Romance scam letter(s) from Oscar Alexander Chai to Lise (Canada)
Letter 1

Thank you for giving me your WhatsApp number, at least you gave me a chance to tell you more about me and learn more about you. How are you today I hope everything is fine with you. First of all, I'm Oscar Alexander Chai, originally from Singapore, but I was born, brought up in UK, I live and work in UK, I am an optometrist at the Royal Hospital in London.
I am very happy to meet you and will give you all the love and affection you need. I mean, you caught my eye when I first saw your photo. I want someone who shares life, first a friend, with friendship, someone who listens to you and who you listen to, someone who you can trust in everything and who is always there for you and vice versa, of course there is also chemistry and I am very affectionate in a relationship.
I really want us to be close to each other by chatting from time to time. Please talk to me dear
Please, I'm harmless and simple man who is looking to be happy with a woman regardless of her country
I can travel at anytime and anywhere. I'm sincere and honest, loving and kind, I'm looking up to you to build future with you and be happy together.
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