Romance scam letter(s) from Boris Arnold to Zhang (Canada)
Letter 1

How are you darling, Sorry to write to you so late, I've been very busy. I am Mr. Boris Arnold (Bora), since you know my profile on the site (two). I live in Everton England, UK. I'm Christian. I am around 6'0 feet, weight 88 kg. I was born on February 1, 1980 in Everton and grew up and educated in England. My father is of British origin, but my mother is French. I work as an engineer in a private company here in England. Since my marriage ended, all I do is work, most of the time I spend working and taking care of myself. I was born in a family of three children, I am the first with my sister who is married and a little brother. I am a calm person, I have a great sense of humor, I like to make new friends, I am an open mind, romantic at heart. My favorite color is blue. I like horror movies, soccer, bowling, dancing, swimming and amusement parks are fun. Hope you don't mind, have you been to England? Stay safe from Covid-19
Letter 2

Hi, I'm Bora. You gave me your email id. in two. please reply to my messages.
Letter 3

Hola. You're still alive? Answer my messages
Letter 4

Hi dear,

Can you please tell me more about yourself? First, let me start by saying I really appreciate that to collect the interest in reading my message, thanks a million. I have never been to your country but I will love to soon. You know they say every trip began with a clear destination, but seriousness and determination to be successful takes. It is increasingly obvious that I'm finding it so interesting and it's important to understand where I stopped directing. The reason I am taking time to shed my mind is because I'm desperately in need of a woman who could fill this void in my heart. A woman who would love and understand me, a woman who is willing to join me for a family that people around you admire. There are things that are essential in building a perfect relationship. First, trust is the main ingredient for a successful relationship, then honesty, mutual understanding and fidelity. I know that nobody is perfect, but then perfection is a thing of the heart, all you need to do is put heads together so we can put things right, only then we would perfectly be clearly defined. I really need to find this woman right because age is no longer on my side, I'd like to grow old with her as a family that will always be my dream. I pray to Almighty God to be that special person who I will be searching for my whole life. Do take good care of yourself for me, I care. Regards
Letter 5

I hope you write soon. Have Fun.
Letter 6

Have a fruitful day. Write soon.
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