Romance scam letter(s) from Frank Robinson to Eloha (USA)
Letter 1

Good day How are you My name is Frank Robinson, am from United States of America, i came across your profile and liked what i read about you, hope you don't mind having as a friend, looking forward to your response. Merry Christmas!!! Regards Frank
Letter 2

Am doing good too, Hope your Christmas went as planned by you, can you please let me know your name
Letter 3

It is my pleasure meeting you, am actually here for life partner for marriage, what are you on tagged for?
Letter 4

Yes i am younger than you but age is just a number, what matters is the maturity, the secret of our age will be between the both of us, but i have things to offer to you that is above my age, have you met a man on tagged before?
Letter 5

okay no problem, do you have an I.D with yahoo? lets chat over there, it will be easier and faster to communicate than tagged
Letter 6

I am not in a hurry, i have all the time for you in the world for you, i am looking at having something really serious with you, and i know other men on tagged will definitely send you messages, i just want your attention to be on me alone to avoid distraction from people, that is why am asking if you have an I.D with yahoo so that we can chat via messnger
Letter 7

No man on earth with mature mind that would want to show is dick on web chat, i don't advice sex chat and i don't welcome that, as i said before age is just a number, it is the maturity that matters a lot, can you do me a favor by not talking to other men and focus on me so that we can join heads to make communication meaningful, i hate men that doesn't respect women, i praise and respect a woman, it is said behind a successful man there is a woman. you are a woman of great sense of homor, if i request you to close your account on tagged to avoid distraction from other men, would you do that?
Letter 8

tell me the type of man you want in your life
Letter 9

I noticed that too, some times i need to send a message once before you can receive it, and i click on a message more than 5 times before i could read it, your taste for a man is cool, i need a woman that is down to earth, lovely, understanding have the fear of God, what do you mean by a man doing things by himself? what do you do for a living? i will not take my woman for granted, and i will give her all the time in the world that she deserve, i always apologize to my wife when am wrong or even when she is wrog, that will make the relationship stronger
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