Romance scam letter(s) from Terry Martinez to Vanessa (Canada)
Letter 1

Hello, I am Martínez, you gave me your email in TWOO and I am writing to know if I received the correct email address. I'll write more and tell you about myself when I hear from you. Have a wonderful time. I hope to hear from you soon.
Letter 2

Thank you for giving me your email, at least it has created an opportunity for me to tell and learn more about ourselves.
How are you today? I hope everything is fine and that it happens as you expected. You really look just beautiful and nice, just what I'm looking for! How about we know a little better and see what will happen? I want to tell you about my destiny when I feel that the power that is as if a force beyond my control guides me towards someone who can make me happy beyond my wildest dreams. I really don't know how to start and end. You know that sometimes in life you start Feel if you can deal with a relationship according to what it means, because many people now abuse it. But here is thecase and his destiny is directed towards the person he should be. I want to tell you about my destiny. when The feeling is so powerful and beyond my control that it is leading me to someone who can make me happy beyond the wildest.
dreams .. To start with myself, I am Martinez Terry, 50 years old, I live and work in Toronto, Canada. My father is from russia and he is late while my mother is from Canada. I'm an engineer. I work as a mining engineer for British Petroleum here in Canada. I have worked for years. Work as an operational project Engineer, my section is drilling the construction of oil plants and refineries. I love to relax on the weekends; Go walking to Mall, I watch soccer and from time to time I go to visit my adopted son at his school. I am an energetic and spontaneous man.
I respect the different religions that exist in this world because it contains similar teachings that bring peace to everyone and make you a better man.
Dear, I'm still not sure where this will take us, but I'm more than willing to take this journey. My feelings are mutual like a wish, but I also need to pay attention to this friendship to see if it works for both of us regardless of the distance. I'll tell you more about myself as soon as you tell me a little about yourself. I would like to know his occupation, where he lives and his country. Have you been to Canada before?
I will wait for your answer.
Have a good week.
With love and kisses,
Stay safe and take the necessary precautions. Martinez
Letter 3

I see you are not serious
Letter 4

I'm an old man and I'm not getting younger.
I have told you a bit about myself and you should tell me something about yourself too
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