Romance scam letter(s) from Frank Mark to Eloha (USA)
Letter 1

Hello my lady, how are you doing today? Lovely smile, happy new year
Am doing great my lady, thanks alot for the reply, i guess i was right about you my dear You seem nice and friendly and will be a pleasure to always hear from you my dear, Have a nice day and stay blessed my dear, kisses.
Yes i had a good day my dear, and thanks too for your message my dear, its always a pleasure hearing from you my dear, Can you please tell me more about yourself and what you seek here on this site my dear, pardon me to ask but i really like your person and i want us to be very good friends my dear
You are single? dont you have plans or thoughts of having a partner again my dear, you still look beautiful and lively and beautiful my dear so life still has alot to offer you my dear, what do you think my dear?
Letter 2

Hello my lady, how are you doing my dear? thanks for the again for the message, well its really not normal for a lady to do the hunting my dear, but you have to have an open heart, so that when the right person comes you will notice my dear I like your honesty and your person my dear, and i do want us to be more than friends my dear, I am single, i have a son and we live alone together my dear, but you know like they say we need a wife and a mother to make a complete home, so thats why am searching for a loving, caring and honest woman to make a partner my dear Have a nice day and stay blessed my dear, kisses
Hello dear, how are you doing today?
Letter 3

I want us to build up something my dear, and i feel we can take it to a better heights if God wills it my dear, pardon me if am being too hasty but this is how i feel deep down my dear.
Letter 4

You go with this believe that men and women are equal and should have equal rights and be treated the same way Well thats true my dear, but it is normal for a woman to be very loyal to her man, it is natural my dear, and even if a woman becomes so rich and capable of paying her bills, they will still always end up being a woman. Men and woman was made from each other but was made differently my dear A woman loyalty to her man is not just something she should do, most times it should come as a result of her true love for him, no matter how rich and bossy a woman gets she must still remain a woman and will be odd for her to become a man What is needed here is the understand and true love, when there is this things, the issue of who becomes head or not will never come up not to talk of being a problem, okay Yes offcourse a woman will always be a woman but that doesn't mean that she shall stay helpless forever (when there is not a man around) Good men does that my dear, a man who truly loves his woman will do that and even more for her my dear I don't know how men treat women in your country. I have never been there You see you cant conclude with what you have over there my dear Well i really dont think its all about the culture of people in one particular place or the other my dear, i feel its a personal thing my dear, okay If a man is loving and caring its innate, or are you trying to say all men from were you come are not lovable?
Letter 5

Yes thats true, i know some men are not caring my dear, its life for you my dear, you dont expect to get same treatment from everybody my dear, but thats not still enough to fully close your heart to love my dear, okay.
Alright my dear, please sleep well my dear and i would really love to join you my dear Thanks for your time and friendship my dear, i know you are a nice woman, i can feel it deep inside me, you just feel that way because sometimes some men are really annoying my dear, i know it It was a pleasure talking to you my dear, much love kisses.
Letter 6

Hello my lady, how are you doing today? hope you had a good day my dear? I just came online to check on you my dear, i am going to tend to something now, i will come online later to talk to you okay, Have a nice day my lady, much love, kisses
Hello dear, how are you doing my dear? hope you are having a great time my dear? Yes i really missed you too my dear, hope you are having a great time my dear? Am at work now so i just decided to come online at my break time my dear Do have a nice day and hope to hear from you later my dear, kisses
I do sales and supply of medical equipments my dear So most time i do lots of traveling, hope to come to …. one of these days and hopefully to meet you also my dear.
Letter 7

So how was your day today dear? Alright dear.
Yes my day was fine too okay but a little hectic my dear, but am fine Am glad i met you online my dear.
Alright thats good Did you out today? i mean to work or something?
Alright thats good, keeping yourself healthy with little exercise right? Apart from moving round the garden or domestics what else do you do my dear, i mean what else you love to do for leisure Oh thats really nice, meaning you are never bored, well thats good Dont you ever go out to have fun my dear?
Oh didnt mean it that way okay Its not compulsory you go out and get drunk till you start behaving stupid my dear You can have a decent date with friends, just go out talk, drink responsibly and come home feeling good and happy Thats what i do for fun my dear, but most times i go out with my son and not with friends dear.
Alright thats what am talking about okay Sometimes its cool to go out to free our senses my dear.
You are getting me wrong dear Going out doesnt really mean the bad or negative parts my dear, you can go out for a decent date my dear, right? Its really nice and fun especially for him, we just go to the park, and he has fun with other kids, sometimes we go to the movies and so on he is 10 years now but will be 11 this year No... He is still a kid my dear, we only go to parks and movies together.
Yes i live with my son. Are you still there my lady? Listen dear, you need to loosen up a bit my dear, you cant continue to keep to your belief and perception, you will feel better if you loosen up my dear, i can assure you that my dear.
Letter 8

No my lady, there is nothing wrong with doing what you feel like to do But what is most important is the happiness and satisfaction you derive from it my dear So ask yourself deep down, do you really feel happy about your believe and the way you go about life my dear Am fine dear, how about your dear?
Hope you are having a good time out there? its always a pleasure talking to you my dear, and yes its a good thing for people to have companion not just a woman, it makes you look responsible, it makes you feel happy and satisfied from the inside I know how happy and satisfied i feel when my wife was alive, i always know there will be someone to recieve me when i come home, someone to share my thoughts, plans and burdens with, someone to look after the house and my son when am not home, i really miss those good old times my dear, so i know how it has been all this while when am alone, so if i compare i feel so bad and alone so thats why i seriously need a loving, caring, honest and understanding woman to grow old with my dear
So we should always try to let go our rigid impression of sex differences, if we focus more on love, family and and happy home then who is the head and in control will never will never be in issue to battle my dear, okay Each person knowing their role and duty and if one fails the other assist with love and respect then the home is always and will forever be happy my dear Have a blessed day and hope to hear from you again dear, much love, kisse
Letter 9

Hello dear, how are you doing today? Sorry i have not drop any message for some time now my dear, i have a little more busy with work lately my dear, okay but i really missed talking to you my dear, hope you are fine and doing great my dear Have a nice day my dear, and hope to hear from you, much love, kisses Am fine thanks How is it over there? the weather and everything my dear
Alright dear, have a wonderful day ahead, kisses
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