Romance scam letter(s) from Rodney Wilson to Rosnani (Vietnam)
Letter 1

Honey, I love you and I promise no one will ever take your place. I can't trade you another woman. You are my life and I will always love you, adore you and worship you till the end of time. Remember we are meant to be and that is the truth. Yours alone,
Letter 2

Honey, You're The One, Will You Marry Me? I love you and enjoy reading from you honey.
You're the one for me, our love will lead our heart's on with unconditional love true on this road to eternity Our love conquers all as we go on through life forever always as one and as one you'll be my loving fiancé With our heart's entwined in matrimony and bliss, my second most beautiful moment shall be our wedding day With the harmony of wedding bells, and recited vows too our song, The Moody Blues “Nights in White Satin”
Cause I love you, yes, I love you - oh, how, I love you and because so thy heart is filled with true passion
Our heart's latched together I'll spend life with you
dreams fulfilled you are my heart, you are my life
You're in this heart always and forever, Rose
you are my best friend and you're my soon to be wife. You're the one for me, it's this heart you have captured and it's this mind of mine that you've truly seduced Our heart's are one in the same, my angel, my darling for it's all that a heart wants and what it all chooses With the windows of a soul allowing to be seen through it's seen with a true and most extraordinary beauty Where love waits with open arms for ones heart to be there for another and there, I'll forever love you so truly Every night before I fall asleep and every breath I breathe with every morning I awake, it's you I so truly need Is love endless, is there more then what's within dreams is there more then love within those eyes of sea-green Our heart's fell into place, with love to give us strength a love we share will forever be truly yours and mine For true love shall guide us, until the very end of time you're the one truly for me, Rose. Will you marry me? You are the one that I desire; you set my heart a blazing fire.
As for reading poems and singing lullabies, Any day my love any day at all, from now until the end of time.
And what pleasure it could be To carry you away to our bed.
I love you full hearted and so completely Of course I will propose down on my knee, but my dearest wife to be its hard to do it across the sea.
So as I said once before my dearest Rose, Will you marry me?
And when I see you I swear to you
The first thing I do will be drop to my knee,
And I will propose to you properly Honey, I can't stop looking at the pictures you sent to me. They are awesome. You are so sweet and the most beautiful woman i have ever had in my life. Yours alone,
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