Romance scam letter(s) from David Clarke to Andrea (USA)
Letter 1

Good evening Luv, I smiled after reading your email, The essence I feel from you each time I hear or read something from you is a treasure on its own. One I will treasure. I really enjoyed speaking with you the other day. I hadn't even noticed that we'd been on the phone for over an hour plus. and I must say quite an interesting meal that must have been. I like trying new recipes. I love seafood and I'm trying to make this baked lemon Pepper Salmon...I'd love to cook you a meal sometime. I had an interesting day, had a meeting with an old investor, did some research on a project I am working on, did some alterations on some current designs and had another meeting with an engineer colleague of mine.
I love the view of the mountains,You take a look at it and take your time breathing it all in, when I was working in Iceland, seeing the Kikrjufellsfoss falls and the mountains across Reykjavik for the first time was like an out of this world experience, it's like time stands still forcing you to embrace nothing more than the moment. Anyways I hope that you have a lovely evening and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thinking of you,
David Clarke
Letter 2

I hope you wake with a smile to this and that it leaves you with a bigger one when you're done reading. It's been three weeks since we've talked and I must confess that with each passing day I find myself drawn closer and closer to you, mentally carving the sound of your voice into my head and having the image of your sweet face behind my eyelids... Funny thought, I bet I can spot you from a crowd or tell your voice from behind me if I were
I asked you once if you believed two people from different worlds would find themselves together and by some flicker of chance turn out to bond and relate with each other as though they've known each other for years; sharing views of the world, similarities and appreciating the other's differences with a twist of such ease of conversation, care and genuine concern. When you hear a person talk over time about their opinions, likes, dislikes, fears and hopes overtime it is impossible not to know the kind of person they are and the texture of their soul. We resonate with such synergy that sometimes I ask myself 'what did I do for the heavens to bless me with someone as loving, caring, kind and just my type, Where did I go right?' lol... irrespective, I am very happy you came into my life and I smile when I see a glimpse of the adventures and beautiful memories we will make are a gem and if someone hasn't told you this in a while, let me tell you that you are very special to me, The first person I think of when I wake and the last person I think of before I go to bed coupled with the need to check in on you and hear your voice at both times to feel the essence of a complete day. I look forward to being able to show you not just with words but in action how special you are to me. I hope this finds you well and that you had a lovely night's rest🌹. Sincerely,
Letter 3

Good morning my love, I got your email and as usual it made me really happy, it's very important for me to keep telling you how I feel about you and how much you really mean to me ,I wish I could do this in person while holding you in my arms and gazing into your eyes. But since we are physically separated by miles of emptiness, this expression must come in the form of written words such as this, I know it is difficult for you, as it is for me and the distance makes it very much difficult. Life seems to be full of trials of this type which test our inner strength, and more importantly, our devotion and love for one another and for the people around us. After all, it is said that "True Love" is boundless and immeasurable and overcomes all forms of adversity. In truth, if it is genuine, it will grow stronger with each assault upon its existence. I was really happy to see you on skype as well, You we're looking so pretty and I love how the glasses look on you, I can't wait to be telling you this face to face, I am convinced that what i feel is true because the longer I am away from you, the greater is my yearning to be with you, and i hope you feel the same way. I cherish any thought of you, prize any memory of you that rises from the depths of my mind, and live for the day when our physical separation will no longer be. Until that moment arrives, I send to you across the miles, my tender love, my warm embrace, and my most passionate kiss. I hope to hear about your day as it completes each day for me and i am glad you're getting some water today, make sure you enjoy your day and make the most of your time away from the snow.
I am sorry to hear about the loss of your friends son, I wanted to ask what happened to him, I'm sure it helps her to have you around, feeling the house with positivity and helping her move away from grief. I am also great full for the words of encouragement you give me for the work I am doing over here, it really means a lot to me.
Have a great day my love
Letter 4

My sweetest Andrea, With every passing day and a moment to read something from you or hear your voice at night, my heart grows fonder and fonder. You add that color to my life, one that the painting brush of my heart will use to paint a beautiful future on the canvas of our lives. You have grown to become deeply important to me, I am sure you notice that from the sort of questions I ask you. I ask these thought provoking questions because it the only true way you can get one to dig into their inner core to give you an original answer, and with the that, the only way to truly know a person.I must say that with each answer you give and the more we talk and express ourselves, the more I fall deeper in love with you.
I am not a fool to believe that it is a coincidence that we came into each other's life. Two good people even though from different worlds that have mirror hearts that reflect the others concerns and values. You are incredibly valuable and precious to me, so don't complain when I choose to spoil you when you are in my I bless the day I found you and want to shower you with the love in my heart, be there for you when you need me, give you a shoulder to lean on when you're weak and have my arms and chest to lie on when you look for solace. So if you ever forget how much you mean to me whether now or ever in the future, everyday I will remind you.
I'd like to hear about what you meant when you said you were told 6-7years ago, that sounds like it Should be an interesting story. Alex is such a sweetheart and the way with which he treats his lady with the poise of a gentleman makes me happy and eager to know the good lad.
I don't like FOX news, for them, opinion is what matters not news, they editorially taint other media outlets and they really poison viewers minds. Your friendship with Vicki is valuable to you, don't let different views come between that, I'm sure she values you a lot too.
Today I intend to have the materials for the surfacing start being come in, we will probably start with the tight wing of the Building, I'll send you a photo when we do. Painting is one thing I want to really enjoy during retirement, with more time to myself and you, the need to paint 🎨 will be stringent and I will love having you with me as an addition to my inspirations.
I miss Sage & Terri sooo much!!! I called the housekeeper and heard they are being heavily pampered but being taken care of, I bet they'll pounce on me once I walk back through the door.
I am thinking of you fondly, my love and hope you're sleeping soundly. Ever Yours,
Letter 5

10 Day, 10 questions... The introduction above might be confusing, but yesterday i was in deep thoughts, thinking of you. I realised how special you are, we have formed a bond stronger than most relationships with close proximity. Anytime we speak?, I easily have an out of body experience, I feel your presence, I put a face to the voice. Its everything I ever wanted......magical, spontaneous, Sincerely I am tired and can't wait anymore I want to be with you.. I have made a conscious decision to spend the rest of my life with you, you will be slow not to see the hand writings on the wall. We are perfect with a foundation of communication and emotional connection. My love for you, my desire to be with you burns like a volcano filled up. This week I took alot of time to set up a system on the site that would come to perfection in the next 4 days and with the help of my assistant, I should be done 6 days after the 4 days period....However, work on the site goes on despite my departure, but this time it doesn't matter because of the system I put in have been nothing but astonishing, your patience has been your strongest virtue. Well the 10 days count down starts today.,,I love you
Letter 6

'Today has been hectic' would be an understatement, the streets have been free, the government has put a compulsory ban on most public offices and private ones too with exception of the important ones, like hospitals and pharmacies. It was hard finding a flight agency open, but we were able to find one and an available flight straight to the states or the UK. Indigens and citizens are allowed to return home just to self quarantine themselves for 14 days. All I could do was to think about you, your patience sometimes has been admirable, sometimes I can just understand your fears and your enthusiasm to meet me, but either ways waiting another 14days with me in close proximity to you is just sad. Unless.....we could just share a bottle of ..... too soon?....but it doesn't matter as far as I am able to be close to you, i will be I bought a ticket for the 20th of March, will probably send it to you, maybe you could take a look at it and tell me your schedule. I love you and I miss you
Letter 7

Good morning Madam, below are the documents that contain his test, with him on diuretics, his sodium level have decreased and his blood pressure have stabilized.However this is a temporal fix to a much more larger problem. Anyways we are proceeding with a surgery to remove the clot as soon as possible
Letter 8

Good day mrs andrea, below is the result of Mr David's angiogram and as I have said, mr David needs a surgery immediately..Good news is that his blood pressure is ok now and we have told him the problem, he took it well and right now is the best time to be by his side. Thank you for your cooperation.
Letter 9

Ok madam, we are in a private medical centre in karanoglu, this is a small medical centre that just but because of the recent outbreak, hospitals are filled up, this is the safest place mr David can be in..I can assure you that Mr David is in safe hands, I have over 20yrs experience with heart complications, that's why the medical centre brought me in from turkey.....I will oversee the surgical procedures and be rest assured that it will be successful, I have overseen a 100% success rate in about 200 surgeries done and two heart transplant.....The invoice and other medical information from the angry will be sent to you tomorrow
Letter 10

One more thing madam, the plans for air evacuation will be determined by his state after surgeries and rehabilitation. But I will like for you as his spouse to make sure he avoids any sodium consumption, alcohol consumption, tobacco or cigarette consumption.. This is what I want you to do, there is no need about contemplating coming here, we will do our job but it will be next to nothing if you dont do your part...Thanks for your cooperation

Letter 11

Good day Mrs Andrea, below is the document showing the impending payment meant to be done for his surgery, today we did alot in preparation for the surgery, you will also see his xray and heart images. These are part of the things we did in preparation for the surgery, right now he is sedated and it will be ok if you would inform him about the payments for the surgery yet to be done, when he wakes up. I hope you understand that the clinic he is in, is a small scale medical centre, they are not used to handling heart complications, yet it was impossible to transport him from our emergency room to a government hospital because they were all filled up due to the recent pandemic. This is why I was temporarily hired by the hospital from turkey to take up this issue. In light of all this, equipments are needed to be gotten before the surgery can be undergone, that's why he needs to pay as soon as possible , so we can proceed.....But be rest assured, he is in great hands.....Thank you for your understanding.
Letter 12

Hi mrs Andrea, I hope you are doing well. Once again I would love to thank you for your support. Mr Clarke has been stable for a while and is recovering at an overwhelming rate. Now we have started preparing for the next level. He will have to go through different therapies, we have started the ordering of Oxygen canisters for his Oxygen therapy, we have also started to bring in physical and respiratory therapist to aid him through the rest of his therapies. You spoke about the drugs mr David will need when he returns, he is going to need anti acids, corticosteriods(prednisone),Azathioprine(imuran),mycophenolate mofetr/mycophenotic,nintedanib(ofev),pirfenidone(Esbriet). These drugs have already been administered to Mr David on a daily basis.finally, this aligns with my motive, which is to make sure mr David is strong enough for the med-evac....Thank you once again for your support.....
Letter 13

Hello love, I have been confused for the past few days at how you are reacting, what you are saying. It's been a total contradiction for you because I was desperate and asked you for some money for my rehab. You started making theories and tantrums of impending doom and how you expected it. Then even when I told you to forget about the money and lets talk about anything. But even in your negative demeanor, I tried to still try and fight for a relationship that wasnt are a matured woman who claimed to love me, why couldnt you get over thd fact that i made a request to you and you said no. I am so heart broken and finally your self fufilling prophecy have come to past, you see i have finally seen your true colours, non the less, i am grateful for the money you sent me, but now you are acting so entitled and being so unstable showing glimpse of what would have been if i were with you and conflict arises. The fact you are making a problem out of nothing begs the question, do you want this relationship or not? need to tell me, i cant be sick and trying to salvage the remnants of a relationship you broke, and you are here telling me things like i shouldnt message you until i return home.Please stop, just stop all these forms of insulance and manipulation, thats selfish and wicked of you to stay wherever you are and wait until everything is good then expect a call from me, you might as well just end our relationship now....Make your decision in two days, a definite one, and lets know the next step.....
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