Romance scam letter(s) from Frank Ambrosini to Christy (USA)
Letter 1

How are you today? Thanks for the wonderful compliments, i feel so flattered. I want to give you a snapshot of myself, just to let you know who the real Ben Fischer Ridwan is. I am an Engineer, An international Contractor, I work on contract basis, I am fully into amendments and reconstruction of roads and bridges, I do seek/go for a contract bidding, If the contract is being awarded to me, I do set up a crew to execute the project, I start and conclude a project with my money and after a job well done, I would be paid. I was born 20th Febuary 1965, I would turn 44 years by Febuary 20th. I am an Orphan, My Mum died when i was 6 years old, Dad died few years later, Growing up as a kid wasn't easy at all, I past through hard times to stand on my fit at this time, I got married 10 years ago and lost my wife 3 years later, It has not been easy with me, I need love now and i believe true love heals a lot. My late Dad was a Christian and late Mum a Muslim. My late wife was also a Muslim, i converted into Islam 5 years ago. I am originally from Bamberg county, Bavaria Germany. I had my masters and bachelors of science in Michigan State University, (MSU) Germany, I have been to so many country due to the position of my job. I relocated to the States just few weeks, I have not settled in my own house yet, I plan to retire and settle down as well as soon as am through with the project ahead. I am fun loving and also an easy going Man. I love to travel. I enjoy cooking, gardening, taking long walks or better still go see a movie, but I have not done that for a long time since there is no one to go see the movie with. I'm a hopeless romantic but have not been lucky enough to meet someone who I would say is my soul mate, I guess I have not been looking hard enough. I don't have any drama in my life and I equally expect the same, what you see is what you get...I'm a loving, caring, supportive man. Passionate, driven and ambitious. Stable career path. Goal oriented, but at the same time very spontaneous. Like to have a loose plan - not a rigid schedule when it comes to......... To let you know what i am looking for in a woman, I am not asking for too much but just the same normal thing which every normal guy would ask for ... the proverbial 'entire package'- beauty, brains, pleasant disposition, morals, compassionate heart and ethics, a woman who has a great deal going for herself, yet carries herself as if she is oblivious to that fact. I wish to find that special woman who I am going to spend the rest of my life with someone who would be my best friend and soul mate. Someone who understands what life, relationship and commitment really means. Someone who understands that every good relationship takes a lot of work from both partners this is because love is not just about finding the right person, but creating the right relationship. I wish to find someone who is easy going, honest, open minded. I am not discouraged by different cultural background, age, all that matters to me is the inside of a woman. Do you have a scanning machine? If yes, scan the photos first, open your mailbox, click on attach and send the photos. I hope this will help? Waiting to read a lot about you. Wasalaam,
Letter 2

Dear Sister, Its so nice to read from you again, how are you and how's life treating you? Let me know as soon as you attach and send the photos. From our little communication, through exchanging of emails, i found out we have lots in common, you are also an interesting personality. There are possibilities that we might get to start something beautiful together. I have some questions for you and i hope to get the answers straight from your heart. Tell me dear: Are you a very religious person? How important is it for your partner to be religious? Have you gone to Mekkah to perform Haji? As a true Muslim, its important for one to keep the 5 pillars of Islam. What is your own opinion? As you know, there are 114 Sura in Al'Quran, what is your best Sura and why? Are you ready to love? Be loved And Committed? I am a matured Man looking for a wife, are there any chances for both of us? As i am not getting any younger. What kind of man do you wish to have a relationship with? How do you know if you want a relationship with someone? What kind of things do you cherish in a man? What kind of things do you also dread in a man? What are the little things that makes you smile? What kind of music do you love? What is your favorite color? What do you enjoy doing with your free time? Waiting to read your answers. Please reply. Have a good weekday start. Fischer
Letter 3

My Love, Heeey, there is so much i want to tell you, a lot has been running through my mind as i lay down in my bed missing and thinking about you. I'm having trouble putting my thoughts into words so you will have to bare with me through this. I keep thinking about the future, about life, and what i want out of it. I keep thinking about us and what this relationship means to me. I keep thinking about these things and i realize they go hand in hand. This relationship is my future; it's what i want out of life. I want to grow old with you. I want to experience this crazy love forever and ever, and i really think I'm going to get to. I want us to walk through new houses picking the one that would be just right for us to live forever and a day. I want to see you walk around our house in a big t-shirt with your hair down and catch me staring at how gorgeous you are. I want you to pull the covers off me at night and then i have to get even closer, if it's possible, to you to keep the cold away. I want to see you laugh like crazy at me when i do stupid stuff. I want to rub lotion all over your body because you laid out in the sun too long.. I want to have a child with you and go through the experiences of watching you bring our new baby to the world for the last time. I want to see you and me, Logan, Micheal and Lilly chasing our little kid around the house, all five of us laughing our heads off and having fun. I want to hold you when you cry and smile with you when you smile. I want to fall asleep every night with you in my arms and kiss your fore-head gently while we proceed to the dreamland. I want you to fall asleep on my chest listening to the beat of my heart and know it beats for you, i want you to be the first thing i see when i wake up and the last thing i see before i go to sleep. I want to see your bad morning hair; I think it will be so cute. I want to sit on the beach with you and watch the sun set and i want all the people who pass us to envy the love that we obviously have for each other. I want to see you walk down that isle and i want to take your hand for the rest of my life. I want to spend all night and maybe the next day, making love to you with an undying passion (sorry to be so blunt). I want to be seventy years old and still make out with you like a little schoolboy, i think this is the cutest. I want to cook a meal with you and us totally ruin it and end up doing take out. I want to sit there talking to you for hours about nothing at all but in the same time everything or maybe we won't talk at all and just grin at each other realizing how lucky we are. I want you to get mad at me for doing something stupid and i want you to burst out laughing when you try to yell at me. I want to lay with you in front of a fireplace and keep the heat going long after the fire goes out. I want to take trips with you to places we've never been and experience them together, all of us. I want us to go skinny-dipping in a hotel pool and get caught and streak back to our hotel room waking everyone up because we are laughing so hard. I want us to go and pick out the hot tub we want with the biggest grins on our faces the whole time, i want the sales rep to get embarrassed when we sit in them and make sure we have enough room to do the things we want to do. I want to hold your hand and let you scream for me while you bring our child into this world, i think this would be the nicest too or what do you think?? I want our friends to come over and get totally jealous because they don't share a love like we do. I want to be walking into a store with you and trip and fall on my face and turn around to see you rolling on the ground laughing at me. I want us to run outside in the rain and act like total kids getting completely soaked, and when we come back in stripping down to nothing as we stumble into the bedroom, or the kitchen counter, or the balcony, or the dinning room table, or an office desk, or the shower, which ever one we feel like at the time, but i think the kids will be envy of this particular thing, getting wet in the rain...what do you think about that also??? I want it to take your breath away every time i say, 'I love you' because you know it's coming from the heart. I want us to be sitting there and watching our child take his/her first steps from my arms into yours, then to logan and micheal and troddle back to lilly. I want us to sit down with a box of strawberries, a bottle of chocolate syrup, and a thin of mint chocolate ice cream; well, I will let your imagination finish that one. I want to love you and be with you for at least forever if not a little longer. I couldn't really express in words what I'm feeling right now, so i decided to share with you SOME of the images and thoughts that have been running through my head since i met you and all through my day as i work. I have been dreaming all this with you my love and they are many more, but i can't just put them into writing. I just want you to know that i had never found someone i really wanted to spend the rest of my life with for a long time now, until i met you. Really am crazy about you, everything about you my love, everything....... Missing you has become a sweet hobby and sweet dream as you journey through the dream-land,
Letter 4

How are you faring my Princess? I had a little problem at the site this morning, one of the local/native laborers working for me accidentally poured Bitumen on himself, Bitumen is one harmful equipment we use at work, though its harmful, but we are always careful while using it. Only Certified Engineers know the implications. Honey on the process of trying to rescue him and also rushing him to the hospital, my cell phone fell out and crashed, it was a terrible experience, today is really a bad day for me. You won't be able to reach me on phone for now, till i think of what to do and replace my phone. Jeff and I, including the head of the local laborer are in the hospital right now, the victim sustained a third degree burn, the doctor and nurses are doing all in their power to save the life of my worker, please make dua for me. I decided to rush down to a public internet cafe near the hospital to inform you of the incident, the base camp is currently locked for now. Sweety, i will keep you posted, I love you! Wasalaam,
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