Romance scam letter(s) from Victor Francis to Indra (Israel)
Letter 1

Hello my dear wow how beautiful ru your face is very beautiful, My name is vic and i live in egypt in mandanty i work as a general surgeon here at nasser general hospital im looking for a wife can we talk on facebook? id love to see your beautiful face. I am very lonely and very depressed i need you in my life i cant live without you.
Letter 2

Hello my sweet, how are you today i feeling very depressed
Letter 3

I really am depressed today and the only thing that can help is if you marry me, i cant live without your love i need you badly without you in my life is like not breathing oxygen please my love can you deposit 1000 usd into my bank account? I will purchase you a ticket and we can marry and be happy together . please im so depressed i am crying i need you i love you with kisses vic
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