Romance scam letter(s) from Jackson Kurr-Mann Jr to Wanderer (Canada)
Letter 1

My name is Jackson, I am interested to know more about you..lets try and exchange some words so that will can get to know each other. I only saw your profile, which made my interest to be anxious about knowing you. So don’t feel that i invaded your privacy without your consent, is just that i want us to be friends at your own discretion..
Letter 2

Hello Dear,
I am sincerely pleased to read from you. I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart ️for your message. Like I told you, My name is Jackson Kurrman, an engineer, I am actually from Ottawa in Canada 🇨🇦, live in Salzburg, Austria. You know, the United States and Canada are similar in many ways. Both countries are in North America. Both stretch from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. Both have natural resources, such as forests and rich soil. American Indians were the first people to live in both nations. European explorers came to both nations to start colonies. Great Britain and France had colonies in Canada. They fought with each other over them. Britain won, but many French settlers stayed in Canada. Canada did not fight for independence like the United States. Canadians made their own laws over time. Canada became completely independent in 1867. Peace is part of Canada’s heritage. Languages are also a part of the heritage. Canada has two official languages, French and English. Many signs are written in both languages. The name Canada comes from a Haudenosaunee word that means “village.” British, French, and American Indian heritage are a part of Canadian life. Canada and Britain have similar governments. Both have a constitution and a government leader called a prime minister. They have a royal leader, Queen Elizabeth II. She does not rule Canada, but she is a symbol of Canada’s ties with Great Britain. Symbols of Canada’s heritage appear on its money and stamps. One important symbol is the maple leaf. It reminds Canadians of the maple trees that grow in the country. These symbols remind Canadians of their country’s heritage every day. Would you tell me a little about your country? Well, I am a jovial person and very emotional, I like making new friends. As you can see slowly is quite slow to deliver messages, but is ok, I enjoyed it and I am ready to endure or maybe we can so let’s try other means like WhatsApp or email. if you wouldn’t mind. Now give me the chance to be your friend you will never regret it.. Let me know your marital status, work and likes. I await your response. Have a swell time and please be out of troubles.
Letter 3

Hello dear, Thank you for your lovely email,Sorry for replying you a little late, I was caught up with so many tasks especially now that is the beginning of the year. I am truly sorry, but thanks so much for the mail and for sharing a glimpse of your interesting life, I can almost see the smile on your face and the happy person plus the romantic heart and the caring soul that you have. People around you are lucky to have a loving & kind spirited personality that they had. Wow! I am so grateful that I have none much about your country at large. Well as for me, I am a happy person with a good heart, easy to get along with, loving but very sensitive. I value the importance of family and cherish good relationship. I prefer comedy movies than drama and love stories always makes me cry hahaha, now I am joking. I would love to watch love story movie with a special someone beside me where I can rest my head on her shoulder and to her ear I will whisper "hey don't cry Babe I'll always be here for you"...see I'm too is a hopeless romantic. And oh.. oh yes I've been to the Malaysia, also to south Africa, Spain, Luxembourg, I reached up to West Palm from Miami. A little more about me, I like blue, orange color but my favorite is because it reminds me of the peace founds in nature. I like seafood's than meat, and vegetables and beans. I am not afraid of the ocean and I love cruising, I do cook....but only for my love ones, strictly. What else, hmmn, anymore that I forgot to mention? Again, sorry for the late reply. I promise to be punctual from now till we meet each other. Provide me your email because I am not always on this and wants to keep in contact. Best regards,
Letter 4

Hello Dearest Angel, Sorry for replying so late again, I was kinda busy and needed to attend to something. I saw the sweet paint you sent to me, It was super beautiful and I appreciate it so much. Thank you. Now I think it's important we tell the much we can about ourselves since we are a kind of far from each other for now and trying to know ourselves better, if we can find each other good enough, distance will not be a problem, we comfortably can meet when our relationship gets serious. I believe that the best way to know what building a lovely relationship, moreover, what matters most is the understanding and affection between the two of us. Well, I love to hang out with little friends and I always go on vacation to America, Europe, Caribbean and South America. Like I told you, my life is centered on professionalism and merit because I give much time to my job and my private life...I am looking for an honest, optimistic, easy going, loyal, trustworthy and intelligent person. A woman with a joyful character, confident, respectful, sensual and understanding. I like listening to music, watching television, playing video games and swimming. I also like going to the beach and cinema. I also like to travel for sight-seeing, tourism. what I like most is to be done with the right woman when shopping. Like I told you, My full name is Jackie Kurr-Mann Jr. I had my Education in University in Manhattan NYC where I obtained my degree in petro-chemical engineering. I think that's really important to have passion for whatever you do in life. I go to the gym on weekends, when I am home, I cook, watch movies, read fashion books and swim. You know, when I was growing up, I was in the process of trying to become a wedding planner. I have always had a passion for fashion & designing clothes. When I was in high school, my plan was to actually move to New York & go to college to become a fashion designer, but some engineering issues changed all of that. But now that I'm older doing oil deals, I still have much interest in wedding planning. Weddings are supposed to be the best day in a woman's -& sometimes a man's (lol)-life & Wish to be part of that in future. I love seeing people in love & happy & I think that being a part of that day, even if it's not about me, is special. Nothing would make me happier than being thanked by a bride for planning her special day & making her dreams come true. I too have a soft spot for everyone. I don't discriminate either & I don't label someone or judge them by their appearance. I have a variety of friends. I love all children in the world and I take them as mine. I love animals & have dogs named Lulu's a Boston Terrier & she is actually a rescue dog. I rescued her from an abusive owner who mistreated her, & now she is the best dog anyone could ask for. & I also have a black cat named Binx who loves to be loved on & loves even more to love on me hahahaha.. My marital status: I was married before, I have been separated from my wife by death, this occurred after been diagnosed of cancer which took her life, and ever since then I have been unmarried and single, it was really a sad experience for me at that time, but am glad to say that am good today to move on with my life and make myself happy again. Sincerely, In this life after the tears have dried and the goodbyes have been said, all we have to hold onto are the happy memories that we’ve shared with our loved ones who have passed, this is what keeps them alive in our hearts and in our minds, and they will continue to live on, through us. I have experienced heartbreak when I lost my wife, it was really painful but thank God that I found you... “ You know, unexpected departures are always very sad and I tried to understand that God allowed it for a purpose. Could remember how my wife was walking around like normal, not aware that her days were coming to an end. And now she’s gone. Her story has been a bit of a wake-up call for me. A reminder that tomorrow is never guaranteed. Everyone imagines they’ll die when they’re old and feeble, and somehow that makes death less scary. But sometimes the Lord takes us earlier. Sometimes He takes us suddenly. We have to be prepared for either possibility. The thought of death is frightening. Overwhelming. It can make us go into denial or live in a perpetual state of fear. But it’s important to think about death in a healthy way. I have not gone into a serious relationship either for a long time. I decided to keep my emotions for a good woman and I am happy that I met you. Baby, I want to share my life with you and enjoy the beauty of it. I have thought about garden wedding, I pray that someday, it will happen between you and me ***smiling** Religion Status: I was born from a Christian (catholic) family and I still remain one till now, but I still respect every other religion that preaches goodness and honesty. I believe that with good understanding, distance will not be a barrier in a relationship if we are focused and determined, hence my contacting you to see if we can build a long lasting relationship that will keep both of us happy forever. Am family oriented, likes the outdoor nature, has a passion for Golfing, NBA & football and has Arsenal FC as my favorite football club in England and Miami Heat in the USA. I like taking a long walk on the beach, loves to read educative books and journals, do write some short poems when am inspired and lots more you will know as we keep communicating I must really confess to you that meeting you has really changed my life I can’t actually tell the love and care I feel for you whenever I think. You are really a God sent to my life ,,please make sure you keep my heart so safe in your blossom as I will always be with you forever and not hide anything from you . I am so happy we share things in common. Like I really did not tell you more about my job dear,,,, ok here i come, I am an independent oil and gas supplier. Nothing like the oil giants (EXXCON MOBIL, AGIP AND so on) but pray to have a bigger oil venture like it someday. I am more like an oil merchant. buy my oil stocks/barrels from rich oil refineries and sell to my clients. My clients are mostly petrol stations, small government parastatal supplies, small Organization supplies that run their businesses on crude oil, and so on. The only difference between me and the bigger oil giant is that, while they are on the upper chain, I am in the middle chain.... and while they supply to bigger client companies who need millions of barrels, I buy directly from refineries cos am licensed and sell to medium clients. More differences is that they have oil rigs, offices, better branding and bigger workforce, while I am a single unit with a licensed credential to buy and sell fuel. so, with my millions someday I hope to have my own EXXCON MOBIL, AND AGIP....HAHAHAHA. I have owned my supply business now for 4 years and have done well so far. The highest supply I have done is about 45000 barrels of oil at the price of 85usd per barrel. Well I have so many proposals submitted in pursuit of a contract now that crude price went bad. i will try to follow it up and pray I win a bigger contract next year to supply... hmmm i am talking too much business talk now....lolz... got to kill it now.....**smiling** What is your Full name? How long and experienced are you on business deals? Which character in a book is a lot like you? How? Which character from a movie you've seen is a lot like you? How? Tell me more about your past relationships? If you could wake up tomorrow speaking a foreign language fluently, which would it be? Which parts of our home do you like best? What about getting older makes you most afraid? What jobs have you had in your life? Which did you like best? Favorites! Which are your favorite: stores...authors...artists...musicians, cities...natural, flowers...trees. What is your opinion on love, relationship and marriage? Have you met a lover online before? Have you ever sacrificed for less privileged people? What is your dos and don'ts? Can you remember the telephone number you had when you were ten years old? What is one thing you admire about each of your parents?. How committed are you in a relationship? You are also very free to ask me any question you feel like asking, I think we can get to know each other better by asking and answering sincerely. Take care till I read from you again soon. Send me your current pictures. Have a wonderful day! Best Regards,
Letter 5

Hello Dearest Sphere, I hope you had a wonderful weekend. You are amazing person and your message gladdens my heart. I appreciate the way you are keeping in contact and also putting in your best effort to make this relationship work. No one deserves my good wishes more than you. Here’s my wishes for you this week, as memorable as you’ve made my own week by taking your time out of your busy schedule to respond to me. May all your wishes for the week come true. Here’s to love, good health and peace this new week. Have a beautiful one. I promise I’ll be right by your side, giving you the tender loving care you deserve. Make this week one of sober reflection. Think about ways to do things better and brainstorm on ways to handle situations smarter. You’ll be fine, I’m sure about it. Send me your currents pictures and also write me ASAP. Take care baby.
Jackie Cares.
Kisses and Hugs.
Letter 6

Hello Dearest
Good day to you from here. I'm very grateful to have such a special person like you in my life.
Keeping in contact with you always, is letting you know you’re in my thoughts today and every day. My heart belongs to you! Thanks for putting a smile on my face and making me feel very special and now I feel like hugging you very tightly, kissing you everywhere hmmm and telling you how awesome you are. I have really took time to read your message and have digested the content. Thank you. I'm really sorry I took some time to respond to you, I've found myself quiet kinda busy.
To start, you sound like an amazing person! You and your friends are looking amazing. Seriously, I cant figure yourself but I guess you are the beautiful angel with on yellow flowered grown? You should please send me your personal pictures. This picture reminds me my past, It has been quite a very long time we had a reunion with my old school classmates, we visited Orlando; you know visiting Disney World was one of my most favorite memories. My mates and I went to all three theme parks: The Magic Kingdom, Epcot Center, and MGM Studios. Of which was then three parks, MGM Studios was my favorite. It was full of adventure and exciting shows. We had an astonishing time which left me with many memories. When visiting The Magic Kingdom at Disney World on the first day, there was so much to do as well as see all in one day.
We got to see Disney characters, such as, Mickey Mouse, Goofy, and more hahaha. We even got to eat lunch with Chip n’ Dale which was a lot of fun they did face painting, singed and danced for us. While at the Studio Backlot Tour which took us on a journey and showed us how certain senses from movies where actually made. We were also taken on a journey through old scene props used in Hollywood film productions.
What I liked most about this park was the rides because it was like I was in the movie the ride was all in 3D. The last morning we all woke early to escape the long lines of people at the Epcot Center since we were leaving that day. The first ride we got on was Space Ship Earth (the huge golf ball) it was a gentle ride that took us from the time of cavemen to future centuries. The Epcot Center focus on technological advancements, innovation, we also toured the Living Seas. There were models of historical driving equipment in the queue area. There were also large aquariums filled with exotic tropical fish and amazing sea plants. We had worked up and appetite from all of the exhibits, so we decided to eat at the Coral Reef Restaurant. After lunch we began touring all of the countries on display such as France, Morocco, China, and many more. Finally to end the night, there was a brilliant laser light and fireworks show. Epcot was definitely a place to be remembered. Hmmmm visiting Disney World was a fun filled and adventurous memory shared with and I really enjoyed it honestly. Some things about myself is that I really enjoy reading and writing to you alone. I'm a fairly easy going person but when it comes to certain topics I can have very strong opinions, which can be seen as both a fault and a positive aspect of my personality. I can be quite goofy at times lolz, especially when I'm tired. Typically, I'll just lose my filter when I'm in need for sleep and will say and do things without really thinking about them first. This usually leads to me saying random things such as, "The birds work for the bourgeois" in the middle of the gym. hahahaha You know they said that love is an emotion experienced by many and enjoyed by few.. Is like water; We can fall in it. We can drown in it.
And we can’t live without it. What do you think? You know my late wife Laura would always know me as a very confident, truthful and upright man. She was the happiest woman on earth and I am ready to make you the happiest woman in the world now and forever. I will tell you a little about my late wife again. Me and late wife Laura met during our high school days, I hate telling this story because tear would always fill this key board. My wife passed away on the 31th of October. Thankfully, she had a peaceful end with myself alongside her hospital bed. I am beyond devastated after the loss of my wife. We had a wonderful marriage and did everything together. During that time, my heart was completely broken and I can barely function. I am told that, with time, I will be able to live again but from the bottom of this black tunnel I cannot see any light.
Until one loses their spouse or partner in death it is impossible to understand the true meaning of grief. The pain of this is like no other. I always longed for the day when Laura and I are together again but I had to move on keep my past beside me. For now, I try to take one day at a time. I just want you to promise me that there is hope for me and that one day soon I will emerge from this darkness into light again through you because I always think about you and want to be with you forever. I want to be the man that will put a forever smile on your cherubic face? I promise to I’ll always be that somebody with the real qualities of a prince and a professional in singing sensuous lullabies to your ear. More little about me, I know little about spirituality, like chemistry and physics, I mean Wiccan, in the end one found more drawn to the greek Gods. In the words of Pocahontas in Colors of the Wind, "But I know every rock and tree and creature has a life, has a spirit, has a name." That is something I truly try to learn though. And wrapping back around to the strong opinion aspect of things, I truly believe humans are ruining this Earth. For example, global warming. We clearly didn't single handedly start it, that would be ignorant to think so since it was already happening. But we did speed it up and make everything get worse so much faster. And I believe that will ultimately be our demise. Going off of the topic of humans, we can be very cruel towards other species. For example, we put animals into slaughter houses where they are treated horribly and then killed for our benefit. I personally don't enjoy hunting either, but to each his own. In my opinion, hunting is a much better alternative to slaughter houses and is much more humane. As you can probably tell, I'm an animal lover as well. I think all species, from insect to mammal, deserves a chance at life. I hate needing to kill insects because it just hurts me. People however, are different for me. Clearly I don't believe that some people don't deserve life, I think everyone does. I just don't view people the same as animals for the same reasons as the last few paragraphs. However, life's counterpart is death and I respect that just as much. I don't view death as a terrible or wonderful thing, I think it's neutral. I don't believe we go anywhere after we pass except 6 feet in the ground. In my opinion, death is a very natural thing that will inevitably happen to everybody. I believe that it truly is the circle of life. Referring to the Lion King, when you die you become the grass, and the animals eat the grass. The concept of death has a use for the living, while death itself has no use for anything. All we can say about death is that it is either real or it is not real. If it is real, then the end of one's life is a simple termination. Life and death, like all opposites, are simply two sides of the same coin.
According to book Thebes, in reality there is “only One Life, which glides along on its two feet, life and death.” Sometimes life is manifest, visible. At other times it is unmanifest, invisible. A tangible image of this in Nature is the tree. During summer it is full of leaves, flowers and fruits; in winter, it is bare of all those attributes and appears to be dead; but we know from experience that it will come to life again in spring. So with the human being: we are born, we grow and appear to die. But perhaps, following natural law, we do not really die. Perhaps our consciousness merely transfers to an inner plane, remains in that state for a ‘winter’ period and then returns to life in a new spring. This teaching of an abiding soul which incarnates and ‘dis-incarnates’ myriads of times in search of experience and perfection is virtually universal. It is not confined to Eastern philosophy, but was also held by Pythagoras, Plato, Plotinus and many others in the West. This view of life as a continuum in which the consciousness passes almost seamlessly from visible to invisible and back again would logically give rise to a certain way of looking at life and death: a new philosophy, not in the sense that it has never existed before, but in the sense that it is unusual today, where people tend to be either ‘secular’ or ‘religious’. The new philosophy would be that we give priority to spirit over matter and see the body as the vehicle of the soul. As a result, the purpose of life would not simply be to live as long as possible in the maximum state of comfort, but to make sure the soul has the experiences it needs in order to perfect itself. There is a natural tendency in the mortal personality to avoid risk and stay within its comfort zone. The new philosophy of life would imply living life to the full – not in the sense of indulging all our desires, but in the sense of doing whatever it takes to express our soul-nature in this world, realizing our potential, contributing to society and living with joy. It implies a philosophy of risk, not foolhardiness, but going beyond our comfort zone in order to expand the limits of our being to the infinite. A new philosophy of death would be based on a natural understanding of death as the portal to a different level of reality, which many ancient cultures called the ‘world of the gods. Not to be afraid of that invisible and – to all accounts – ‘higher’ dimension, but also to accept it and look forward to it joyfully, in the same way that we look forward to tomorrow with optimism and serenity, even if we don’t know exactly what tomorrow will bring. But we do know that it will bring opportunities and experiences. I would like to end with the example of the Greek philosopher Socrates. While alive he lived his life with intensity and a great sense of humor. He was brave, witty and full of life. At the same time he took his mission – to awaken the people of Athens from their spiritual lethargy – very seriously. As a result of his challenges to the thinking of his day, he was sentenced to death. As he awaited his fate in his prison cell, he spoke to his friends and disciples about life and death, pleasure and pain. He gave them a logical demonstration of the pre-existence of the soul and its survival after death, and ended by telling them how much he was looking forward to meeting other interesting people who had died before him – and questioning them about their actions and opinions – as he had always done while living on Earth. He showed, through this attitude, that for him there was little difference between this world and the next, and that the choice is not between being a religious ascetic or an atheist. One can happily stand between and above those two extremes and be a ‘natural philosopher’ I think I am having too much deep thought hahahaha sorry we digest it the more, when we meet Hmmm sweetie, thinking about you is really driving me crazy and making me to go insane.. Each night before I sleep your sweet thought echoes through my mind. As I rest my head on my pillow a smile seeps through my soul, knowing that you, and you alone have made me whole. Without you I would simply be surviving, but with you I am living life to the fullest. Because of your love my spirit has been rejuvenated. The simplest pleasures in life bring me so much joy that it is hard to find the words to describe them. A walk in the park becomes a reality-based metaphor... it is our journey together hand in hand forever more. Even in our moods, regardless of the irritations of daily life we manage to write each other and make each other. The sound of your laughter rings through my ears and touches my heart. Our banter that may seem odd to others makes us giggle to no end. The difference between you and I are very few, yet they are there. But we accept those differences, embracing them because they are part of something we love about one another. It isn't about looks, nor money but the simplicity in life that we find so attractive. Knowing we could survive anywhere as long as we were together. Love is not a job, love simply is. Unconditional love is what I offer you, and with you I receive the same. You are my heart of hearts, my soul mate, friend, lover and partner for life. I will love you forever very day in my life. Thank you for being there, showing and knowing what my true heart wants. Now I want to roar, shout out loud and sing "baby you are fire work " hahahaha... In regards to your email, I think I would also need to answer the same question like I asked . my answers: cool colors are generally associated with feelings of calmness, stability, harmony, trust and wisdom. Warm colors are generally associated with feelings of love, energy, enthusiasm, joy and strength. My favorite color is green because it reminds me of the peace found in nature. I know that nature can be deadly sometime, but walking and just being outside calms me down if I am irritated. I wish every day you could see yourself the way I see you. Because I see you as absolutely perfect. When I put my arms around you, I never want to let you go. My life was black and white until you came in and added color. I am a mix of Narcissa Malfoy and Luna Love good I think in the chambers of secret...hahaha. Actually more Narcissa than and love comes first for me, and I would betray everybody to save the ones I love, I am sophisticated, overconfident most times and I LOVE fashion. I spend just so much money on "looking good" and staying healthy's embarrassing!...lolz. I like people having a certain image of me and I do lot's of things to maintain this image. My reputation is important to me!!. So, many things about me are like Narcissa....but inside of me I am Luna sometimes...dreaming the world away, I have really not gotten a movie that acts like me because I am really interested and more on designs hahaha,, I pick more interest I used to look like a Greek God as a martial arts instructor, instead of a big fat Greek now. Hahahaha! I’m not the athletic active hunk because of my job but I find time to take a talk with my sweet wonderful ”, I am responsible and from time to time I "ll return home. It would be so nice if we both speak a single or 2 languages when we live together, Lol but I think i have got so much zeal and enthusiasm in wanting to speak these French. Maybe Irish Gaelic. Ooooh, part of my home i like best.....every part of my home because of the all round colorfulness and the location. setting old...lolz. age is actually a state of mind but to answer, its Having to change in order to adapt to expectations.
Or refusing to change but more and more feeling the need to justify myself. Oh and maybe ill heath… like all my bad habits catching up with me. The best job I have ever had was working on the rig In California, it thought me the technical know how’s of the oil industry and broaden my horizon and gave me the confidence to expand my future dreams of becoming what I am today (an independent oil and gas contractor). It also increased my experience and fortified my confidence, so to write. My favorites stores are mainly based on clothing like I also to shop and get foods stuffs also and general stuffs ,I like these kinds of music: classical, disco, pop, rock, country, jazz, opera, depends of my mood , every music have a his time meaning to me i love cars but not a car frick. I love to play golf too and also football. I dont think I can remember any phone number Family is everything to me, having family make me feel happy, joyful and fulfilled and would made me to always want to go home. Marriage is a sincere commitment for both mature people to respect each other, love truthfully, sincerely and honestly, to be there for each other both in good and in bad times till death separate them. It requires the same kind of thoughtful attention, planning and deliberate investment that we give to our physical health and financial portfolios. I always put my commitment very high into my marriage and yourself honey. What is your favorite food? Do you eat frogs?
hahahaha? I heard it test like chicken? is it true? In regards to my family situation, my mum died when I was young and my grandmother, was a teacher. She takes every care for me and sacrifices a lot for me. She is very dedicated to her work and her hardworking nature always enrapture me a lot. Those days should would get up at dawn and her daily routine starts before we get up from bed. Now you are the love of my life... I think I am the happiest man in the world because I have found you my angel. I really have a big plight in life and hoping to be one of the largest oil tycoons in the world and hopefully owning an oil well. I think I would achieve my goals as I have God by my side. I can’t wait to be with you soon maybe next month or thereabout as this would convince you that I really care and ready to tight the knot with you. I have sent you my most current pictures, and hope you would like them. Please always reply me on time or give notice when you will do so. Okay, have a nice day! till I hear from you again. Kisses and hugs. I miss you like the sun misses and the flowers in the winter. Love Jackie.
Letter 7

My Darling, Thank you for your sincere message. I understand your inability to respond to me but I would urge you to always write to me anyway you can. We are for each other and it is my duty to always guide and correct you. Baby, you came into my life as a blessing, you made me feel more alive as the days went by. You’re the best gift nature has given me. I just want to use this opportunity to tell you how much I cherish you. You know there is always one thing in this wide world which money can't buy which is happiness and joy and I have found it in you, Indeed your country will be a very nice place to visit because of the beautiful coastline which will be a wonderful experience. Dear, I must tell you that you have been in my mind here always, I can't do anything without thoughts of you coming into my mind,and what do I do when it comes? I smile because I know I have found my true happiness in you. I have no doubt that I am also in your mind there and in whatever you do,our feelings towards each other have been mutual and I am very happy about that my dear. Love,trust,care and better understanding are what we need in these relationships. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever believe this would ever happen. I never expected to fall so fast. Am so glad that we are already building these attributes in our relationship. From our messages we had, I knew that we were destined to be together. It has been so long since a woman has captured my attention so fully or made my heart beat the way it did when we started communicating. I believe that your mere presence will warm any room. I have no doubt you are the woman heaven has made especially for me. I have noticed a very special woman in you that I cannot resist your sense of humor and the woman in you that is very challenging which bottled out the romantic man in me and boosted my morale again for a woman which made me have the interest of knowing you better. Though the miles separate us, the bond we have is far stronger. You are the very one I have spent all these years looking for. You are my future and nothing can ever keep us from our destiny. I miss you more every day. I am here with open arms where you will some day finally arrive... right where you belong. I will be travelling to the Middle East when the lockdown ends for something very important which I will let you know as soon. From there I will be coming to meet you. I took my time yesterday night in putting down this little poem for you and now i was able to get it the way i want it today, am hoping you will like it ,enjoy it my love- -A new page has been opened in my life
-The first line tells me how beautiful and wonderful you are
-The second line tells me how kind,loving and caring you are
-Just a thought of you puts a smile on my face
-Your face that redefines beauty
-Keeps me at peace and the
-Smiles like that of Monalisa
-That takes my breath away
-I miss you already
-A love so deep and pure as yours
-Will never die in my heart
-I wake up every day,thanking God
-For having you my dearest
-Thanks for coming into my life
Let me know if the poem made you happy ok. After sending this email,i will still write again,I think i will stop here for now,you remain my dream come true and i will love and cherish you always.
Have a swell time and please be out of troubles. Stay Safe. Love Jackie.
Letter 8

Hello Darling, This is more than I wished in a lifetime, even more than I hoped and prayed for. You have been the reason I am this happy. I wish you well in life, too. Thank you. I want to also say thank you for the times you have went out of your way to do a romantic message because you knew it would mean the world to me. My heart beats so fast every time I see your lovely message. I always think of meeting you, I cant wait. Please send me your currently pictures , I want to see you ok. Have a swell time and please stay safe. Love Jackie.
Letter 9

Hi Baby, Good day to you my angel. Thanks for the picture you sent to me and from your message, I also understood that you are among the examination invigilator and you actually there to see that examinations are been conducted according to regulations for conducting exams in your country. Hope you did that so well. Kudos. I am enjoying my weekend and how about you? I promised to write to you things I wish to do with you at some point in this lifetime and here we go. Be your best man.
Get caught with you in the rain.
Dance with you in the rain.
Stargaze on a clear night.
Watch the sunset together.
Spend all day with you doing nothing.
Moonlit walks on the beach.
Be more proud of you than I already at this very moment.
Go on a carriage ride through the park.
Do a crossword together.
Go to brunch.
Have a disagreement (it could/will only make us stronger).
Go for a twilight horseback ride.
Watch a bad movie together.
Spend the rest of my life with you.
Have our picture taken together.
Eat ice cream with you.
Make love to you passionately.
Go to a museum together.
Talk to each other using only body language.
Give you space when you need it.
Accept you totally and completely - flaws and all (I already do).
Discuss current events in a heated debate.
Have you see the error of your ways from aforementioned heated debate and make mad, torrid love to you, in the midst of all that passion.
Carve our names into a tree/table.
Go for a walk at dusk together.
Be one with you.
Send you a singing telegram.
Spend all night thinking of hundred and one sweet things to do for you.
Hold you and gaze into your eyes and realize how much I love you...and tell you.
Gently run my hand across your cheek and look into your eyes.
Blindfold you and take you somewhere romantic.
Spend my life making you happy.
Spend my life making our family happy.
Feel your heartbeat.
Go roller/ice skating together.
Give you a backrub just because.
ALWAYS being honest with each other.
Go hiking/camping together.
Have our first fight, make up and feel a stronger bond because we very successfully weathered the storm - together.
Marry you.
Laugh at someone together.
Share a plate of spaghetti together
Give you a stuffed animal just because I love you.
Go on a fun family vacation and bring back the kind of memories movies are made of.
Treat you like my Lancelot.
Count thunder together during a thunderstorm.
Envelop you in my soul.
Cook your favorite meal/meals.
Know you better than you know yourself.
Go to a Renaissance Fair.
Plant a tree in our yard together.
Look over at you during an family party and have you know without me saying a word - that I love you.
Be able to say "I love you" in 89 different ways - in 89 different countries hahaha.
Hold you when you're at your saddest and comfort you when you need it the most.
Be the one you come to for that comfort and holding.
Wipe away the days' stresses and issues, with just one hug/kiss.
Grow old with you. Hmmmmm I cant wait to make them come true honey.. Tell me about yours.. I love you so much. “You make my heart melt, and fill it with love. ... “My gratitude for having met you in surpassed only by my amazement at the joy you bring to my life.” “With a wife like you, I feel so blessed. “I will love you more and more each day with every beat of my heart, until the day I die and my heart stops beating.
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