Romance scam letter(s) from Damien Timothy Hipskind to Louise (Canada)
Letter 1

I am the manager of a plastic factory that belong to my late father.
I am current in living Germany due to my late father business because i am in charge of everything but i am of selling it out and fly back to australia to set new business .
That is why i need somebody real and honest which i can trust for the rest of my life .
Letter 2

Ok where do i start My full names are Damien Timothy Hipskind , i am 48years old..I am a Widow and i have a daughter . I am from Australia , I was born in Melbourne but moved over to the Germany with my parent when i was about 10 years old. I have spent most of my life time in Germany and my late wife is a German . I am presently in Frankurtf, Germany right now, My late father has a Plastic Factory here in Germany long time ago but i shutdown the factory by myself 7 years ago after the death of my late father , I traveled down to Germany 4 months ago before the covid19 came up and i am here to look after the factory and see what i can do with it. I have decided to renovate the Factory which i am already doing the Renovation now and sell it off after the Renovation is completed then I can fly back to Austtalia as soon as i sell the factory I was hurt in my last relationship that is why i decided to stay alone until now for the past 3 years ago. I had just one relationship after the death of my late wife 7 years ago. I want to find the woman of my dreams, to spend the rest of my life with the woman i am truly in love with, someone i will love endlessly, someone i will grow old with, someone that is ready for a real relationship, someone who know the importance of marriage and family, someone we will get to be together soon I hope you agree with me that true friendship is probably the only compound that is experiencing the trials of time and remains unconditional. A unique blend of love, loyalty, love, respect, trust, and have fun perhaps is what describes the true meaning of friendship. Similar interests, to share mutual respect and commitment to each other friends together. There are general characteristics of friendship and I wish we had some time to experience what is true friendship. I have come to realize that there is something that I am still missing in my life and that is what I am looking for. That is the purpose why I joined the dating site.I believe Life is good when you are luck to meet the right partner, i have not be luck to meet the right partner and that is what I am still searching for I am looking for someone to share the tender moments, to share the loving moments, to share the cruel hours in life, to share the whole life, to give everything to the other, to be true and faithful, honest and strong enough to hold the other when he seems to fall, just to give ones life for the other. Yours faithfully Damien
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