Romance scam letter(s) from Fitz Parker to Eloha (USA)
Letter 1

Letter 2

its okay tell me more about yourself i dont mind we can have some talk here
Letter 3

are you there
you have to be focus so that you dont get confuse
,i really appreciate you for stopping by,any way's my Names are Fitz Parker,i am a widower for Ten years,i lost my wife by a very severe Migraine,I'M a military medical doctor,i live in Austin Tx,i was born in London Uk,and my family moved to the United states when i was seven years old,i have one son,he is 23 years old and already in the United states Marine,i am currently in Donetsk with the United states assistance force who are on ground for the peace keeping,i like football,sky diving,golf and football,my life is a simple one i like to read,love jazz,old classics musics,for some years,now have been alone without a woman and my son thought i should try and hook up with someone,so i decided to give it a try i am barely 24 hours here and you are the first to write me so thanks for stopping by,so if you feel we can talk more you can write back and tell me more about yourself,and what you like to do for fun,i would wait till i hear from you..
Letter 4

listen i guess you are so new here but i should personal warn you very much be careful not to fall into something very different. we can talk now
Letter 5

yes be careful of some men here. let us talk
what is that were are you from
Letter 6

i am from austin tx.
are you married or single how many kids you have tell me more about yourself
Letter 7

how old is he and what do you do for a living?
am a dr
Letter 8

i am a medical doctor are you on skype or yahoo give me your skype or yahoo. send me your skype let us talk from there
are u there?
we can just chat from there only i will be polite and nice let us talk there only
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