Romance scam letter(s) from Ryan Dann to Kristine (Canada)
Letter 1

Hello, How are you doing? I greatly appreciate your patience and the way you responded to me on Twoo. Maybe I should start by telling you a bit of myself. My name is Ryan Dann, from Belgium, I am 45 years old and I am a divorcee. I am an assistant captain of a ship working with the Cosco line shipping company. I am currently the assistant captain, I work closely with the Captain, occasionally while maintaining the same degree, to ensure that the physical appearance of the vessel is completely under control. A challenging job that I have to say and I am passionate about my work and my contributions. I also use the opportunity of giving my work to engage in some other business like the supply of Gold Jewelries from Australia to Europe. I am a simple person who loves simple things like going to the movies, hanging out with friends, and reading and I love to play basketball. What annoys me most is the dishonesty and delay. I know this is an unorthodox way to find a partner ... but it is the 21st century, something all right? I hope this is an introduction good enough for now. Thanks again, hope to read soon. Now it's your turn to talk about you, about what you do, of your likes and dislikes and anything you want to share with a stranger who wants to be a friend. I hope you have a great time.
Letter 2

Hello, How are you today? I am very glad to hear from you. It will be nice to know a little more about you, You have lovely pictures, I admire you. It is nice to have a friend from miles away. I believe conversation is really important in getting to know each other. My life has been really kind of boring in the past 2 years. It's really wonderful to see myself moving on and trying to be happy again. Since my divorce with my EX, I felt as if the world had fallen apart. For a long time after the divorce. I kept my life very small - work, home, very little socializing and definitely no dating, I just wasn't ready. It took me a long time to get through those dark days - I never thought I can ever get over something like that. Instead, I have to go through it and feel the pain so that I can eventually heal the spirit. But after a while, I realized that if I tried to keep my life small and safe so I wouldn't get hurt, I was also cutting myself off from feeling any joy again - because joy and pain are two sides of the same coin. So, gradually I allowed myself to emerge back into the real world again, and here I am, my first attempt at online dating! I've lurked on here for a while, but I am now ready to meet new people. It was a very close friend/colleague of mine that really introduced me to the site where we met. I have not been there for long. I hope to meet a decent woman who is looking for a serious relationship. I am not looking for fun. A real partner whom I would respect, love, and pamper. When my time will come, I wouldn't choose anywhere else rather than being with her and if God forbid, her time comes, she will leave behind a lot of happy and loving memories that I would cherish till my time comes and join her. I see you as a mature woman with a unique look and also a kind of fun to be around so I feel we can start as friends and see where it could lead us to. I long for a kind-hearted, caring, and loving woman whom I will live with for the rest of my days if things work out smoothly... I don't really know what you are searching for but in case you are after a relationship that will lead to marriage and last forever, maybe we should give each other a chance in our life to see if we are compatible. But please be informed that I would not have much time to chat with you online all the time cause I am always busy but I will devote my time a little to know more about you. So let me know what you can always write to me on my email. Yours Sincerely
Letter 3

What do you want ?
You reported my page and what else are you looking for?
What have i done to you to deserve such wicked act?
Did I ask you for money ?? Why would you post my profile on Romance Scam? Tagging me as a fraudster?? Why
Letter 4

You are just a bastard. I have your pictures and i will post it on Romance scam sites and expose your stupid looks. And you feel the pains
Letter 5

You are damn ugly and yet have a damn ugly and wicked heart. At least be beautiful for once. Fool!!!
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