Romance scam letter(s) from Jackson to Eloha (USA)
Letter 1

was searching for an old friends site account when i came across your profile, it caught my eyes. i couldn't just pass without requesting for your friendship. honestly i must confess, you are beautiful. hope you don't mind?
thanks for accepting my request,i just viewed your profile and i really like us to be friends,wish we could be friends ?
Pardon me if I was too direct in my approach to you, I was actually introduced to the this site by my friend mark and since I lost my dear wife 3 years ago
Yeah,i will been fine Currently, I am serving under the United States America led NATO operations here in Kabul Afghanistan, I am a Captain of the USA Army.
Yeah,Kabul just that they do not like they self, what country are you ?
Woow,i have not been in there before,i will like to come down to…..
yeah,it is not easy for us over there,i guess everything will be alright soon,i just pray and hope that my mom and daughter will be in good health until my return,so tell me,how is life in Afghanistan without a family with you,do you feel lonely at times?,
Okay,so tell me more about your self?
Okay,nice of you but you are looking so young
OK dear,my daughter is 7 years old,her mother died when she was just 3 years old,my mother is taking care of her,i miss them so much,so what do you do in italy,how is life over there?have you been to the united states?
i really do not know when i will come home,My wife dead in a car acctiing,please i wish not to tell about it how old are you now?
Woow you are still looking young,i am 45 years old, so i wish to have a good relationship with a woman, whom is good, caring and has a good understanding.i will like to know you that is why i send you this email, please send me a message and tell me little about you.
oh i see,why do you feel i am too small for you?
age is just by number, I do not know how to express or analyze the conflicting emotions that have surged like a storm through my heart all night long after I saw your picture and profile.I would rather not fear to say that I am deeply falling in love with you and would like to you to get back to me for more verbal discussions. Of course i want to ask your pictures before i send the message it is nice i wish to see your lovely pictures or do you have an email so that i will send you same of my pictures
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