Romance scam letter(s) from John Clinton to Zepan (Canada)
Letter 1

Thank you for your message. How are you doing i hope you are doing fine, let me tell you more about myself now were here......... Now I will start by telling you more about myself. Anyway, I am originally from Norway to be precise. My parents moved to New York when I was 9 years old. I was born on 27th August 1960 now I am 60 years of age. I studied Chemical Engineering at the University of Cambridge ... After graduation, I worked with golf for some time before going for an extensive course in petroleum engineering at Harvard University, after which I started my own business in 2001. I am a consultant by profession, I specializing in oil and gas exploration and control. I am also involved in the management of oil spill. my parents died in a car accident while on vacation in Hawaii in the year 1998. I got married to my ex.. wife in September 17th 2003...we welcomed our daughter Amelie on December 1st, 2004 She is 16 years of age and our Son Alex on november 20th, 2006 he is 14 years of age. I would like to know you the more, please in your next mail write me more about yourself also send me some of your photos. I am looking forward to hear from you again.
Letter 2

My dear i have been waiting for your message since mail me here my dear i miss you i keep on thing about you.
Letter 3

How are you doing today, I could guess you are doing absolutely great today; I am so glad that we are moving ahead to know each other, as to know if we can find the chemistry between us then we can decide. I what you to understand that I'm not looking for young lady but I'm looking for experience lady that will be my wife, my guiding angel, my good friend, my sister , my brother, my mother and my everything. Regarding the things I like doing/eating, well for me I don't reject any food once you can eat it I can probably eat it too. My honey your pictures is Beautiful, Charming and Attractive, I am looking forward to hear from you soon. Yours.......... John Clinton.
Letter 4

Where are you my heart i am waiting for you. message me.
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