and i met a beautiful lady from abroad for 5 years i talked to her and she pampered me with love and even was very kind to send gifts to me and for my beautiful granddaughter who is 7 months old. Recently my darling girl died of coronavirus and i am very upset she left me, my sister and also my grandaughter caught coronavirus but thanks to god they survived. i wanted to marry my girlfriend but im sad she has since died after three months im now looking for a new lady to replace her. Will you be her? I hope you write back. here are my photo.
Letter 2

Hello dear, how are you my love i miss you sweetheart can you send me some money pleace come on camera and i'll give yo my details. I need 2000 egyption pounds i will buy you a plane ticket so we can meet i hope you will accept im lonely and wating.
Letter 3

I'm very angry you did fatal mistake you didnt send me money so i will distribute your photo you make me very angry
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