Romance scam letter(s) from Franco to Eloha (USA)
Letter 1

hello Dear, how are you? i must confess you got a lovely profile picx, i will be very glad if we can get to know each other more better, via Email and telephone number, so we can talk more better, hope you don't mind
you welcome, please i will appreciate if you can give me your email and mobile number so we can talk more better, because sincerely speaking i hardly come here online always.
that is why i asked for your email so we can at least talk on mails...
my Dear age has nothing do with love what really matter is love and understanding
my Dear what you need is love and caring not age
wow............... that's the must reason you need love and caring
yeah i got you very well, but as for me, i think and i know that love covers it all
my Dear, i just came across your profile here on tagged, so i liked you and i decided to sent you a was your xmas celebration, and tell me how are you preparing for the new year celebration
you asked me how i saw you on tagged, and i just explained how i came in contact with you here on tagged, and you are asking me if i hit my head......???
Letter 2

you welcome, just wanna wish you a lovely new year, i pray God almighty guides and give you all you desire this year
why did you ask if am a teacher? sorry for my late reply i have been busy, so tell me how is your health
yeah am doing fine....just wanna inform you that i will be travelling today by ship to Austrialia to deliver some oil drum
yeah.... i went to visit my friend kids
yeah my trip is fine.we are still on our way, i just woke up this listening to the sound of wind, admiring and thinking of your lovely words you always write to me, honestly i just want you to know that you mean a lot to me... please permit me to say i am loving you..
what can a man find in a woman if not love??? intelligences???? which i believe you have got, as for beauty you are very very okay, because beauty is in the eyes of the beholder
will you give me the chance, i mean the privileged to love and adore you all i need right now in my life is happiness, and i believe you can me happiness when we both agree to come together as one
i am not asking to relocate to Africa, i was came to africa, because of my contract and more over soon my contract will be rounding and i don't mind coming to ….. to see you if the place it's okay i can buy an apartment over there and start a new life... because my contract is worth more than 550,000 usd please do not misunderstand me, i am not trying to be bragged i am just trying to make you see some sense in what am saying
i am an Italian by birth, which i told you before, i open my tagged profile when i was in Africa, though i grew up in the united state
so my mind please give me your word, because i am dying over here for a postive answer from you
are you still there? or you busy? so why are you answering me? you speechless? you are confused? anyway just follow your heart, i will not force you against your wish, but the true is i do not mean any harm to you i promise never to make you cry,
my age has nothing to do with love, i believe we are all mature we know what we want..
so i wanna know your mind to night what ever you tell me i will take it, do you wanna date me??? yes or no
okay Dear thank you so much, just know that i will forever love you, no matter what you thinks about me do have a nice night... love you franco
ciao.....................but am falling in love with you can't you get it????? am going crazy for you .. i love you
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