Romance scam letter(s) from Charles Wilson to Els (Holland)
Letter 1

Hello Darling
I'm just getting in now since the last time i left the hotel and all my body is weak and i can only say am happy to be here by now.....Immediately i left the bank when i got the money..I was going to enter a cab not knowing that it was a wrong cab...Someone has being following me as they might have known that i always come to that bank for transaction....I got picked up and they got everything i had on me, They drove me to a silent place where no one could hear me screaming....They pointed gun at me that i should give everything i have with me..I was trying to explain to them when someone slapped me from back unaware..I got beaten up with a plank and all my body is in pain now...They got the money, my diary and my jewelries as well....Assuming i have gone with the phone then they would have taken everything i have...then i loose so many contacts, I dont know how to say this to you and i have being in pains all evening....I dont know how you feel reading this but i must know you will feel bad...This country has never got a good luck for me...I'm so sad now that i loose everything...It was someone that helped got me to the hospital where i got treated..Just got back to the room now and i got a message from you on my phone already...When you read this i will come online but not for long cos all my body is aching me now....I love you xxxxxxxxxx
Letter 2

Good Day Sir/Ma, We are sorry to inform you of this bad news which happened at 7:45pm on Saturday (08/05/2010) along Nnamdi Azikwe international airport,Mr Charles Wilson,with a commercial Volkswagen Golf 3 car,painted yellow and black,private plate number LA 765 GRA,The accident happened as a result of brake failure which led to collision with one of the street light along the airport road,both the driver,Mr Charles was rushed to our Hospital at exactly 8:25pm by a very good samarithan who was also driving along the same route,The driver was seriously injured but thanks for the seat belt..that really helped him,but Mr Charles's injury happens to be very vital,He is also having cuts on his head,bruises thank God he's responding to treatment,but we will have to run an X-ray on him to confirm if he's having internal bleeding or internal break,We got some address in his diary so thats why you are having a copy of this has also been sent to his family too and friends...,we had no family,friends or relatives come ask after them since they brought them here even though Mr Charles is a foreigner but the driver's family or friends haven't showned up and we are so worried about who is going to sign the necessary documents but the police said they will sign that for us,in this process we had involved the police which the case was reported to where we found some important documents like,flight ticket,passport,work I.D card,laptop,phone,diary,some money,and so many other vital documents and that led us to getting informations about you and his family that is why you will have a copy of this email in your box,please Sir/Ma if you are familiar with this person,kindly reply this email.
I'm Dr.Ajayi Adedayo of Ayinke House Maternity Hospital located at lagos Nigeria. it will relief us our pain and also save lifes if we get emails back from you,our contact address is as below: Ayinke House Medical Hospital
70 Oba-akaran Avenue,
Phone numbers: +2348056490702
Thank you very much for your co-operation,we waiting to hear back from you soonest.
Letter 3

Hello Madam,
Maybe you dont know,We are having many patience that needs an urgent attention and the ones we have to email and also talk to through phone. Thats why its taking a while to read back from us.Well for those things you have said in all your emails to us isn't our business, What we are doing is saving lifes and that should be personal between you and Mr Charles, Maybe you dont know anything about our country here....Too much of speed causes alot of accidents on our federal roads,Its not by a professional driver but with God help...We dont know Mr Charles before and if not for the incident that occur maybe we wouldn't have the opportunity to be exchanging emails...Alot of things you said in your email that we dont know anything about it. We are only trying to help here and i think you should respect us for that,Every email we exchange here would be filled up for him finally when he's okay and ready to leave....Thank God he's out of is comma but you cant talk to him until tomorrow because he needs alot of rest...All the bruises has being attend to with proper care and we gave him the best of first aid...Maybe by tomorrow you and Mr Charles could talk but for now ..I know nothing about all you have said about flight or anything...But all of his belongings are with the police now.I have got emails from one of his friend and also his son..So we are going to update them all about the status of Mr Charles. Anyway thanks for the cooperation by getting intouch back to us. We will be happy to serve you better. Greetings from
Dr Adedayo Ajayi.
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