Romance scam letter(s) from Michael Dirk to Frances (USA)
Letter 1

Hi, how are you doing? Thanks so much for letting me email you on here, i thought to write you a more detailed insightful message about myself.I think you are a beautiful and sweet lady. I would like to get closer to you and learn more about you. You can also ask me anything more you would like to know about me.It would be nice to get to know these little things about you.Call me old fashioned but i like to do it the conventional way, get to know each other proper and see how things turn out eventually.
I'm currently in Milnerton south africa with my 8 yr old daughter Jessica on business, I got an invitation to participate in an art exhibition here in cape town. We have been here for about a week now we should be back to home to Pennsylvania after next week once we are done with the show here. The weather actually very nice and warm, not so harsh except in the early mornings and late night when its fairly cold. Things just started and aren't moving so fast, am sure it'll pick up soon. I'm indeed attracted to you and I'm happy we came across each other here.I also look forward to hopefully meeting you as soon as soon i'm back home. I would like to know what you desires are in your man. How u would like to be treated. The kinds of things you like and things you don't like ,so i can try not to annoy you or make you unhappy. what makes you my smile cos i would love to have you doing that always. I liked everything i saw on your profile. I hope you can be that woman i have been waiting for all this while. You seem like the match, the perfect friend for me and the type i would definitely like to share a future with. I'm willing to learn whatever it takes to please you and makes you happy.I totally gonna be myself and i expect the same from you but of there's anything you don't like about me as we go along don't hesitate to let me know.The things I want are maturity, love , companionship, friendship and everything else in between.Some one to think of and know that you are also in their thoughts.Someone to share you daily experiences with be it good or bad.Someone who remotely connects with you regardless of the distance apart.
Here are some things about me, some you must have read on my profile or probably not. Its been a rocky past couple of years.Due to my past state of mind, I have always kept myself busy and buried in my work. so i don’t get to think about anything else or anyone except my daughter and sometimes my mom. I like to spend time with my Jess when am not working, she’s my only source of joy and happiness. I wanna share that life with one as sweet as you. I wanna love again and be loved back in return. I love to listen to music, I like to sit back and watch a good movie when i want to relax.I roller skate sometimes like to play tennis and basket ball.I'm not much of sports person.. I travel a lot due to my job but sometimes i don’t. The other half of my house has my studio gallery, where i work from most times when am in town.
I would like you to send more pictures of yourself, I attached some of mine,hope you like em. As soon as we r back home i would love to come and visit you or have you come visit us in up here in west chester if you like, its got a lovely neighborhood and there's a lot nice places i would love to take you for Dinner. I have my laptop here with me and we have 24 hrs internet in our hotel. So i could talk to you whenever I'm in the hotel. Send me your number, so i could try to call you. I hope we can get to talk n stay connected at least till i get back home. Would be able to talk to you most evenings after work. Hopefully we can get to chat later.Have a lovely sunday Michael
Letter 2

Hi dear,how are you doing today?Its monday morning here and you should be in bed right now judging by the time here. I'm just about to start my day.Thanks for writing back and opening up to me about yourself, I really appreciate that.Its good to see we could learn alot about each other this way.Thanks for the pictures, you have got a lovely smile Jess and i are doing great here,i mean she seems happy and making new friends already.In fact she was able to adapt to the 7hrs difference much faster than i did.You know how kids can be.Its really good to see that we have a lot more in common than i even thought initially.I'm really happy to have met you.I'm hoping i can that man you have always wanted to treat as good as you want with satisfaction guaranteed. You know its been a while i been in a serious relationship but i am sure i would give you my best as i believe you will too.I know i am a sensitive person i dont fall easily but when i do, I fall hard and its all or nothing.I won't consider my self as a man who cheats,Don't mean to sound cheesy I am a one woman person. Over the past few years its been hard to concentrate on anything else other my work and my daughter. I think its the time to get back old loving side of me and to share with that one special woman, who will love me back just the same.I'm happy we are on the same page and want similar things in our relationships, this is why i am sure we wouldn't have problems getting along.Might not be that easy but all we need is time and a good communication till we both fully figure each other out. So what exactly do you do?I can tell you are a hard working lady and i admire that about you dear.I'm an easy going guy doesn't take so much to impress me and i try not to get offended easily too.I hate lies and pretense,its really scares me when i cannot trust the person i am in a relationship know what i'm saying?
I dont travel far like this all the time , sometimes i work around town and spend time at it should not scare you cos not home now cos i will be once am done here then we can sit together for coffee or dinner and talk in person.I recently moved to west chester so am not too familiar with many places,My daughter attends saint Agnes school on gay street Tell me a little more about your family.My daughter Jess means lot to me cos right now she is all i got besides my mom.How long have you been on the site?I'm really new to this online dating,so far i very impressed cos you have walked into my life and i'm willing to go all the way to make this work.I'm positive that this is what i want and have always wanted.Pls send me a number i could reach you on.I will mail you more later on when get back in.lots of love n have a a lovely day
Letter 3

Hey sweetie, how are you doing today?Its already tuesday morning here in milnerton and my day is just starting out.Its really nice to wake up and see that i have a nice message from you this morning.I guess i have being on your mind just as you have been on mine.Hope you had a good wednesday. Mine was pretty normal and we got back in around 8pm had dinner, caught up on some school work with Jess before she went to bed.I ended up watching some tv before finally going to bed myself. So far Frances, i like everything i have read about you and the more i seem to read the more attracted i am to you.I'm really glad i gave this a try, i never really believed in any of this.I really like you, i hope we get a chance to move to take this to the next level after we get together.However i do believe in taking things slow, there's no rushing into anything,i believe it would all evolve naturally as we go along.There's no doubt that I 'm highly attracted too you. I lived in greece with my parents till i turned 20, my dad retired from active service then we moved to the states.I lived in sandiego with my parents for many years and also attended college there.After college, i got a job and moved to denver Colorado where i got married settled down and had Jess.I recently relocated here to west chester Pa not long after my divorce, so you can say am new to the area.Jess lives with me full time, its been that way for a long time now so we are pretty much used to it.Its good to see you are close to your family,I miss having that. I was raised an only child cos my mom had complications after she had me.I grew up with all the love and affection but both parents.Not that i was spoiled in any way or over pampered or anything I remember having my dad spank me hard whenever i got really naughty,lol.I do miss him alot, everything i am to day learned from him.He passed way 9 yrs ago, that's why my mom moved back to Greece cos i was in college at that time, she needed to be closer to her family.She visits us from time to time....Kids are a blessing from God not ever one is blessed to have wonderful children so spending time with them should be as rewarding especially when they are growing up. Thanks for the number....I have my mobile phone from home here with me,it's got roaming service that supports sending and receiving text messages.I cannot make and receive calls with it while here.I would try texting you on it later today to see if it works that way.I also have a phone in my hotel room and was told that all i need to do is get an international calling card to be able to call home, that's what i'm gonna be calling you with just so you know its gonna be a foreign number So when exactly is your birthday?Mine is Nov 29th, that makes me a sagitarius and Jessica march 30th an about your sons?.I don't know much about signs, i just know they exist so don't think am some kinda zodiac freak,lol. Forgive my sense humor i could be unusually playful sometimes....I should go now so i can get us ready to leave for work.I will be thinking about you and hope we are able to talk again tonight Michael
Letter 4

Hey sweetie, hope you are having sunday so far,its past 10pm here thought i should write you again before going to bed.We came back in around 9pm. Jess is right here getting more relaxed we spent the rest of the evening indoors.I can in imagine how cold it is at home now, wish i could send you a big warm hug...The service on the phone has been very poor that's why i couldn't text much plus i have been up and down the whole day with Jess Today was also a lot of fun,We took a crane to table moutain, from where you could actually see the whole of Capetown Later on, we went shopping at the galleria, bought a few things for Jess and just window shopped all through the malls.its great to see have all these cool stuff here in africa, sometimes it doesn't actually feel like you are in africa with their level of civilization,its just like anywhere else in the world. we played some racing games at the arcade store, i had to let Jess win a few times just to cheer her I touched a crocodile for the first time at the zoo.There were actually harmless which is weird.Jess couldn't even come close,I'm sure most kids her age would do the same too. I'm sure you are enjoying your weekend too .Well its gonna be our last week here,I hope things move really fast so it can be weekend again and we can start coming home.I'm really looking forward to this final week cos its our last week here and very significant for the success of our trip here.I would be having bunch of meetings to close and round things up and return home by weekend Sweetheart, you are very close to my heart even though we are thousands of miles from each other presently.I will be the happiest man the day i get to hold you in my arms,soon enough all that is gonna happen.I should get off now,I'm a lil hungry and thinking of grabbing something snack on before going to bed, Jess is already sleeping....kisses n hugs Michael
Letter 5

Hey honey, how are you doing today?I'm just getting up feeling a little reluctant to do anything today, its like one of those days when you just like to sleep in and not do anything.I enjoyed my sleep and wish the night was longer so i could continue dreaming about Now am awake and there's a short message from nice!It rained a little last night and that cooled down the heat a little bit. I had no internet till a bit late this morning.I'm glad i could at least email and read from you this morning before leaving the hotel. You are one of the best things that has happened to me in such along time.I know in my heart that our paths crossed for a reason and its not a mare coincidence that we met.My heart has continues to swell with pride and joy knowing that i have met this wonderful woman whose grown to become a special part of me.When i think of you, i look at all your pictures and smile,its almost feels like am looking directly in to your eyes.I all the your pics saved in a file on my laptop so i can view them without going into my email. I feel like this kid again, having butterflies in my stomach when a thought of your crosses my mind.I think about the great times that lie head of us,i keep saying to my self the best is yet to come.I know that's true.I cherish the moments i spend communicating with you,its always the best feeling when you know there's someone out ther who truly cares for you.I'm shocked that we are able to establish this kind of bond and haven't met actually meet each other in person cos personally I never believed in meeting people this way.Who would have thought, I would be a living testimony to this.You make it a lot easier to cope with being so faraway from home....I have to go now, Hope to chat with you later..pls take good care of yourself and enjoy your day...hugs n kisses to you guys from Jess and I Michael
Letter 6

Hey baby,how are you doing today?I find my self missing you more and more each day, wish i'm able to write you a lot more often during the day.It means a lot to me that we are able to spend time together, you know that right.The project is about to end so are rounding up things to return home before this week ends.I'm both excited and nervous(in a good way)cos we are actually gonna be meeting in person for the first time.
Frances, I have been thinking about us a lot and I just want you to know my heart has already found it's way you. I want you and no one else. You mean so much to me already. I think we should try and make this work. You should know you're the one, and only one my heart wants and desires Not only are you perfect for me, you're the perfect friend and I hope we can and will be more. I am hoping and thinking that you're feeling the same way because my heart is set on you baby.I'm surprised i feel this way considering that we haven't actually met in person yet.I hope that's everything will turn the way i expect when i get back so we can be together.All we have to do is try to make it work.I cant wait to be with you my sweetheart.I think about you all the time and i know we are gonna have a good life together.I haven't felt this way about anyone in like forever.I feel very good about this.I hope you get to like me as much when we get together.
I was able to text you not long before we went to bed and I tried calling with hotel phone last night there wasn't any signal.Its just a few more days and we will be together.Will give you the details once the ticket has been confirmed,if possible we could meet at the airport.Jess says hi to you guys.Pls take good care of your self and don't work too hard till i return back home.I'll try again today to give u a call when i return to the hotel from work. Lots of love and kisses,Michael Here's me smiling at you with my hat backwards...i do that
me playing my guitar, not a pro but i try
Letter 7

Hi sweetheart,how are you doing?Its about 8pm Saturday evening here,I haven't got anytime to get on my im or let alone email you for the past couple of days, you must noticed.I'm sorry if i had you worried its just things haven't been so good lately.Jess is really sick right now and has been admitted in a private hospital not far from the hotel since Thursday night i noticed around midnight temperature became very high and she started shaking.I was so scared, i had to call the attention of the hotel manager, who helped me get cab and we took her to the nearest hospital not so far from our hotel where she got admitted. The doctors diagnosed and found out she's got "typhoid fever”. It must have been caused by untreated water she drank, most likely in my absence.This is why i haven't been able to get in touch to with you lately cos i have to stay up in the hospital with her most of the time,I only come in and leave almost immediately to get supplies when she is sleeping.I also misplaced my phone that night in the process of everything, thats why i couldn't even text you the situation but i know i would find it i just have to check around our room properly must have dropped somewhere.if only you know when i come into the hotel room in the morning you can call me here on +27782819596,its the not a mobile its the number I call you with from the hotel. We were supposed to be on our way back to Pennsylvania as you already know but couldn't make it cos of how bad she was.Even worse, turns out my meetings with the clients didn't go so well,we would have managed to still return home if not for Jess's present medical condition.The doctors say she is not in good shape to travel yet till she gets better,hopefully in couple of more days.Baby you have no idea how i feel right now about everything.How much i miss you and how worried i am about my daughter.I could never forgive myself if anything happens to her.I'm sure she will be fine as the doctors have assured me that.Who would have thought things would turn out so bad after it started off so nicely.
Baby,i cant wait for this to be over,i know it will very we can all be together at home where we belong.I really do care about you and mean everything between us with my whole heart.You mean so much to me, pls put me in your prayers always.I will be in touch as much as i can.Lots of love n kisses,
Michael Ps I love the pictures...very sweet
Letter 8

Hey honey, how are you holding up?its past 6pm on this side.Unfortunately, Jess is still in the hospital right now.The hospital is insisting we have to clear the bills before she can be discharged especially cos we are visitors and they say we could leave the country anytime without paying them plus its a private hospital so payments are made up front in cash.The only way the can let us leave the hospital is if we leave our passports with them, thats the only way they can ensure we wont leave the country without paying them.Since Jess is ok, I would rather have us back in the comfort of our hotel while we fix this than have us remain at the hospital.So if this is not sorted by tomorrow, i would have to give them our passports so they can let us back to the hotel.I would have gone to the embassy for help but the one in our state has been closed for months due to previous violence in the area, the nearest one is about 14hrs away and i couldn't possibly make it that far at this time. My only hope is the out come of a meeting i have with some guys coming in from durban early tomorrow morning.I hope they get to buy and pay for some pieces so we can be able to sort this out and come home.Wish me luck...I just want to be home so we can start our lives together or at least have my normal life back with Jess.I really want you in my life, you have brought so much joy to my heart the past couple of weeks and don't wanna loose you.....hugs n kisses
Letter 9

Honey,how are you doing?I was able to cleared the bills at the hospital now i have our passports back but I'm really sorry to inform you that there was problem at the aiprort. I just came in now hoping that i was just gonna get our tickets re validated at no extra cost since we already missed our flight.Now I am being told that the ticket renewal is $105 for each of us,the 2 of us would need about $210.I'm so devastated by this news.I have been trying to see how i could get them understand i need to get back home urgently on the next flight.I have nothing left on me just money to probably get a cab home from the airport.I dont know what to do baby,I never knew all this was gonna happen i should told you earlier when you sent the 100.Its a good thing i didnt check out of the hotel already, before finding out this. We would have been stuck in the airport trying to find help.Now am back in the hotel with Jess.I wish you could call me here just to comfort me and tell me all is gonna be well.I don't how you are gonna get the money,i hoping you are able to raise it.If we get it today we could get on the next plane home tomorrow at 7am south african time.I would send you the itinerary once i have renewed it.I love you so much, can't wait to hold you in my arms Michael
Letter 10

I havent been able to check my mail cos of the poor internet on this floor.No honey it is to be paid cash at the have to find a way to get it i said i would pay you back once we get home.its not a problem at al...its due process here to pay that way....we are staying hanging at the hotel the manger is allowed us to a smaller place, all our stuff are packed and we are ready to come home....I'm really sorry to put u in this n miss u Michael

Letter 11

Baby Pls try again today...the only solution to this is being able to get out of here so i can take care of all of us.why don't you go to ur bank and try to withdraw it normally.Jess is becoming very weak and i sense she will fall ill again...i really need you, i feel so sad that things are starting out like this with us and probably think am not a responsible man....i just happen to have this problem cos of my position...I realy need you please.All will be well once we get home Michael
Letter 12

Pls don't give up on us....we belong together.We will get through this.I still don't have any good new...I'm so worried, we need to find a way out of this long do you think u would remain over drawn, what if you had a n emergency.Not sound insensitive, wondering if you have any item you don't use or need that is disposable to get money, you do know i would pay you back.....I feel so angry cos i have never had to go through anything like this.Needing so little yet impossible to find.text me when you wake up. Michael
Letter 13

Just wanted to tell you honey, everything has been taken care of ...we even have a little change left, what would i have done without you.I just came in from the airport now, would forard you my copy of the flight itinerary,we would arrive tomorrow in philly.I'm so happy baby, we would be together pretty soon.text me when you wake up.hugs n kisses Michael
Letter 14

Hi sweety,i dont even know where to start explaining now,it just get crazier and crazier.we checked out of the hotel with intentions to get on the plane yesterday only for us to arrive there and we were delayed, saying we have exceeded the weight limit on our flight.We have lot of baggage with us cos most of the things i brought i was unable to sell.They are charging me $768 for the extra baggage cos i have alot of artworks in my luggage and it's quite a lot of baggage, everything was weighed in kilos and was charged per kilo.Honey, pls take a deep breath and try to understand me okay.I hate myself for being so shallow,i never been to this part of africa before my ignorance is what has brought all this bullshit up us.I hate my self for bringing this upon us all and i would forever feel the guilt.Once we take care of this, nothing would stop us from getting on the next plane home.I couldn't possibly leave everything i brought here behind cos it costs a fortune, I'm talking very valuable thousands of dollars and my whole life depends on it....Once i am back in Pa you will have all your money back, I have a record of everything you have sent me, it wont be a problem getting it all back to you in not more than 24 hours after we make it back home.I don't know what to do now cos i need to be home as soon as possible.I'm in a very uncomfortable position now pls mail me back asap,we had to return to the hotel (but a different room, the manager agreed to let us stay till we sort out of our problem here) since last night but i didn't know how to communicate this news to you been trying and trying to see how i can get this by other means but nothing seems to be working you with all my heart.I'm on my way to the western union now woth oseji, mom sent us $200 this morning after i called her to tell her,thats her weekly allowance from retirement and she sent it all to us, which leaves us needing only $568, i still have about 40 bucks left from the money you sent us yesterday....pls write me back or text me.Our tickets are still valid so dont worry about us having to renew it....airlines have it open so it not gonna be a problem as we missed last nights flight. Michael
Letter 15

Hi, Baby. how are you doing?I'm sorry for not havening contacted you earlier, my phone is no longer working and i havent been able to get online till now.You're always lighting up my heart with the things you do and say. I feel so happy just being with you this way. You're my baby, and will forever be my baby. You will always be the love of my life, and please never give up, always have faith in us also in yourself and you will gain the greatest gift of all, the gift of hope and love you righteously deserve. Every time I think of you my heart misses a beat. You're my theme or a dream! Every moment we share together we grow closer. I'm simply hanging by a moment, waiting to see you, so you can hold me so tight that all else fades, I thought after you left you would fade away from my mind, but still, everyday I wake up dreaming of our time together. I will never forget you. I hope you still think of me too.I love you with all that I am, all that I was and all that I will ever be. Please know that my love and I are inseparable and I would want it no other way and if time could express my love for you then it's forever and a day. I can't wait to be with you, see your smile, look in your eyes, feel your sweet touch, hear your perfect words and kiss your perfect lips. Pls send me a pic besides the old ones i have My phone has been off for days now, the battery is charging any more so you cannot text me.In the course of everything here, i realized our passports have expired there for there is no way of comming home without renewing it.The good news is, its not gonna cost so much cos we can have it done at the embassy in Johanessburg and have it couried back to us in cape town.its gonna take 3 working days to have this sorted out.Every other thing is intact and we wpont be paying any extra charges, just a renewal of our american passports.I need you to find a way to send us $250, before weekend.we wont be able to come home until 3 days after we make the request so pls bare that in mind.I miss being able to text you.I'm sure you must have been wondering why you hadnt heard from me.Baby you have nothing to worry about.I found out this the day we picked up the last $300 you sent us.I know i said thatw as the last money till this came up.There will be no reason whatso ever to send us anything can only email me baby, pls get back to me.The earlier the better.I love you with all my heart,Jess also sends her love. Michael
Letter 16

Wow, this is very ridiculous that you would make such accusations at me...I wouldn't do such a thing to any one let alone the woman i have grown to love so much.I wish you could see for your self the plans ahead of us and how happy we will be.I'm really sorry you feel this way but its nothing but the absolute truth.Do you think i would lie just to get a couple of hundred dollars from you.We can avoid all of this, i would be home i dont belong i just need to find my way.I made a terrible mistake by coming here and i blame no one but myself for all of this.I would and have never lied to you.I know its been hard for you and you need support, I want to be there to support you Frances, i want so much much with you.I wouldnt have made it this far without you.Pls think about it.I have no other way of convincing but i Guess time will tell cos there will be a time when you will look back smile about all we went through to be together. Michael
Letter 17

Hey honey,tommorow is fine and the contact is the same as you have before.We need nothing less than 450 if more its fine but please nothing less.I will be waitin to hear from Michael
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