Romance scam letter(s) from Martin Ainomugisha to Miranda (Argentina)
Letter 1

Yes, Antonia your welcome and you can first go a head and send to me your full pictures my dear.
Letter 2

OK, that's good then, me am called Martin Ainomugisha from Uganda in east Africa, am 39yrs if you don't mind of age and am single need a mature minded lady with love who really know how to take care of a man. I will send to you my photos as soon as the government of Uganda as resumed all social medias to work, during to general elections which were taking place early January on 14, all Internet were switched off due to miss using it by giving out false information to the world, later a lone they resumed only e-mail to work just by texting but not sending photos or videos to someone. so now am waiting for that. Am very sorry for any in inconvenient. Thank you my love.
Letter 3

Yes my dear, I know that one day I will become a father. Do you use WhatsApp?
Letter 4

Yes, I work, what about you
Letter 5

Ask me anything you would like to know about me. don't worry am free.
Letter 6

Yes hangouts I have just downloaded it because of you only, for us here we always use WhatsApp. You can reach me on hangouts at.
Letter 7

Yes, my dear am working with non governmental organization called Torres Advanced Enterprises.
Letter 8

About my childhood, we are born in A family of late John Muramira and his wife Jova Muramira of Ntungamo district from western part of Uganda. I born in a family of 4 children, and am last born with 3sisters.all married. Yes I have 2daughters but am single Dady, first daughter she's called Princess and she's 11yrs of old and second one she's Pretty she's now 9yrs of old.
Letter 9

Yes, still block am using VPN now but still not sending photos or making video call but at least we can chart now
Letter 10

No, my dear my phone is very slow
But now am trying to refresh it
Your so beautiful, you look very young that 42 age

Letter 11

I was still charting with you, but my phone which am using it freezes so I need a better phone, I don't know your suggestion about it
Letter 12

This is my address if you wish to purchased it from your country and posted it to me, however the easiest way is if you can transfer funds direct to my bank then I buy it locally here in my country
Letter 13

NAME: PIUS BYAMUKAMA. ADDRESS: RAVENS HOTEL P.O.BOX 11000,KAMPALA UGANDA, OPPOSITE KISEKA MARKET KYAGWE ROAD. My Telephone number +256779866965. If you wish to buy and post.
Then if you like to use the easier way for me to buy it locally here in my country then you can do bank transfer direct to my bank account. From there I can withdraw money direct to the shopping mall and buy it with in hours
Letter 14

And since that now am try to connect to VPN so that I can access some of the social media platforms, I need a very good strong smart phone with enough internal storage to hold VPN to enable me to connect to media,
Letter 15

This is my Bank details: BANK NAME: EQUITY BANK UGANDA: ACCOUNT NAME: BYAMUKAMA PIUS: ACCOUNT NUMBER: 1037101210692: my telephone number +256779866965.
Thanks any action you will wish to do notifying me for awareness. Thanks
Letter 16

Even if you wish to use Western Union money transfer its the same name: BYAMUKAMA PIUS. CITY: KAMPALA: COUNTRY: UGANDA. phone number +256779866965.
Waiting for your response my dear
Letter 17

OK, dear but the phone failed totally to connect on VPN
Letter 18

Yes bank account is better
Which currency do you use in your country
Letter 19

Samsung note 10 plus, Samsung S 9 plus or IPhone 11 s
Letter 20

If had money I will buy in store physically
IPhone 11 s is the best
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