Romance scam letter(s) from Michael Abrah Matin to Aranka (Canada)
Letter 1

The pen is the interpreter of the soul ... what one thinks, the other expresses it ...
I am just a true man and I as a conscious and imperfect person (I admit it), having respect for differences and holding on to several moral and social principles. I hardly trust appearances, because they are often deceptive, am not interested in wealth, because it will disappear, it is only vanity, I am looking for someone with whom laughter comes naturally, no need to effort, it would only take a smile from that person for the saddest day to become wonderful, for my days to be brightened up. I am looking for someone who my poor heart of joy, tenderness, love. To be beautiful and loved is only to be a man ...... To be calm and know how to make yourself loved is to be a .... Prince !!! 2.level no she is dead I told you that I have been a widower for 3 years. i want us to be always together i want us not to let go i want our love to be based on trust and respect i love you and i want to make you the happiest woman on earth. you know i just want to help you understand me because i'm a good man and you know the bank account is blocked and i can't have access to it but i can donate with it, i already donate to an orphanage loan of 50,000 ? and currently there is still money in the account
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