Romance scam letter(s) from Kelvin Edward to Helena (Ukraine)
Letter 1

Hello, beautiful Princess. Thank you once again for your attention to my email and when answering me and telling me about you and your family. I trust that you are doing great, honestly speaking, you sound so beautiful and beautiful in your picture I think I should let you know more about me because I would also like to chat with you, but I do not have much time to be online so we can chat and know more about you and see how things will move, I am new to these internet dating things and I joined the site for a good reason, I mean no harm and no more desperate. I am quite relaxed in many ways, but I am active and have many interests. I like to believe that I am a gentleman (and I am sure it is true!). I spend most of my time planning my next international vacation, which I try to do at least 2 times a year when I'm not on a mission. No, I do not sit and watch a lot of television or read books, but I think computers are great and even better toys. Life is one adventure after another, and I'm always ready for the next. I like to stay active but I have a lot of interest and are dining out, listening to music, movies, reading books and magazines, real estate, watching TV, traveling, wine and gourmet meals I really like doing anything, cooking, eating out of the movie. I am looking for a woman who enjoys the simple things in life. Who is honest and does not lie and cheat and who does not judge. Someone REAL! I am simply online looking for the Love of my life, someone who makes my heart skip a beat, shake my whole being. A fairy tale that lasts a lifetime. Someone to love and appreciate wants to see his face in the morning. That! I want to feel my heart speak to "his" heart and know that our souls connect in the deepest and richest way, in the way that God wanted. Maybe. One thing about me is that I share from my heart. I will not say things I do not want to say, especially in a relationship, but I have also had to learn to be assertive and tell the truth in love, not be so scared and shy, worry about what someone might think. It is always good to be honest and honest, even if it is difficult. I am a person with my feet on the ground and I hope you are beginning to see that. I could never tell anyone that I love you if I do not. That is just me. I found it very disappointing to look online. I am not in any kind of games nor am I here to impress people by making me be someone I am not, it is a way to meet people, but I have discovered that quality people are very few and far between, I know I am a Good man, loyal, honest, like a rock. I'm just looking for a woman for the rest of my life, not a test like most people do. It's not a game, and I'm not desperate. I look forward to hearing from you as soon as you receive this email, have a nice and wonderful day of goodbye.
Dr. Edward
Letter 2

Yourself with such honesty. I can see it in your message that you are a very honest woman and you share your thoughts without hiding anything. my princess, I can assure you that I do not have any bad intentions against you rather I am just an honest man searching seriously for a soul mate so I look forward to a serious relationship with you regardless of any barrier.. That happiness and love that you can offer is what my heart desires now so your age is just a figure to me. I am widowed and lonely just like you are lonely too so I will be very glad if we can give ourselves the chance to continue with our communication and then try to build a relationship regardless of the distance and age gap between us because we really need each other and we have common interests. I know you still have a lot of love and happiness to give to your partner... we have unfulfilled dreams that we can realize together. I am privileged to be into this communication with you so I am ready to do anything to make it successful as we try to get to know ourselves better.
my Dear, I know that we may face so many factors like distance that stand as barriers to our relationship/communication but I want you to understand that with God on our side, nothing can stop us from having a successful relationship if only you can give yourself a chance... All we need is to just trust each other, understand each other and then be honest in our communication. I know we met each other on the internet but it doesn't matter how or where we met each other rather what matters is our honesty, understanding and our objective in our communication... I promise to be honest with you always and I will tell you no lie. I want you to understand that I am a man with dignity and personality in the society so I will never engage in anything that will ruin my reputation and I can never do anything to hurt you. I am not here to play games on you neither am I here to hurt your feelings rather I am here to tell you how serious and dearly I wish to be with you. Can you come to Kosovo and visit me if you don't mind after we must have gotten to know each other better?
It is a very painful experience to lose someone you once lived in the same house with and shared dreams and everything with. Dear, I don’t want to ever experience being widowed again that is why I am taking my time to search for the right woman... I thank God that I have found you. Please give me a chance to prove my seriousness to you and to be the man that will make you happy again. I am grateful for your reply to my message but I will like you to tell me more about yourself. Have you been in a relationship or communication with another man even on the internet? What interests you in a man? Would you like to have a relationship if you meet the right man?Please send me your pictures so that I can watch them as I think about you. I will be looking forward to hearing from you.
Take good care of yourself,
Have a nice day.
Yours truly,
Dr Edward
Letter 3

Hello dear ,Good morning,how are you feeling this beautiful Sunday morning and how was your night sleep,I hope you slept well,the weather over here is very nice ,i just finished having my coffee,tell me if you love taking coffee every morning,Thank you so much for your letter,you right so beautiful,i understand everything you wrote in your letter,I am also a positive thinker and i always like to be happy no matter the situation,i will like to dedicate much of time to you,even the kind of work could not allow me all the time,i want to get more acquainted with you,everything happens for a reason and i know that our meeting here is for a reason and that is why God,fate and destiny brought us together even when we are separated by distance which can not be a barrier between us in building a beautiful and lasting relationship together,we find love when we are ready not when we are lonely,I understand that you are not looking for a man,but deep inside your heart,you are ready to share your life with the right man who will love you,cherish you and make you feel like a woman,i have come to understand that life is too short and boring to be living alone without a life partner,someone to be there for you when you needs them,just like you,my kind of work have also made it possible for me to work with many people and travel to so many countries,in everything,what matters is love,care,attention and respect,,my prayers are always with you,did i told you that i am a Military Surgeon,I can take very good care of you,did you have any plans for today,right now,i will be going to the military chapel for Sunday sermon,I will write back to you again when i am less busy, sen me your hngout ID when you download it let us chat there. i can't instail viber. take very god care of yourself and i wish you a beautiful and lovely day.
Letter 4

Please my princess send me yours Skype ID let me add you up on Skype. I want us to chat over there tonight... How are you doing? I hope you are fine? Did you go to the church today my princess. How was your service today ?
Letter 5

That's good my princess. Hangout KS the pest. I want you to use this my email address and add me up on the hangout now and me me know for me to accept it. Thanks...
Letter 6

Meet me on hangout now my princess I write for you over there
Letter 7

Hello my princess.good are you doing today and how is the weather over there,I believed that everything is fine and you are not having a busy day over there,the weather over here in Kosovo is mostly Sunny,I checked you on hangout this morning and you were not online,sorry for writing you this morning before i drive to work. i left house very early this morning. I hope you are not doing enough that will exhaust the energy, I have been extremely busy as well, I spent so much time in the military medical unit last night attending to the patients, I got so much paper work to do before signing off completely,I need a clean record because i have been working with the UN for a decade now. But i think this is the appropriate time to retire finally, get a new life, i meant a change of living, like get used to new things, get used to new culture and also explore oceans and beaches, you know. I long for such moments so much, but i want that with a special woman who i can trust again, it seems honesty is very rare now, i have never ever learnt to trust in my own understandings, i always seek Jesus in everything i intend doing in life so my foot have never been moved cause i know who i am in Christ Jesus, I know am the righteousness of God so i shall never be afraid of any terror by night nor for the arrows that flies by day!! yeah!!Life is so cruel and dangerous out here, you can't just imagine how people plot so much evil against each other but forget they are one, we need to let LOVE LEAD us in everything we do in this life. I believe God is LOVE and wherever there is LOVE, there is definite ABUNDANCE!!!. Thank you very much for your friendship,who knows what will happen next,i believed that our meeting here was for a reason and time will surely reveal it,Take very good care of yourself and I wish you a beautiful and blessed day.
Letter 8

Hello my princess ,good evening,how are you doing today and how was your day,I hope your day was fine,sorry for nit writing you earlier before now,I had a very busy day at work today. you know my kind of work as a military surgeon,my attention is always needed so that when an emergency issues that needs my immediate attention arises,I will be around to take care of it,glad that you wrote to me,i understand everything you wrote,i know that it is hard for someone to change his or her life just like that,yes i know that you have been alone ever since you separate from your husband. believe me i never thought that i will meet a woman like you,ever since i met you,all i could think about is you,the feelings i get when i think about you is magical,i have the best feelings of building a beautiful relationship with you,i know that our meeting here is not by chance,it is God and fate who brought us together for a reason,life is too short and boring to be living alone,with need someone that will complete us,give our life a meaning and also be there for us when we need them,I believe that Distance, race and age is never a barrier to true love, very sorry for your past accident. I thank God you are alive today. All you have to do now is t i am ready to travel to any where to meet my true love,Nothing in this world has ever been more beautiful than getting to lay my eyes on you,A lot of people want to change the world; I just want to make yours the best it can be. I don't want to be the president or a celebrity, I want to be yours, To live a life with real meaning, to raise a beautiful family,I want to concentrate on this perfect world of you and I, always put you before me,I want to love you and cherish you with every ounce of my being, find freedom in a starry night, and ourselves on a sunlit grassy hill, looking at the horizon knowing everything, every hope, every dream, peace of mind, and smile is being held in my arms. With you I trust in this happiness, one that could never fade,All i ask is for you to give me a chance in your life, For as long as you live I will give and live my life for you. You'll never need to look further, never need ask the question, I'll be there.
Letter 9

Hello my love,the day is already coming to an end and my day can not end without writing you,it was a beautiful moment talking with each other on Hangout today,i really appreciate your time that you shared with me even when you were busy at work,When the night comes, look at the sky. If you see a falling star, don't wonder why, just make a wish. Trust me, it will come true, because I did it and I found you,You are always in my heart, here and everywhere, There is no one in the whole world that makes me feel this way,I'm not the same since i met you, the days turned longer the nights turned colder and you will always have a special place in my heart, just for you I wish I was your blanket, I wish I was your bed. Come to your questions my love.Yes there is military hospital there in kosovo. Britfor Military Hospital. i'm in Pristina. the city of kosovo. Yes i'm doing operation. am a surgeon by profession. an Orthopedic surgeon.i'm working i am working with the Military Red cross 3rd infantry division as there surgeon here in kosovo. I wish I was your pillow underneath your head, I want to be around you, I want to hold you tight, and be the lucky person who kisses you goodnight,If I can only be with you in my dreams then I'll sleep for ever wish I was there to hold you tight instead of just send this,loving, "Good Night,I will write to you again in the morning. Kisses Hugs Yours sincerely Dr Edward
Letter 10

Hello my pretty princess. My princess is really sorry for not being online again last night. We had an emergency to move to a nearby city. We came back this morning. I pick some important documents from another section file together as the year is starting. We have many documents and report to the summit. I'm more than happy reading your sweet mail full of affection and true love, also happy your concern to our son Tony. He is very stubborn and intelligent.he is leving in a boarding school. Unders a Nanny care. I'm really sorry for not being able to write you mail before I left and I have been busy since we came back sorting out most of the documents and getting them ready for the conference meeting that is coming up soon as the Red Cross and TOP UN officer will be coming. I sincerely see you to be part of me although we have not seen each other before so at this point, I don’t want to hide anything about myself and family from you. You are really a wonderful woman and I can really feel your honesty in your message. I have noticed one common thing in all the messages you have sent to me so far since we started this relationship and that you are always saying what you have in your mind and you are very open and honest...I will be very glad to have you as my wife...I am falling in love with you deeply every minute, It is really an honor and privilege to be into this communication with you. I know how I feel deep inside my heart each time I read a message from you and think about you. I can't stop thinking about you and I can't stop having fantasies of having you in my life and then building my future, my family and happiness around you. I don't want to hide my feelings anymore. I have never felt or thought about any woman since my late wife but I am always thinking about you. I am just addicted to you, I can hardly do anything nor concentrate on anything without thinking about you, i think about you always and i believe it happened to you the same way. I know that we are far away from each other, but I will like you to give me a chance to prove my feelings and seriousness to you. I am totally honest with you from deep down in my heart. Yes i understand that you really have to be very close to your aged mother not just your mom but our mom because i love her too. I am ready to live in the same city with you for us to be very close to enable us to take good care of our mom together. That reminds me, it really went off my mind weeks back when i'm telling you about buying a new apartment, I think we have to buy an apartment where we can live together and very close to our mom but i also think about opening a clinic too but i believe when i come we can seat down to have a good plans towards it. I don't need a contract marriage. I am ready to marry you and share everything with you with all my heart. My parents are late and i am the only child of my parents though my uncle once told me that my father had a daughter with some other woman that is not my late mother and i know nothing about her until date and after the death of my parents on automobile car accident when i was 12 years old my late uncle raised me up as i enjoyed every single moment spent with him because he had no child he made me who I am today as a truck driver he was able to save to train me before his death at 72 years old. Before i married to my late wife, Tony's mother i had a daughter but the lady was not ready to marry me and when she was pregnant she never told me and she traveled without telling me and after 5 years i received a letter with a photo of my daughter i replied to the mail but she didn't replied back after many years i have to traveled to Germany to meet with my daughter for the first time while the lady married to a polished man that was working with construction company. After meeting with my daughter I did send her money for her up till i lost contact with her because her mother refused her having my personal contact and forbade her from having a personal relationship with me but I believe that someday God will bring her back to me. Tony has been the only one with me and beside me since I lost my late wife. He is the source of my happiness and he has been the only one with me through life's ups and downs. I am missing him so much and can't wait for my mission here to come to an end for me to go and be with him, yes he have been telling me to marry that he want mother and i promised him that i will do that and when i told him about you and send your pictures to him he was so happy and since then he kept disturbing me never to fail coming to see him with you. My princess I am tired of living this life of loneliness and i have made up my mind to marry you forever and i don't believe anything is strong enough to change my mind and my love for you, Do you know how it feels to lay on your bed alone in the middle of the cold night without anyone to cuddle or hold tight to feel the warmth of his / her breathe? Have you had a dream at night and wake up in the morning only to find out that there is no one around to share your dreams with? I am tired of going to bed alone, waking up in the morning alone, eating alone, bathing alone and doing everything alone. I am just totally tired of this life of abject loneliness, I really need you in my life to restore my lost happiness and make me feel like a man again and I will make you a happy woman too. I promise you that I will always love you, cherish you, adore you, treat you the way you need to be treated as a woman and princess also to make you happy for the rest of my life. I know that you are hard working and you have your friends around you that keep you company but I want to remind you that two heads put together are better than one. You really need the right man that will love you, a man that will accept your mistakes and correct them with perfect exhibition of gentleness and love. You mean the whole world to me and I will always respect you and treat you the way you need to be treated as a woman...I will always be beside you and love you forever in all conditions. You have rekindled the happiness and the man in me by always sending me messages and chatting me up since we started this communication, you are my special woman and you deserve the best of everything which I am ready to give to you and make you happy forever. I am always expecting to read a message from you because I enjoy reading your messages. I know you have not hidden anything from me and i also didn't and i believe we both are mature knowing what we want and how far we have build and invested in building this relationship this far. I can say it a Billion times anything won't change my love for you. I love you so deeply in my heart hoping to catch you online soon after reading my long message..kiss and hug. Yours Prince. Dr Edward

Letter 11

Honey wait I will send it here
ACCOUNT NUMBER: ES3100494240422514256040
Honey Here is the account details you will use and send the money to them
Make sure you send me the payment slip let me forward it to them
Thank you very much for your help
I promise you that you will never regret it in your life
I love you more and more my. Queen
Honey when are you going to send the money?
Please let me know kw so that I will inform me Jim this morning
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