Romance scam letter(s) from Arvid Gabriel to Susan (USA)
Letter 1

Good evening Susan, Thanks for the person email contact, I read every part of your e-mail and I have really enjoyed it. I am very happy to hear from you.. I am smiling a lot right now. How is your holidays going? You have a great skill of writing and it is very impressive, thanks for throwing more light on my evening.. Anyway, about my background.. I was born and raised in South Africa to a South African white mom and an American/ Irish dad. I am the only child.. I lost my Dad about 30+ years ago and I still miss him. I acquired my education in South Africa and I spent most of my life living with my mom. We had to relocate to the Ireland to take care of my sick grand mother in Ireland, but after few years she passed away. I have an Aunt and cousins scattered through the UK and some part of Europe also. I often go back every 6 months to visit my mother in Dublin. I was there last Christmas and it was fun being with her. By the way I will be going the New Year.. With that said, the number 1 priority for me is a successful relationship I believe in love respect, honor and dignity but I know that a successful relationship takes a lot of work. I believe that communication is the key to a successful relationship. I have a high learning curve and in this and I put in a lot of effort. I am open to and available for a relationship with someone that I can grow old with. I have lived here in Statesville for 16 years and also travel to most for business. Due to my line of work I do travel a lot... I'm very fortunate to have a wonderful career. I'm an IT Engineer, Computer hardware engineering, systems analysis and design. I figure out how to develop solutions to company problems and design the programs to do it. I work as an independent contractor and freelancer. I mostly work on contract basis and I have worked in a few States in this country. I have been doing this for over 25 years and I choose when and where to work which makes my time very flexible, moreover, I am able to balance my work and personal life. I love my job and having office at home has provided tremendous flexibility.
I was married to a Canadian woman for 22 years who I loved so much and did everything for just because I wanted to see her always happy. We got divorced 6 years ago when I got to know she was cheating. When I found out I was so hurt and just couldn't figure out why she was doing that and every body around me were also taken by surprise as they felt she was a very lucky woman to have me. I gave her virtually everything a woman needs and cared so much for her. When I asked her the reason for doing that she told me it was the work of the devil and that I should forgive her and give her a second chance. Until then I decided to stay single until I get all those wounds created by her healed before I get into another relationship. I am very passionate about children and love them but unfortunately for me, I have none of my own. My ex- had birth problems and miscarriages a few times. I am willing to accept my partner's kids as mine and share everything with them. I love the outdoors and everything that God has put around us. I also like to just lay down in a nice patch of soft grass and stare up into the sky and day dream. At night, I like to stare up into the skies and watch the stars. At heart, I think I'm somewhat old fashioned romantic and I look for these same qualities in a woman. I am a very big hearted person who has never lost a child's ability to unconditionally love, and I am an emotional and romantic soul. Well, I have to get going its midnight and will keep thoughts of you. Have a successful and enjoyable evening and write back soon. John
Letter 2

Hi Susan, Thanks for the chat this morning and I am happy to share my morning smile with you.., to be honest with you I am one of the honest people you could ever met on that website.. My goal is to simply communicate clearly, not to impress anyone with big vocabulary words. This writing is important to me because it represents the first step, via the Internet matching process, in the search for a life long partner. The right person for me will appreciate clear writing and will also appreciate that I am the type of person who is not afraid to. (i) make extensive personal disclosures, and (ii) "put it in writing" so there is no question later on about what was said. I believe putting things in writing helps avoid the "he said" - "she said" scenario. I want any dating relationship to be based on truth. I do not have time for psychological game playing or deception. I do not like dishonesty. While it is not possible to be 100% honest 100% of the time (like with situations involving children where the whole truth about a situation is not appropriate or might even be harmful to them) I strive to be very honest in all my relationships. There is "honesty" and there is "brutal honesty." I don't use honesty in ways that will hurt people (that's brutal honesty). I seek to use honesty in an open and Godly way. This is clearly a lot of material. But it helps you see who I am and where I stand on the major relationship. I Graduated at University of Cape Town( UCT ) in Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment. And my focus was... 1. Computer Science and Technology - Computer Science deals with Programming, databases and networks of the computer. 2. Information Technology - Information technology deals with analysis of Information Systems on how we can communicate, on how information will be available, on how to secure system and set difference IT strategy. I majored in Civil Engineering at one point and took Statics and Structural Analysis as part of my engineering curriculum. I draw Structural, and also as Technical Supervisor, Investments and Safety Supervision. ''And Yes'' it was my Job that brought me to the states for the first time and where I first visit was LA. My friend from Baton Rouge (Larry Dennis). That was my fist time to visit the United states 18 years ago. I was so happy and it was really beautiful time. Larry is a very good friend of mine and we met in South Africa on his Gold and diamond trip I treated him good and that made him like me. Larry buys Gold and diamonds from us on a very low price and sell it to his customers and that's the kind of business he does. I had a year contract working with Anglo gold Ashanti at that time, so one day he told me on the phone. Mr, Coleman would you like to visit me and my family in the states one day and I said wow really, ''YES'' I would love that so much Mr Larry. And he said when ever you are ready just let me know. So this is how I came to the states. So when I went back after my visit I told Larry I want to live in the States and he said really you want to live and work here in the USA for real and I said yes more over my contract in South Africa was about to end and I have money and everything that can move me anywhere around the world. Mr Larry, Later he told me I will like it so much in North Carolina so he help me out and worked everything out for me to be here today. And today am so proud to say I am American citizen and I thank God, and loving it here in the states of NC. I did got married in a Catholic Church, but I am not a regular church goer. Spiritually, I believe in God and consider myself spiritual but not religious even though I was brought up as a Catholic but no longer practice it. I also pray and rely on God to his directions and guidance in my life. I have read the Bible very closely in the past and rely on it in my everyday life, although I do not read it daily anymore. I respect other religions and really don't want to hear that there is one right one. Usually people can tell quite soon if a person is a good person. I believe that I am God's son and that He takes care of me. I try to express this heritage in my daily acts toward others. I do my best, but I try to catch a sermon on TV every Sunday. It keeps me on the right path. As for friends my standards are very high. Friendship carries a lot of responsibilities and to be a true friend is like being family. Even though I call some people my friends, that title is actually reserved for a select few. All others are just acquaintances. Friends are people you can turn to in bad times as well as the good, some one who will let you cry on their shoulder and lift you up and not condemn you, some one who doesn't ask why should I help but rather how can I help. A relationship cannot even begin without these ground rules. I have just a few, just two friends such as these and I love their company. They are not in this country even and actually the only person I consider as my true best friend and trust and can share everything is my partner/ soul mate. People always try to read my mind. I keep them all guessing!... I would like us to keep everything about us private unless its necessary. unless its necessary to share with a friend. I've been single since my divorce, Due to what happened in my passed marriage and I've been alone for a very long time too, trying to understand what happened in my life and now decided I'm ready to have a new relationship after all the things I learned and understood and forgive life. And when I find the right person she will be an absolute treasure in my life. I will do special things to please her and to uplift her as a wonderfully made creation of God. I will shower her with attention and romance. I will want to hear her entire life story, over and over. There will be no area of discussion which is off limits between us (excepting, of course, anything she or I are prohibited by law from discussing such as client confidentiality and government classified secret information). She will be the person I share together with on the great adventure called life. I will do these special things for her not out of a sense of legal or relational obligation; but out of the deepest desire of my heart to please her because she is so treasured by me. Lets chat on google hangout tonight if you have a chance.. Have a nice day. John
Letter 3

Good day Susan, Thank you so much for your lovely hire style photo????, it was nice chatting with you last night and it's a pleasure knowing all this about you and sharing more.. You are treasured by me already and I Just want to share with you a little more about me, I am not a high maintenance person, the simple things make me happy.
I woke up happily this morning and re-read our chat again and again.. You seems to be a woman of Good values and am enjoying knowing you, so I'm sending you this greeting to let you know that I'm thinking about you and sending some good wishes your way. May your day be touched with sunshine, your heart overflow with love, and your soul sing with hope. May everything in your life sparkle with a radiance that comes only from happiness. I want to share with you my inner soul, mind and heart about our relationship we are building on here... I have a successful approach toward life and can be spontaneous fun and playful. Even though I believe in being physically fit, I am not into the preoccupation of being perfect. I am a very loving person and have a lot to give to the right person. I believe we were put on this earth to thrive and I live each and every day as if it were my last. I am financially self-sufficient and reliant. The reality is that I truly do seek a lasting relationship.. For this to happen we should be compatible emotionally, intellectually, socially, spiritually, physically (call me shallow but looks do matter) and, yes, sexually.. Even with all this, love must exist and there must be that ever-elusive "spark.." In essence, I seek the proverbial "Total Package.." Rather than "settling" for someone I could be happy with, I seek someone I cannot imagine living without (a subtle yet important distinction) for a lifetime together filled with passion (both in and outside the bedroom), intensity and bliss..I guess I'm looking for a woman who can love me as I am (good, bad and ugly).. Someone who can relate about life and it's ups and downs and will want to share them.. I want my match to be able to work together to obtain goals that we've both set.. I'd like us to be able to grow as individuals as well as a couple.. I'd want our relationship to be secure so that we could feel comfortable and trust each other completely without question!..

I would want to be her everything and she mine.. I want the WHOLE package.. A friendship that grows into the ultimate loving/caring/passionate relationship that one only dreams of.. I don't want to just live with someone, I want someone I can't imagine living without.. I hope that makes sense.. I guess I'm searching for my missing piece to my puzzle.. I'd want my woman to match on all levels.. I am at a great place in my life now and want to share it with a partner on all levels.. I agree there must be a physical attraction as well.. I always say that it's what on the inside that counts and that always makes a person attractive on the outside as well.. I want to be with someone that I miss when we are not together and I can feel the electricity running through body when we touch.. Someone who likes to cuddle(I know this probably sounds corny), hold hands, hug, kiss for no reason, I want to be the couple when were 80 walking down the street and holding hands.. I just love that when I see it.. Like I just won't settle, I do not have a particular physical "type" that appeals to me.. Rather, I tend to look at the entire package, especially personality.. I am not the jealous type by any means.. I believe that in a relationship you have to be a family regardless if the children are not biologically yours a family is a family no matter what! I would never try to be a replacement father it just can't be done, but to be there for that child and support them and be a part of there life is a important thing!.. I hope that I didn't bore you with all this information.. I do know what I want.. I did not date for close to 6 years after my divorce all because I wanted to make sure that I knew what I want and that I was in a good place in my life and ready to share it with a partner.. I am at that place! For the long term, I want more than anything to find someone to love and who loves me just as I am. Relationships take more effort than friendships, and I want to put my long-term energy into building a life-time relationship. I believe that sharing a good thing makes it better and sharing a burden makes it lighter. Of course the compatibility indicators need to be there. I believe the bedroom is a special haven where incredibly wonderful emotional and physical moments are shared. Special moments need not be limited to the bedroom, but for the next couple of years I will like to live my life with that special someone forever. Holding her hand gives me the most special feeling. A kiss goodbye to last until we are back together and a kiss hello to reconnect. Frequent reminders that ‘I love her’. It’s instinctive with me. When I feel it I say it. I am looking for that indisputable feeling that she’s got my back no matter what, and she believes without a doubt that I have her. When we work together, it’s a team effort. If she has a personal goal, I’ll cheer her on, and she does the same for me. I am willing to relocate provided that the relationship is moving in a long term/serious direction.. I am not interested in bopping around "trying women out".. LOL... on a more serious side, I am not about having sex with just anyone.. I must have feelings for the person and she for me.. There must be that deep seeded trust before it would move to the sexual phase.. There's just too many diseases out here and to be honest, I've seen what they can do to a life if you're careless sexually.. I wouldn't want that for anyone I know or care about.. Don't get me wrong though, if the relationship were to get to that phase, I am completely into pleasing my woman.... COMPLETELY! Hopefully I have intrigued you to some extent and I do hope to hear from you again. Take care and have a blessed day. John
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