Romance scam letter(s) from Martinez to Eloha (USA)
Letter 1

"hello how are you doing?
am good as well.. am martinez single and am from USA .. am here looking for an honest woman to trust before i came across your profile what is your relationship status ?
am widowed lost my ex 4 years ago and since then i have been single... do you have any kids ? i also have a 14 years old girl who live with my aunt and i live alone in .... how old if your daughter ?
yes she live with my aunt because i work as an engineering contractor and my job make me travel alot.. so since i lost my ex my daughter started living with my aunt so that she wont be alone any time i travel out of USA for work. how long have you been on this site ? and what type of man are you looking for here ?
you realy look so beautiful and you actually need an honest man to make you happy and treat you like a queen .. where are you from?
well.. i like you after checking your profile that was why i message you and try to see if we could be friend and see what we work out what job do you do ?
yes... i saw 67 ... i dont really mind age i see age as just a number what important most in relationship in caring , love and honest .. that is what i need in my patter
my mother is spanish, English, and my father is American and germany..But my dad was born in American and live in American
have you meet any man on this site before ? okay... what do you enjoy most to do for fun that make you so happy?
Well I enjoy slow or fast dancing, walking in the woods holding, hands, candlelite dinners, travel, shopping and watching movies, and playing romantic piano for that special woman. I love snuggling and sharing passionate kisses with that special woman yes i am... but i feel lonely much when there is no woman to shear love with.. and i again i do travel alot for job as am talking to you now am out of USA to Nigeria for a road contract.. But i wanna be with a special woman after this road contract and only do the job within me.. and i can relote any where because of my woman if i really love him if my woman want her to stay with us i will bring her but if she dont want her to stay with us... that means i would be checking on her and my aunt in the state monthly or weekly depends on how i miss her Not that am leaving her .. Just in case my woman dont want her to stay with us and i could bring her along with me if my woman want her to be with us.. but if she dont want her to stay with us... My daughter will stay with my aunt and i check on her once in a week or 3 times monthly .. depends on how much we miss each other. If you are to be my woman and i relocated will you allow my kids to join us ? This really sound good... i dont know if it would be okay for you to chat with me via yahoo messenger because i dont always come here .. but am always on YM can you please create a yahoo account ? it would be easier and faster for me to communicate with you ... do you have any pet in your wonderful garden ? okay we will continue tomorrow... nice to meet you wow that would be so lovely... do you live alone ? hope to see you here and chat more tomorrow..
i would wait you here tomorrow .. Good night and have some sweet dreams."
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