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Letter 1

Hi Ester, you have the right email address.. How are u doing today ? i am fine myself.. thanks for giving us chance to get to know each other, well it has been my intention to Find true Love, someone Who i could cultivate a Loving and romantic Relationship with.Its has not been so easy to find True Love nowadays So i decided to contact u and see what comes out of it I'm new to Internet dating things i don't know much about It. Just want to give it Chance and see If i can have the right woman. can you tell me more about yourself
Looking forward to hear from u soon

Letter 2

My dear it is nice to hear back from you on the site, i hope we'll be able to start getting to know each other now. My name is Christian Becker, I should tell you that I am very open-minded, I don't accept anything just because everyone else believes it and I don't close my mind to an idea just because it is strange or unaccepted by the general public. For me, tradition and custom are usually roadblocks to progress and happiness.There is no one on earth more serious about finding love and a successful marriage than i am, and you can count on that...i have a sons 20yrs old schooling in Germany, i should tell you that my lineage are from Germany (My Father) i was born and raised in Frankfurt, Germany but my mom is from New Orleans USA, but i actually live in Austin Texas USA, before i came down Here to West Africa Nigeria for work. I should tell you i am into construction and i have my Architectural degree in constructing at the University of Frankfurt and Main and i am presently working on a project down here in Nigeria - I am Building a modern office complex, its a Business building with a 400 office spaces, i have 1-2 months to complete my work here and to move back home to come begin a new life, with an intention of starting a new life again, I am opened to relocation because i do not own a home at the moment in Austin Texas USA, i was living there because of my work. I actually moved to Austin TX at 2010, because things weren't fine for me when i lost her.

Anyway let me tell you more about my self, I enjoy long rides in the country and a big camp fire to cuddle by,dancing in the rain picnics ,camping hunting ,fishing,and football I was raised with horses and did barrel racing ,long story short love animals ..I will also add I am a honest person and expect the same in return. I should tell you that i like every different types of music except rap songs, and that will be one of our great challenges in the future. Not an insurmountable challenge, but one that we will have to work on seriously because music is my greatest joy and passion in life, second only to love itself. And the music I love is very different than the music most people like these days. My great dream for the future is to find the Woman who will be my best friend, my lover and my partner in all life's adventures at the very least. I want someone to spend all my time with, sharing all the pleasures I've discovered in life, and that's a lot, believe me... i also want someone who is very affectionate, because touching and hugging and caressing are a basic part of my spirit. How has life been treating you without a Man? what exactly are you looking for in life ? tell me about your past love life.
Waiting to read back from you.

Letter 3

Thanks for your reply and sharing more about yourself with me and i do hope you are having a great day?i want you to know that i don't mind living anywhere. As you know that i am into construction and i have been working on the project i am doing down here in Nigeria for some while now.. lets say 1 year and i am hoping to be done with the whole thing in about 1-2 months approximately.. i am getting excited and i cant wait to see the end of my project,once i am done with my project.. i plan to go establish my self, have my own personal company, start a new life perhaps with that special someone though am opened to relocating to my special someone if she is not opened to relocating to me.

I Have been really lonely ever since i lost my wife, Well i met her when she was 16yrs old (1981) and i was 20yrs old, her name was Carol, i met her that year, i went to New Orleans for Holiday because that was where my mother came from, we started it all and i, constantly visit New Orleans each and every time i have a holiday or spare time to travel, she was as well in college as well we studied the same course because her father was working on the same field and he left a business for her before he died, it was a great chance for her. We got married 6years after we met and got our first son the 4 year after our marriage (1992 ). We started taking care of the business together, she was my wife and at the sametime my boss so we manage the business together with the true love we share among each other, things was really going good, i must tell you she was an important part of my life and we always live as one, we made all our fortune from the job we both do, we got a house and meaningful things until 2005 when Carol hits New Orleans,it sucks she was pregnant at that moment when the problem happened, we lost all that we worked for and the business, we tried starting all over the following year 2006 but she couldn't make it, i lost her at the point where she was trying to have our 2nd baby, she died of a prolonged labor at 41yrs old, Seriously it took me some while to get over it.

Let me tell you more about my self let me tell you that i like all sort of music expect rap and i should tell you that a relationship is based on trust honesty and sincerity because without these nothing is ever going to work out and i should tell you that i am a man that walk with holy intervention not that i am too religious but i do things the right way and the right time they are suppose to be done,i just want to be loved and i will love back in return.. I just want a partner that can share mutual respect, trust, sincere concern, and of course lots of love & affection. As far as roles in the relationship are concerned, I do not expect to be waited on hand & foot, but on the other hand, I do not want to be neglected either. I don't even mind if we have our own space every once in a while to do our own thing either by ourselves or with other friends, but we would always keep our relationship as the highest priority. Any disagreements should be resolved as quickly and as amicably as possible---in other words, we should definitely be in at least a truce before bedtime... Send me more of your pictures

Talk to you soon and waiting to read back from you

Letter 4

Dear...Thanks for your reply and your concern toward my lost anyway i have accept my fate and am ready to move on with my life now and seek the right one for me i just want to let you know that i do agree with you on everything you have written we seems to be on the same page looking for a lot of things in common.. I can establish my life in Australia because it a nice place.. well i want you to know that am simple easy going loving understanding person with a good heart and am not a jealous type as well i can always take things easy and slowly i don't get upset so easily even you do i will always try my best to calm you down. I should tell you that i absolutely like the way you think and say things and i want you to know that a mutual relationship is not 50/50 or some other percentage. It is 2 people working together toward similar goals. It would be nice if you are the one I could trust and cherish as I miss the companionship the most.. Telling you about my life style and measurement

Height: I am 5ft 8
Age/DOB: I am 52 on 02 /19/2013
My favorite color.. Blue
Fav Sport: Cricket and golf.. I have been a professional golf player ever since i was 18 and i play it every where i go even when i am having hard time in life

Fav movie: i like action, adventure and comedy movie.

My family: i have never have intimate relationship with them over 8 year because there are not worth to be counted on

Smoking: i have never tasted it

Drinking: i don't drink because i make me have headache so i was told by a doctor not to take it and over since 15 year i haven't took it. i take wine alone

Drug. never had any hard drug but i take medicine if i am sick

Music. i love classical and country music

Let me share my likes and dislikes with you, let me start off by saying my dislikes first;

I am more of an outdoor person, i love things done outdoor.

Quickly Dislikes:

Inequality of any kind, rudeness, dishonesty, infidelity, offensive remarks, or behavior, brutality in any form, greed, love of money and materialism, laziness, and any disrespect of people

Quickly likes..
Compassion, generosity, understanding, ability to listen, and comprehend, ability to give and receive love-knowledge, fidelity, honesty, equality, acceptance, good manners and courtesy, Intelligence-open heart-mind, ambition, willingness and desire to help others, respect of money and resources-economy, and preservation, music, life in all of it's splendor-here and in other, respect-knowledge and respect, all in this universe, find joy in what is perfection, change for better-what is not...for better if possible, and accept that is beyond our capacities and thus cannot change. I value good health,and take very serious measures to preserve this. I have a good body of admittedly in imperfect, however it has proven to be indestructible, and has served this soul well...I hope these help in getting to know each other more better?
Pls tell me more about yourself, I would like to know: color of your eyes, your hair, your height, don't remember your age, don't know your birthday, Your favorite color, your favorite sport, favorite movie, favorite song or songs. your family. I would like to know if you drink or smoke. Do you like to dance, what are your hobbies, do you like to watch movies and what kind. Things like that, we can share.




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