Romance scam letter(s) from Damian Nowak to Pina (Australia)
Letter 1

A friend is like a book that has to be read to appreciate its beauty. As such, you´re one of the finest books ever written. How I wish you could be reprinted.
Trust you had a good rest and i apologise for not getting on hangout to talk to you. I promise to message you as soon as possible but for the time being i would message you here.

Do have a lovely day ahead and always remember that someone truly cares so much.

Letter 2

Hi dear, Of cause that’s a lots of questions but I love the fact that you asked them and yes I’m fine, I’m in the basement, nothing is happening except that I’m missing you, and yes everything seems to be ok but not completely. I think I answered all your questions dearest. How many hours did you use at the gym today and I’m sure you burned some fat. My phone started acting up so I turned it off and went on the computer that’s why I can’t text you dear
Letter 3

Is it snowing? I would ask for a photo but your phone is not working or can it take photos? And you can send it to me when the phone is working. I am not liking the email thing…I miss Hangouts notifications from you (I have three little knocks when you reply). It means you are talking to me in the here and now. It will probably be annoying you as well. Can you not do Hangout on the computer like I do? You said everything seems OK there but not completely…why? What has not worked out? (Sorry more questions). I realized and come to terms with the fact that you will probably be quarantining for my birthday ☹and valentines day ☹ ☹ Weekend is almost over. Most of today I have done planning and printing off posters, etc. I will probably start to cut them up and laminate until late. I missed our catch up this weekend…it seems that is when we talk the most. Talk soon.
Cutie Bunny (LOL)
Letter 4

Dear Pina, My name is Paul Beckman, Esp. I am a Wills, Trust and Estate Planning Attorney and I am licensed and qualified to practice law here in the US. I also own a law firm. 'The Law Offices of Paul Beckman'.
I was working for Mr. Kenneth McDonald for many years before his Glorious departure. The Will has been filed some years ago too, Mr. Damian needs to claim these properties before they will be taken over by the state (meaning probate process), which will take a longer time. He needs to claim these properties with his spouse because It's stated on the will that the properties should be claimed and owned by two individuals as couples/partnership. However, he's now Widower which is to consider if he's a US citizen and can provide his ex-wife death certificate but he's neither a Citizen nor have the required documentation available. He told me he has a new spouse which is you and that makes things easier and save the stress, this means you both have equal right on the properties and proceeds. I don't know why you didn't tell me your relationship with Mr. Damian and What you will be doing with the fund after the property have been liquidated. I need to know if the property is going into good hands.
And there will be documents you will be required to sign. Change of ownership document and Agreement of property liquidation.
Please find the document attached. Best Regards.
Paul Beckman
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