Romance scam letter(s) from Philip Gardner to Gabriele (Australia)
Letter 1

Good Morning Gabby.. How was your night.. Like you said, It does feel good to get away at times and relax and forget about everything for a while. My weekend wasnt so fun,, Just work and Lots of sleep. lol, Guessing you had Fun in yours. . Honestly I had Given up on meeting anyone on Match, Cos I seem not to understand it.. This is not quite an easy way to get to know someone but that is how it is for now tho.. In match Some crazy random women just want to meet up for sex. Crazy dont you think? well Im philip. born in Germany. . I studied Medicine in University College London and i went to the same medical school. I had my residency at a private hospital in London also i specialized in Neurology and I'm a certified Neurosurgeon now.
I worked in London United Kingdom for about 13 years. I then got an opportunity to be the head of the neurology dept. at The American hospital in Dubai UAE i worked there for another 9 years thats where i met my partner ( She is Austalian) We moved to Australia 5 1/2 years back when she was diagnosed with Uterus Cancer ( Cancer of the womb). She fought hard but decided to give it a rest exactly 18 months ago. I could not work full time during those times but i was in contract with an hospital in England ( The London Clinic). I travel to England about 6-9 times every year for surgeries.
Im currently focusing on an important medical research at the moment which i would not mind sharing with you.
I am an easy going person and I was on looking for a serious relationship, I would like to enjoy life more with a beautiful and cheerful woman who is loving and caring as well. I have had my share of depression in my Life and I'm in a very good stage now (Fully open and ready to love). I want to give love and care and I want to be very happy with a lovely woman.
Im also a Dog person i have a Lovely Adorable Yorkie ( I attached a picture), She is 6 now.
I think it is my Open mindedness that has brought you and I together with me sending this email to you. I saw on the News one day that has a 66% success rate. I'm good with numbers and If I see that I have a 66% success rate of finding love then I'll gladly take my chances. Hence my reason for joining the site. To be Honest I do not know what to expect. But I'll just go with the flow and hope we exchange a couple of mails, talk on the phone as time goes , texts and at least get to know each other and then we can have a proper 100% success dinner date on the basis of us already knowing eachother to an extent ( Not a 50/50 possibility or 70/30) I do not want to bore you out so i tried not writing too much about myself. Please feel free to ask me any question you feel like asking. I would be waiting to hear from you about Yourself, Family, Kids (If any), Job, Dog, city and any thing you deem fit to write about ps: I was doing some photo edit , i attached a couple of photos i edited along with a picture of me with Purple ( My adorable Yorkie) Best Regards, Have a wonderful day ahead Philip
Letter 2

Hello Dear Gabriele How was your night, I do hope it was fine and you slept like a Queen.. Glad that you like my email.. I wont say I like to write long emails but I write in the best ways to express my self.. Good to know you are also part German,, Too bad German was not a house hold language in my case.. My father died befoe i could talk to Brain cancer. Mom is British. so we didnt speak much or You have an interesting Background I must say,.
My Work is not all that Spectacular.. Just exhuasting and Time Consuming,, But I must say it does feel good to save lives and help someone live longer,, hahhahaha,, You really Got me laughimg when you say you have never known a doctor before.. hahahhaa..
Yes loosing my wife was painfully but I have managed to live through the pain,, Like they say,, IF IT DOESNT KILL THEN IT MAKES YOU STRONGER ..
I agree with you, I would also like to Give and recieve love once again, Happy to know that you like my picture.. Send few of yours also...
Well I was shocked till I read that you have 5 children,, lol.. You are a strong woman and very Independent.. You must have passed through alot raising them up.. Good to know that you also want to finish up your Law degree,..
I live in Mackay but like told you I go for sugeries in the Uk when ever am called,, Most times i 6 times a year or maximum of 8.. Unfortunately I dont have any kids..
More about My Research:
My Contract expired Last december and I will be renuewing it as soon as am done with my research. Later This month ,,
Spinal stenosis is a narrowing of the spinal canal, the passageway in the spinal column, made of stacked vertebrae, through which the spinal cord and nerves pass. Spinal stenosis primarily occurs in the low back (lumbar spine) but may also occur in the middle back (thoracic spine) and the neck (cervical spine)
It Causes Acute pains in the neck and the back, also there is a special rare case where it makes the brain numb, part of the brain freezes, then the Patient Cannot Move some part of his body. The Case i have now, the patients is fully paralyzed on his left side. So i have been working a a research now that corrects the brain and release a fluid, "the fluid that causes the numbess". The surgery is done with a special high-tech robot
Done with the Practical part Just rounding up with the Theory aspect so my Office is at Home at the moment.. LOL. .. PS--- I slept off while typing last night .. lol
Have a fulfilled day ahead dear
Letter 3

Hi Gabby
Good to know that your day has been alright, my weekhas been alright.. nothing spectacular so far..haha,, you got me smiling all the way. you glued yourself to the right side.. lol. Yes i will be in the UK next week for 4 days..
I do not go out. i only go out when i have too,, guess we have a couple of things in common then,, haha. what kind of music do you like? yes there are somethings we all should do as long as it makes us happy. Hope we can be more than this soon tho. But I must warn you. I am a romantic :).
what plans do you have except going to the concert this weekend. Hope you have a wonderful night rest. Hope to see your pictures soon
Letter 4

Hello My Adorable
Good to know that you had fun this weekend, we all need to have fun sometimes, how does your ear feel now ?, Hope you will be able to sleep well this night. I am sure i will be sleeping sound tonight. I also have been thinking about our fist meeting. It will be so nice and I really would make it special for you.. I will still be in contact with you even when am on my trip.. I will take more than a trip to get rid of me.. lol
A little bit of what I like,, I love car racing so much i was in a team back in Dubai an advanced go-cart team ( The cars are much faster than they appear). I attached some of the photos on this mail. Thats what delayed the sending off this email as i was Scanning the pictures. I still have my helmets and uniform till date. I was excellent at it. I also drove a formula one standard car once for test at an abu-dhabi grand prix. It was such a grand feeling!
well i have to round up for today dearie.. Happy I met you, You mean a lot to me and a source of making me smile from cheek to cheek Bye for now
Letter 5

Hello Babe,
How was your day. I do hope it has not been stressful for you.. hahahah. You said too Old for all This Shenanigans, sorry about your lil puppy.. Good to know that everything is alright with him now.
Purple has been disturbing so far, and I dont know what I can do now,, Had ro take her for a walk.,, Hahahaha.. About our first meeting.. That is a suprise but I was Hoping It will be at the Airport when coming back from my trip.. But What I plan doing on next is entirely a suprise..
Its a relief to know that You dont plan getting rid of me , lol. Thought You would not like to talk to me because I am would be leaving. I also enjoy your emails alot,, Puts a smile to me everytime. Yes I have been to the go Karts but I have not been there of recent,, Busy with work. We sure need to go together sometimes if thats okay with you.. wonderful to meet a lady who actually enjoys Car racing. No I did not watch it was busy getting ready for my trip
.. would like to have your number so I can call you if thats okay with you..
Hugs and Kisses
Have a wonderful Night ahead
Letter 6

Hello My Beautiful Gabby.. Well I was very happy to receive your email. I did not recieve your mail till i landed in London. thanks for your wellwishes , i know that we both feel the same way and we both need to put an extra effort to make it work , It really feels good seeing your email, I find myself constantly checking my email hoping there will be a reply from you. but there has been no internet till i got to my hotel. I am in London, I will be busy but I sure will always find time for You baby.. I hope you also have not been working too much,, I have great massage techniques I would like to show you as soon as I come back.. No I dont put her in the Kennel. I keep her with the vet. he likes purple alot so he offer to take care of her till am back..
Do not be worried my dear, I sure think You would like it,, :) I will be coming back after My Operation I have In Turkey, That should be in a couple of weeks.. I will let you know the excat date my dear. But That was sweet of you. For you to keep talking with me. I actually feelt you would stop . Kisses my babe:* It's 7:34 AM here in London and I its 5:35 PM in Mackay. I still can't believe that I have managed to find someone as special as you. I am staying somewhere nice here, I spend a lot of the day now thinking about you and what the future may hold.
I sure would be calling you soon Babe,.. With Care
Your darling Phil
Letter 7

My Adorable Angel.
I was thinking about you all Day, Hope your Night was blissful?. My day has been stressful but A success. My Theory on Spinal Stenosis has been Approved Yesterday. New contract with the London Hospital start Mid June . so till then am still a free agent. Flying to Turkey on Saturday Morning. 7:45 GMT . for the Operation I told you about.. as I type all I have been thinking about is how close I want you to me. I dont know how long I would be away for,, But It should not be more than a couple of weeks.. I will let you know as everything goes my dear..
Wish I was with you now to give you a massage after a hard week and be the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning. You really need to rest and relax, I would not like that you get sick before I get back.. Feel go glad knowing that you will be waiting ffor me.. Here is a Good Morning greeting personally made for you: It is early and the world is just waking up,
The birds are singing,
Sun is slowly rising, simultaneously the moon is going down
you feel a sense of quiet and peace,
you are still/quiet taking it in,
not wanting to breath, not wanting to stir, not wanting to disturb,
Feelings of pure joy, beyond description,
At one with all.

With a feeling of grandeur you go forth,
a smile on your face, twinkle in your eye, and love in your heart.
Your feet are barely touching the ground as you float through your day.
Ready for most anything

I have been told and heard that poems don't necessarily have to rhyme, so i decided to come up with something simple. I hope you like it. Also can not wait to have you all up in my hands,, Kissing you so deeply. Im looking forward to hear your voice today!
Have an amazing Day Ahead Baby
With Love
Letter 8

My Precious Gabby How was your weekend,, I do hope it was stress free. and you rested a lot.. An accident you had,good it was not complicated.. How is my Little thumb doing today, its a wonderful look if you ask me ,, lol and How do you feel in general babe
When The contracts starts I will be heading to the UK once every month for 5 days.. Thank you so much for your well wishes baby, I feel so loved and cared for,,I would love to give you a kiss on your forehead now dear. Glad that you like my poem. Let me say that I am falling for you head over heels for you. I can't wait to meet you and I have the warmest embrace ready and waiting for you when we do finally meet. My heart is a flutter just thinking about that moment. I will be everything that you need and give you all the love I have and never stop.
Some questions for you: - If you could change anything in your past, what would it be?
- What are you really good at and what are you really bad at?
- Who in your life have you admired most and why?
- What do you think you have learnt from your past relationships that would help us stay stronger for ever
- What makes a "good" relationship for you?
- What is "love"? I hope you enjoy reading my email and answering the questions. I am having a really good time learning more about you every day!
Have an amazing night baby and I am constantly thinking about you and can not wait to read from you. With you always and sending my love. Kisses
Letter 9

Hello My Adorable Gabby
How was your Monday? Could you type.. ? ,, Hope you had a wonderful night rest.. Good to know that weekend was alright.. Would love to be with you tho and watch over your litte Thumb and kiss it every once in a while,, :). I am in Turkey now and Its a beautiful place to be,, Hot at the moment,, I do not know anyone in Turkey.. I managed to get a Translator and he goes by the name of fidelis.. Funny Dude if you ask me.. I will be going to the hospital tomorrow and I can decide the exact date I will be performing the sugery,, Unfortunately I do not know any one in Turkey.
I love all your response and It made me so happy cos I see us getting closer by the day, especially your response on what makes a good relationship for you. I dont know If you feel the same way but I am glad that we are making effort in trying to know each other better.. .
I also hope I can be the that person to truely love you, ans as you know we are both looking for that speacial someone to make us feel special and Loved,, Hope everything goes our way..
I LOVE YOUR POEM... Really made me feel loved ,, Also glad that you are mine Love. Let me answer my questions now: -If i could change anything in my past it would be Bringing loved ones back to life, The most recent i would have to love to change is not giving up my Surgical career for a professional career in Car racing. I was too uptight with work then when the opportunity came, If it came now i would give it all up hahahaha. ( I told you that last night) -Im really good at my Job, I was called magic fingers in Dubai. Im also a good Gym/Personal instructor, I had a little group in Dubai and i was the Instructor and it was really successful. I'm bad at banking related issues, Someone was actually using my credit card for about 2 months before i noticed.( If i think of more i would forward it to you) -I have admired my boss in Dubai most all my life, he was from the royal family, but he was so simple. He had everything life could offer and he was so humble about it, also he could not see someone in pain or need without helping out. He was different from the other Arab men and he was my best friend all those times. He died at 74, nobody saw it coming as he was healthy as a stallion! -What do you think you have learnt from your past relationships that would help us stay stronger for ever: We should never try to change other people, we should change the way we think of them, we should also completely trust our partner at all times. I would love to use one quote from the book to define love: “Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction.” Antoine de Saint Exupery What is "love"? Love to me is the highest degree of friendship. Love is being happy, making somebody happy forever while you are happy also. I cant wait to look into that gorgeous eyes of yours and tell you how you make me feel! Have an amazing day ahead Love
hugs and Kisses
Letter 10

GoodMorning My Amazing Sweetheart Hope you had an amazing night! My Night has been lonely my dear. Wish I was close beside you. Too bad your day was not so good. Would love to give you a massage when you get back from work. I am sure it must be fustrating for you typing so slow..
Turkey is a nice place to be,, Too bad am here on Work. would sure like to come back here with you when we finaly meet. Its not cold here.. Its actually Hot at day and cool at night, but not cold..
My Interpreter is funny because he makes jokes with the crisis going on and how much problems he had learning english.. so funny my dear..
I met with the patient today and I will be putting him under observation this week so i can fix an exact date i will be performing the operation sometimes next week,, i have been setting everything in place. SO now that everything is in place i decided to write the Woman that has made me so happy this past few days. I hope and wish i can make her happy forever.
Glad you like my answers. Put a huge smile on me.. I sure would be working on easter as it is not an Holiday or recognised over here.. Turkey is a muslim country. I told you right from my First Email that I am German.
I had too say I love your quote, Really Inspirational..
Love it. My Favourtie color is Blue! Whats your favorite color dear? I want you to put this in the order from the Most important to the least important Being happy with your partner Physical Touch Going on Holidays Spending time with your partner ( dates/outings) Diamonds( hahaha i had to put that i mean gifts though) I attached some pictures of my last holiday in Egypt, I hope you like it, I can't wait to start going on holidays with you! I have loads of fun thing i can't wait to start doing with you! I will be going to bed as now.. Have an amazing Day ahead (Whats your best day of the week?)
Loving you..
A Million kisses

Letter 11

Hello Beautiful.
You dont have to appologize bout anything Appology granted. haha.. sorry about the shower. Would Love to help you out with that shower and who knows what else I might help you with while washing your hair. :)
Well Most times when I travel for work I do wait for an extra day or more to veiw the country and do a lilttle sightseeing.
Yes The translator guy is a comedian. . I am happy to know that I ahve managed to put a smile on your face. reading your email also brings me so much joy and happiness. I do hope to celebrate it in my own way. I would take my self out to eat if i dont have anything important to do at the Hospital.
No I am still a German citizen. I can not have a dual citizenship as it is against the laws in Germany and my late mom always made sure I did not change my passport. she always say that is the only thing that will remind me of my roots
I used to like Purple alot.. That was why I named Purple Purple.. lol..
I also agree with you on that, when I am with you I am sure everyday of the week will be best ,, I really wish I could kiss you now.
Glad you love my photos.. Puts a smile to my face. Eygpt is a wonderful place,, Would love to take you on desert racing, Its loads of fun.. Cant just wait to be with and make plans with you. And Yes you are right,, I like to spoil my woman so wonderful things are yet to come,
Really sleepy now and Your messge just got in.. Playing this song right now, And would love to you to also listen to it.. Hugs sweetheart. have a wonderful day ahead..
Love always
Letter 12

My Love,
How was your night, Hope you are having a wonderful Holiday, Logging in my email and reading from you has been the best thing in the past 48 hours! I could never ask for more! Whats there not to love about you! I can't believe you were on . I feel so loved by you also i feel really at ease when i text with you or read from you. I sure would take pictures for and tell all about the trios I ahve been to when am back.. Im sure this would be the best time of my life ..because i would be spending it with an amazing woman!
I can't wait to start going places with you! I would hold your hands all through! if you dont mind! ..i would not stop kissing you at every chance i get. hahaha
I would love for you to come pick me dear, Hopefully its not in the day.. I am sure you would also Love desert racing. wonderful sport and so much fun.. you have truly become the star of my life that brings me light in this dark world, and warmth when I need it., the joy of living, the peace of mind that comes from sharing and caring, and that shoulder to lean on in times of stress. You are my "Pricessless diamond " , and I will cherish you, love and adore you.. It was really nice seeing my patient ,,he his about 58 and he his a prominent politician here in Turkey, he his really positive about the Surgery and I'm meeting with his family members tomorrow to start and finish the paper work. The hospital team here received me perfectly.. I also prayed about it. We need the divine help of God in our work because we are mere mortals that do our best. Have an amazing Night Ahead
Thanks for your Love ..
Love You
Sending a kiss from Turkey
With Love
Letter 13

Hey Babe,
How was your Night. Happy I could make you sleep like a Princess. Yes Your mail is the best thing so far since have been here,, Reading it makes me so happy, Sorry I could not reply yesterday, I was quite tired and stressed.
Yes i am sure i would perform a successful operation for him, My dear no one is perfect, I accept you just the way you are, i guess we just have to wait till we meet then you can know how much i truly cherish what we have. i guess i would be lucky to have such a woman like you in my life.
I would be happy to show you all my pictures and telling you all my experience. My dear, i am ready to accept you with all my heart there is nothing you can tell me that can change my mind..
i feel so complete with you after reading your email. feels so good to know we both feel the same way.. hahaha.. i dont think it because of my charms.. the patient family are quite worried ,, it normal tho but i tried to assure them everything will be fine. Yes my love i pray before every operation and this is quite a serious one so i need all the favor i can get..
sooo sweet of you to send me that quote,, really liked it. i really wanted to kiss you and Caress you all over your body
Hahahaha,, You are so funny when you said you did not understand my email,, lol funny you.. i think i know the exact spot tho.. every one is ticklish there.. lol. i might have a lot on my mind but you are a source that keeps me happy and calm.. thank you for your prayers, really really means a lot to me love..
Letter 14

My Love,
I am its always amazing to read an email from you! Im going to print all our mails and put a fancy cover on it, so we can go back on it every once in a while easily and trace our roots to see where it all started from. I think about you everytime, You always make me happy, I feel cared for and Loved, Feels like a dream, I guess I am Lucky to have you, I cant wait to caress your Body and cherish you with all my heart.
That always happen when I have a sugery to perform because every little detail matters alot.. Right Now my patient is under close observation till after the operation has been performed..
Yes this is the first time performing this particular operation, But everything will go right my love, I believe in God and Trust that everything will go successfully. I already booked the surgery for Saturday though, The surgery is commencing by 11:00am saturday ( You would be ready to sleep then) I already selected my team today and it would be successful ( I'm am optimistic and confident about it )
Everything went smooth today, I signed all the papers today with the Family of the patient yesterday, However there is still one last agreement to be signed by the patients brother
Would love to be with you when am not in the Hospital also, That would be so much relaxing my love, I would satying for 2 extra days before flying back to your arms love. And I do not think You are selfish I also would like to be in your arms real soon.. You also are a special woman with a great heart. I think we are both lucky to comfort our self.
And You will just have to wait to find out the secret part babe,, lol,, Loving your quote, really have a way to touch my heart with every email you send.. I can't wait till we have a picture of us that was taken by us.. I already have your picture as my phone screen (oops) It makes me feel closer to you every moment.
i have been having some lovely meals since i arrived though! ( The Turks make tasty foods!)
Really Wish You are here, Think about you so much and now looking at your picture , Cant wait till I hold your hands, Hug you so tight, Kiss you, cuddle with you and make you feel like a woman. My Heart Wants you so bad I do not have the exact words to use Than to say Big kiss
Have a wonderful day ahead love
Letter 15

My Love,
I can't stop thinking about you love, To be honest, I have never felt as happy, as content or as excited about meeting with someone as I am with you. The whole Time we have been writing each other has been wonderful! ahahha,, Withdrawal symptoms.. You are really funny babe, My Day has been fine love.. Just fine. I have my patient under close observation. Glad you like my idea love, Yes we deserved to be loved and cared for, I am positive about us and I know as soon as am back to your arms we will both be happy .. I sure would text you before I go for the operation, I would book my ticket soon later this week and send you my informations and hopefully you can come meet me at the airport.. I wouldbe flying few days after the operation tho..
Yes My Love its priceless. for no reason am just happy looking at your picture.
Truthfully love you are a class act. Even though I just got to know you only recently, I feel as though I've known you for a long time. I consider myself a good judge of character, and from what I've seen, you are a one-in-a-million woman. You're so unpredictable and exciting yet so stable in that you seem to know what you want out of life. You're so strong(physically/emotionally) yet you seem to have a gentle and compassionate nature. You are so intelligent yet so humble and down to earth. Last but not least, you are so beautiful yet not in the least bit conceited. All these are endearing qualities which attract me very much..
Babe Whenever I think of you, my heart skips a beat, and my senses swirl in anticipation of meeting you., and I am drawn to you as a bee is to honey.. cant wait to feel you and all of you baby. Cant wait to take you out, I have many things I want to do with you.. Loving your Quotes baby.. so impressed with it.
Your Love
Philip ps: Some mark anthony link on youtube i want you to listen to
Letter 16

Hey my baby,, How are you doing today,, Hope you slept sound .. Missing you so much right now baby,, Happy you like my song,, It really put a smile on face and makes me soo happpyyyy.. I am realllyyyyy Glad you like it baby,,
hahhhaa,, Happy we think alike love.. cant wait to smell your hair . playing with it and tickling you hahhahha,,
AHAHAHAHAH,,, You realy have a good sense of humor love.. I willbe hiding under the blankets soon enough baby..
Purple will also be happy meeting you,, cant wait my love,, really cant wait,, I dont know what to tell you now but sleep and dream about you,, Here is a picture of me eating Yesterday,,
The operation was successful babe, everything went according to plan, Just wish i was coming back to your arms after a long day,
Missing you and you are always in my heart and soul
Love always
Letter 17

Hi Princess.. how was your night? ready for a new week? Missing you and want to let you know I will be flying back this week,, will be in your arms soon.. i will send you my flight info as soon i get it later today or tomorrow. now all that remains for the patient is to be able to move and this should be any day from now,, I will stay for a couple of days then I will be leaving. Other doctors can monitir him but Just want to see him move.. The Operation took almost 7 hrs dear.
Yes my love that is how its always is when I travel for an operation. Good part is am comming home to you. really can not wait.
hahahaha, yes you would be able to tickle me back.. lol,, Thats not fair tho.. it should be one sided. lol.
I really do agree with you. You can be sure that I will keep my gestures going as long as I am with you,, making you smile and happy is all I long for babe,,
Thanks for your lovely quote as always,, Feels good to know am been cared for and Loved,, makes me feel so special..
Ok My Dear. If you have not gone to the hospital I can help you out with that when am back. its going to be like first aid to be,, lol,,,
I think about you more and the feeling of been alone in another country is really a mess, A non english speaking country.. I want you to know you mean alot to me, words are not enough to explain this to you so i better keep it in me and just show you how i feel by the first kiss i will be giving to you babe,
Love always
Letter 18

Sweetheart,, It was really nice reading your messages and seeing how much you care about me.. It really does give me a sign of releive and makes me feel happy that I have someone in my life who i can share anything with ..
I could not get an Autopsy. Due to the fact that it is a muslim country all my effort to get an autopsy carried out was denied. I booked my ticket last night also as I have nothing else to do here. All I need from you is for you to be waiting for me at the airport when I land ...
I really care about you also and its comforting to know you feel the same way I do. Your Quote was so wonderful and It did make me think that maybe it was his time and there nothing I could really do. Would be nice to be with you while I hug you and kiss you so deeply.
I am happy I have you and will be with you soon.. Will be taking a domestic flight to London later this Night.
Kisses My Angel.
Love Always
Letter 19

My Love,
How are you doing today, Hope your night was splendid,, About the flight details to mackay. I could not get it from over here so the plan was to buy a ticket when i get to brisbane But Today has been a very very bad day, I could not fly out of Turkey, My Name was Included in a NO-FLY list, I was held by the Immigration for hours ,, it started as a joke, i did not believe what is happening right now, i could not understand anything they were saying, i requested for a translator which took hours to come, I already paid my translator at the airport after he dropped me off. ( I just called him now because i would be needing him tomorrow)
I got to understand that it was the Brother of the late client that put my name on the No fly list. I just find this Unbelieveable. I was so shocked at this love..
Also requested for The German embassy officials who came very late and they took me off the hook , we talked about the situation and they explained how the Diplomacy is bad with Turkey because Turkey is not in the E.U.
So together with the German embassy officials we called the head of the hospital here in Turkey and he assured us that it is a little mis-understanding, He assured us that it would be lifted and i would be able to fly out tomorrow. So i would be going to the hospital tomorrow to meet up with the Brothers of the patient that put my name in the no-fly list.
This is been my whole situation today..
I really really cant wait to leave here hun,
Have an amazing day ahead
Sending tight hugs! My only wish now is to hug you so tight and gently stroke your hair while smelling it adorably!
Love always
Letter 20

Hey Sweetheart.
How was your night, I hope it was alright. I was really looking forward to holding you close and huging the Life out of you.. I did not expect this to happen, I was really shocked when I was aprehended .. I am so amazed at this.. Yes the pappers do state that out.. This is why I have a lawyer with me now and that was what the lawyer said that this is happening because laws of the EU are not recognised here and here is also a muslim country
Could not meet the brother today but we later got a call from his assistant for a reschedule tomorrow..
I know all this my love,, I was in rage all through the times i spoke to the embassy officials today and my lawyer,, But i was told to calm down that everything woud be sorted out tomorrow,, No dear, the tickets was cancelled and I would be able to re schedule it as soon as i get all this sorted out..
Do not worry about me much my love,, I keep thinking about you constantly and how Happy I would have been seeing you.. I hardly sleep well now adays. I am always waking up each and every hour at nights...
Cant wait for this nightmare to be over,.. Missing you my love
Have a wonderful day ahead,,
Hugs xxx
Love only
Letter 21

Hey Sweetheart..
I was in the Lawyers office for over 3 hours today, Its really good he speaks English. He explained everything to me, and he said since the family of the deceased patients put the NO fly order from the Military office, the only option have is to leave Turkey before it all gets messy, he explained that there is no case there but they can have me stuck here for a while if i don't get out by nextweek. Yes my Love I was arrested at the airport.. been walked to a question room has not been a very good feeling dear. We met today but he no way willimg to cancel my name. My Lawyer called the attorney general office in my presence and all i need is a reputable surety with assets up to a specified amount, the hospital director accepted that position immediately ( God bless his heart) Also the Lawyer charged me a preposterous fee of $18,000 EUROS!..I was shocked! and he explained that the turkey judicial system is not a very honest one and if some money is not paid to some people, it would take Months for the paper to reach the attorney general office, he already called some insiders and with that fee I'm paying him he said the paper would be signed tomorrow and i can be out of here
I called the German embassy and all they could do was to offer me secured accommodation in the embassy till its over! Because the patient brother was making some kind of threats today towards me,, I don't want to remain here i want to leave TURKEY!. I already agreed with the Lawyer and i paid an upfront fee of 5000 EUROS. I could not get more than 1,500 in Euros on my card in cash from the Cash machine, So the Lawyer said we would go to the bank together tomorrow and i can withdraw the cash on my Master card. I don't think i have up to that on my Card so i already called my Friend in Germany, he didn't pick his call to i dropped a text, so he would call me back when he gets it. Also the Hospital Director here Dr.Ali would be bringing the papers he needs to be my Surety tomorrow.
I really feel so happy coming back to your mails, I dont have words to explain how i really feel about us love, Any plans this weekend babe... I should have been in your hands now.. This is really a nightmare, I dont feel good at all.. I really do not.
I will just have to go to bed dreaming about us ,, Love Yours forever
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