Romance scam letter(s) from Brendan Sundberg to Hell (UK)
Letter 1

Good Morning Helen, How are you? Did you have a good night sleep? I hope you did, I have just finished from a very fantastic run and I thought to quickly write you this email to kick start your day as I promised.. As you know, I have never done this(online dating) before so I keep thinking of ways to make it easy as I understand that it might be difficult to have various long conversations everyday on the phone in our busy lives and answer most of the questions that we ponder about during the day, so I thought about this option, to write, like the good old days, It is very expressive and easy. You can think, correct any mistakes and express yourself any way that you would like to be understood. I think it is important that we do this the right way, in a way that we know most things about each other even before we meet so that when we eventually meet,it won't be like a job interview, it would be more of two old friends catching up.... So before you fall in Love with a stranger, 😜 I thought that I should tell you a few more things about myself, I want you to know everything about me, No secrets... WORK
Incase you don't understand what Exactly I do, because most people never do, I run a company that expertise in the design and development of medical devices. Pharmaceutical companies come to us to develop world-leading drug delivery devices. We have built our reputation over 30 years in the respiratory and parenteral drug delivery sectors and in times like this we have stepped up our operation in a bid to save lives very efficiently. FAMILY
As you already know, I have a daughter, She's 22, very smart and Adorable. My Dad has passed on but I still have my Mother, she's 85 and still waxing strong,allthough she's doing poorly at the minute, she's a really strong girl, I admire her. I have 2 siblings, a brother who has passed away and a sister who doesn't really communicate with anyone, she cut everyone off since the passing of our brother. I also have some relatives in Sweden that I have very little relationship with because I didn't really know them. General Info and Hobbies
I am 6'1 tall (187cm) I've never smoked, and I drink only occasionally..I like Wine and of course champagne. I also like food,I am what you can call a 'Foodie' but I like to eat healthy, I love Salmons, Chicken, Broccoli, Vegetables, Thai food oooouhh, My Favorite. I particularly like sea food, maybe because I spent some years in Singapore and I can cook most of their traditional cuisines, some of which are very complicated but my father was an excellent cook so I had to learn. We were very close. I love to cook too, I always like to pretend like I am some kind of International Chef always trying out new cuisines and new delicacies,sometimes it comes out really good, sometimes as rubbish, but if you don't try, you won't know right? I don't mind cooking for you one day but you stand in danger of falling in love straight away so its risky..😋 I also like to do a lot of exercises as well. My daughter thinks I am crazy especially with my Early morning Runs,sometimes its raining, sometimes its snowing lightly,but If I don't go for a run in the morning, I don't start my day right, I like to be fit and strong especially because my work requires a lot of Energy. It has become a habit to run every morning at 6 am. I have done for the last 12 years, at-least 2 miles. I also love to golf, Ski (This is one of my Favourite) and Travel, I have been to 36 countries so far in the world and I feel like I haven't travelled enough. I haven't missed a lot of football games, anytime I am in England, even winter, I try to go to the stadium and watch at least one football game, I am a die hard Arsenal Fan, supported them since I was a little Kid and I get into mood when we lose, funny right? I can't explain it but I actually really Love Arsenal. I love to read, I read a lot of inspirational books. I try to read a new book every month, sometimes I don't but I try, I have read a lot of books by Robert Ludlum, my favorite right now is The Matarese Circle. I also love books by Ann Rice and Stephanie Meyer. Other books like 50 shades of grey might do magic to your Body... I like Coffee, I am one of the 'coffee starts my day' kind of men, Its one of the things I can admit that I am addicted to, I think I got addicted a long time ago and it has been hard to stop. Hopefully one day, I will be addicted to you...You never know... I like to watch the News, it helps to keep ahead of what's going on around the world and brace myself for upcoming travels and Events, I have news notifications on my mobile phone, I walk into a room and I don't care what's on Tv, I switch the Chanel to CNN or BBC..I like to keep myself informed..but not anymore, it drives me crazy when I watch the news now so I try not to at all. It is so sad what has been going on around the world now, I think its important to keep informed but in dozes, just take the important news take a break, watch a movie, I watch movies a lot, especially classic ones, movies nowadays have lost content and bearing so I am really selective what I watch, I watched a really good movie recently, it is called 'Me Before You' You should watch it too, you would like it. It is on Netflix. I love Music, I always tell people that music is food for the soul, in my hardest days, I just play some Jazz music or R n B with a glass of wine and I feel better. Almost everyday, my daughter sends me a new song that she think I might like so my play-list is Endless, it helps me when I am at the gym or during my early morning Runs.. I like to Dance as well, I am not the best dancer but I can move my body to Rhythm and do some moves that might make you want to take me home with you...😊 Well If you don't stop me, I will keep rambling,. ...It feels kind of strange writing like this to a stranger but this way when we meet, you won't be such a stranger any more.. I hope you can write me back...It will be really nice.. I am looking forward to talking to you soon ...Please stay in Touch, I have a really good feeling about you.. Warm Regards, Michael
Letter 2

Good morning beautiful, Rise & Shine..

How are you ? I hope you had a good night rest...

I was so tired last night when I got home, I barely had the energy to eat, It was a really long day with back to back meetings and I could hardly catch my breath but I really enjoyed talking to you.

I just finished my run this morning and I thought to put my thoughts to writing as it helps me sometimes when I am able to colate my thoughts.

You know, It is been a particularly busy time for me and I have been overwhelmed with work but somehow chatting with you everyday has made it easier, I have thought about you a lot this morning, I don't know how I got here, How I got to feel like this about you,How I wake up every morning and my mind is occupied with thoughts of you.. Its insane!

When I first started talking to you and getting to know you, In-fact from our second phone call, I already started to feel something for you, some mornings I would wake up with a sense that too much was out of my control,I've spent the last couple of years being a bit of a control freak, keeping everything together for my sanity and rest of mind...

I think that's why I am so good at numbers: there was no ambiguity, no grey areas, just beautiful, clinical black & white. But you gave me a reason to live again, because living that way is simply just existing right?...You have brought colour and happiness into my Life,You have made me so happy just by being you and I lost that control, Now,my heart just wants you...

A while back, I started funding a charity in Hong Kong, a charity that works with disabled children, caters for their needs both educative and took me away from my 'black & white' world and moved into the Grey zone, where love, compassion, commitment to others, compromise and unknown territories live.

I've been on this path for over 4 years now so it doesn't surprise me that God, Buddha, the Martians or who ever has now brought you to my door.

From then on, we created a new world, everyday I wanted you even more, I wasn't yet familiar with the fact that my brain couldn't control my heart... I couldn't make a logical understanding of it but I knew,I knew deep down that I had found Love and peace..

But even though I knew I had found peace and I have such feelings for you, I couldn't explain it, I felt so connected and supported by you, but my logical brain wouldn't allow me to fully accept what is going on in my heart. So I felt as though I was holding back an ocean of emotions, terrified that if the ocean wall breaks, I'll be flooded, drowned, swept away. The brain demanded to make sense of this, but the heart didn't care.

But I was only stalling destiny, I couldn't hold on for long,The black and white finally collided.

My world was rocked, I lost total control, I'd like to think of myself as a solid individual, but when it comes to matters of the heart, there's no super man, I started to crave you, I became addicted to you, I was so eager to share and connect with you on everything with the excitement of a teenager and then I realised that The head can have its battles but the heart must win the war, this I am committed to because We belong together..

Helen, all I am trying to say is that at the end of the day, My heart belongs to you..

I feel so much better getting to the end of this email, when I write you, its self therapeutic, it reminds me that I have so much to be glad and grateful for, It gives me so much hope and happiness in my heart and if I could do this all over again, I will still choose you....

I will call you later, be cheerful, we have a whole life ahead of us...Please think only Happy thoughts..

I like this song, I think you'd like it too...

Letter 3

Good morning Helen, How are you and how was your night? I hope you slept well. I really enjoyed talking to you last night and I put the phone down saying to myself, I really really like her.

Thank you for taking out time to write me back, I have read your email 3 times now, I really appreciate the effort in writng me, It was very enjoyable to read, I like the fact that we are both being very honest and putting all our cards on the table, that's the only way this can work, Honesty & communication, no need to embelish anything.

I read your email just before I went to bed last night and again this morning, I woke up this morning actually thinking about you, thinking about what it will be like loving some one again, thinking about staying committed to making someone else happy, thereby staying happy myself..and I must tell you, it is such a beautiful feeling, I can't even quantify.

I want you to know that I am now taking this seriously and the more I talk to you,the more interested I am in getting to know you, so please concentrate on getting to know me too, ask me anything,I wont be offended and please don't let these Swedish men distract you from me, we both know they are all un- serious (This is what my assistant tells me anyway)

You seem like such an adorable girl, Its hard to stop thinking about you and what it will be like when this eventually works out, I shouldn't get ahead of myself here as we have to meet first of course, but I am only thinking Happy thoughts..

It is almost like something was awakened in me and I have learnt a new level of emotions and care just by getting to know you. Amazing.

I feel relief and joy, peace and excitement, warm and fuzzy, so amazed and grateful, full of thanks to God and fate and the powers that be...Even though we haven't met yet, I am optimistic...

I will leave you with this song:

Please listen to the lyrics.

Have an amazing day, I look forward to talking to you soon, Keep smiling and think only Happy thoughts..

Warm regards,

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