Romance scam letter(s) from Michael Harvey to Marie (Canada)
Letter 1

Hello Marie,
Thanks so Much for allowing us communicate on , I would like to use this medium to introduce myself again Rather than what i had to say while we were chatting on the site. Will be 64YO(May 22) Widowed with a Son(33YO) who's married and doing well with his own Family. i have a grandson too,he's 8Yo. I'm an Architect/Msc Civil Engineering,a Team Member Under Five Star Contractors I also engage in general contracting like supplies of building and construction materials. I am financially secured and i find time to volunteer and give back to the society to make it better place than i met it. i am that man who always come home with lost of surprises for his partner. I was once married to a loving, caring, honest and sincere woman whom I called my Duchess Diamond, she was my joy for living on this earth, I never thought of searching or communicating with another woman not until death took her away from me 5 years ago. I lost her in a semi-truck accident, she hit black ice and lost control and the end result wasn't good. She lived almost 5 months after the accident, though in coma. It was really a trying time for me, but it's OK now. I am a Man who have a kind heart and I've got lots of love to give to my beloved woman again, I am looking for a long Term Relationship, mental stimulation, challenging conversation, new points of view, maturity, emotional connection, and similar goals/Interest. I do hope a day would come and I will meet that woman who will fill my life with sunny rays of happiness again. Though we may have good and bad habits, we would have to share it together and accommodate each other as we get along to become friends, that way we would be in-separable and have better understanding about each other. I will do my best to create warm tender atmosphere and special coziness where you can feel comfortable. I like free-minded individuals who express themselves easily. I try to live in the day and have gratitude for my blessings from above. I try not to look at the negative aspects of life because i always let the past go; I've learned in terms of relationships, often timing is everything; it takes two to tango, I need a Partner that we can work together LOL (I am old Fashion)!!, we can do more than we can accomplish alone. My ambition is to inspire my beloved woman constantly, help her to keep the balance between her career and private life just as she would also inspire me to do good. Love is most paramount for me and I need a companion to share my life with, someone who has family values. I want to take long walks with her and share what life has for us both, joy and sorrow. I'd like to look up to her as an authority for me, be proud of her, adore her and be supportive to her. My past Relationship lasted for 35 Years and what I am looking for at this time, I want till death.
Dear Marie, There is always joy when true love prevails. As time goes on we would both get to know all about each other,as the saying goes,a journey of 1000 miles begins with a step.

l will stop here now and not bore you with my lengthy letter,i just want you to know that there is a special place in my heart that i am looking for that right woman to fill and stay in it forever... Well, i don’t know what more to say, but I’ll like you to ask me whatever you want to know about me, i will be very glad to tell you all you need to know, and would be waiting eagerly to read from you and know more about you so i will get a better understanding of you too.Please write me and tell me more about yourself. Find attached few of my pictures. Best Regards,
Michael Harvey
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