Romance scam letter(s) from Charles to Sally (USA)
Letter 1

Hi Sallie, it’s a mutual is what the site says about both of us and I couldn’t agree more after reading your profile, I didn’t see if you have children but I guess you do, I do not have children but I love them, I am also a widower and I love to treat others right. I wear my heart on my sleeve. I believe that we have some similarities, please tell me more about you and what you are looking for, I am here to find my other half, someone to spend the senior of my life. I will be very happy to hear from you. Charles
Letter 2

Hi Sallie, I’m happy to hear from you. My little Pano was adopted from birth, parent lives in Malibu at my cousin, I live in Anaheim but am open to moving to anywhere in the southern area. I’m retiring in few months and can live anywhere love life takes me. I hope you like my picture and my profile because I love yours, you have a very beautiful smile. What am looking for on here is someone who is willing to be friends first and then get to know each other and build on from there, someone to enjoy the rest of my life with, I am very healthy and active as I love to exercise my body to remain in good shape. I love to engage in outdoor event, mostly long walk on the beach, musical concert, live band, historical museum, animal shelters and volunteer. I’m looking for my last love to enjoy life with, I am well balance and financially stable. I love to travel and have fun, I have been to many places both on business and pleasure. I’m on the life of comedy and I love to make people laugh, I treat people the same way that I like to be treated, mostly respect. I have so much love in me and looking for a honest and loving woman to be on the receiving end. Please tell me more about you. Charles
Letter 3
My friends will tell you that I'm a very easy going and very determined, some will call me Mr Moorish because I like to give my very best in anything that I do and this has been my inspiration down the years. I am a very successful man and my retirement is just around the corner, reason why I decide to put my pride away and get on here, since I have so much love inside of me and looking for a honest and loving woman to be on the receiving end.
I have to be honest that I am not the type that knows how to describe themselves lol but I will try, since this is necessary. A little about me, I tend to be sarcastic and witty and try to balance that with some charm and charisma. Or at least that is what my friends tell me. I love to make people laugh and am usually a very social individual. Whenever I go out with a group a friends from work I am always looking to provide them with some entertainment and excitement. I love to travel and see new places either through cruise or airplane.
I donate at animal shelters and always feels good inside of me to see the poor animals happy and shown care. I am against animal cruel and I will stand up for animals that are being abused by anyone.
Exercise is a very important part of me to keep in shape, I often exercise at least three times a week at the minimum. This has improved my strength.
I enjoy volunteer works within the community and it makes me happy to see other people smiling for simple things.
What I'm looking for in a woman is someone who is honest and not a pretender if that makes sense. Someone who is willing to be friends first and then build on the relationship from there. Someone to share my life with the good and the bad. Of course all the basics too. Considerate, sensitive, intelligent, romantic, faithful, dedicated etc. I'm looking for someone that will love me for me and not for what's on the surface, A woman who also knows what she wants, no matter what, don't lie, as utmost trust and honest is very important to me, a woman who is not afraid to show affection in private or public. A woman who can help me in the kitchen since cooking is one of my fav thing that I like to do hmm.
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