Romance scam letter(s) from Dean Terry Tyler to Ruth (USA)
Letter 1

Morning my darling Ruth,

How has your day been gorgeous?i am so sorry for responding this late as i woke up to loads of important meetings and i couldn't even get hold of my drained phone. It is always so nice to read from you. Wow is what i said to your message because you have said so much and i am so happy you have told me this much. I am a very honest and genuine and i have been hurt in the past. It brings me Joy to find out that you are not here for games but here to grow a serious relationship. .I just want you to know that the thought of you keeps going through my mind since your last message... I find it so exciting writing you, its been along time since i have exchanged letters with someone, it makes me feel like a school kid again. I want to keep communicating with you until we finally get to meet each other in person soon .i so much believe in communication, what do you think? I am glad you answered my questions also it has really given me an insight of you and i have some good news i feel like the luckiest man in the world to have a sweet woman in my life like you to talk to.. I believe in this connection we have and i want us to make it the best because we are getting old and we need happiness and someone who will care for us and love us like no other by being there when we need each other and sharing a laugh together and holding each other at night by the fire place in winter or by the beach during summer.
I am a one woman man and i want to actually concentrate on you and you alone sunshine,lets see where it leads too or what do you think. I want to know more and more and everything about you and i want you to know everything about me. You are the only one i am talking to from that site. This dating stuff is really exciting, I cant believe we can actually learn about each other through this method of just writing to each other through the computer. I really miss being able to tell and express my feelings to someone i really care about and i cant wait to be able to let my feelings out again to you. I really like to express my feelings to that special someone.
I am a loving, sweet, intelligent and honest man. I always love to be open and totally truthful about everything i do no matter how good or bad the situation is, so I will really appreciate if you are honest to me in all you say and do.

i will answer the questions now

1 .How stable is your life over the past relationship?
Life is very stable. I am over everything now and i am stronger and ready to move on.
2.Have you learned something about yourself from every past relationship?
Yes i learnt quite a number of things from my past relationship and it has made me smart and stronger in handling situations.
3.Have you narrowed down your specific desires as to what type of person you want to meet?
I want a woman who is loving, sweet, caring and very understanding. I want a woman who is ready to listen to me when ever i have something to say and i want a woman who is ready to talk to me about absolutely anything. I want a very strong woman who believes in me and trusts me, this is the most important and well most of the things i want in a woman i see in your profile and also i love your smile(all I see is you )
4.Are you really over your past?
Yes am over my past now, and i am open now to love and beloved again. Because love is a very beautiful thing and i want to fall in love again.
5.How ready are you to love and beloved ?
I am so ready to love and beloved. I want to love my woman and make her feel like the best woman in the world. I know how to make my woman happy in all ways. Some things i will tell you when we talk hopefully later ..Wink Wink
6.Do you talk about your feelings with someone else?
Yes i talk about my feelings with God and the person which i have those feelings for i share it with her.That is my partner
7..How would i treat a woman like you if you been given a chance??
I will treat you like an angel that God has blessed me with and i will make sure i make you the happiest woman on earth,because your happiness will be my happiness.
8.What's your greatest fear?What's the craziest thing that you have ever done?
My greatest fear is actually failure. The craziest thing i have done is to make love in the park..It was in my teen age..I was very young then
9 What is your favorite color
My favorite color is blue...
10.What is your favorite food??
When it comes to food..I love vegs and also love my pasta and sea food... yummy! lol I am open to trying new things.....
11. Would the boy i was be happy about the man that i have become? Yes, he will be very happy cause i have dealt with alot of ups and downs in life and it did not break me. instead, i used it as a stepping stone to achieve alot but work wise and being a good man.
12.What do you consider your greatest achievement?
My greatest achievement would be looking after my success in work and life
13.Where's your Fav vacation spot?
Fav vacation spot would be the Carribeans,i also love Egypt and dubai
14 if i where to be an animal..I would love to be an eagle..Because of strength and site
15.Hinge is the only site i am on and i already deleted the app off my phone and my mind since we started communicating.
16. I am not talking to anyone except from you right now cause i am a one woman type of man and i don't like to cheat.
17. I was cheated on by my Ex in high school which broke my heart before i met my wife.
18. I think loving and caring for your partner comes naturally with love from the heart and my heart always tells me to make my woman happy and love her like no other because every woman deserves to be loved and listened to by their partner.
I am looking forward to hearing from you. I hope i didn't bore you with my life history dearest, i can't believe I was able to write this much, you are so precious to me so its worth staying up for, keep me in your prayers as I get set for the conference... Kisses and hugs
with love,
Listen gorgeous. v=JCjXaEbrLdw
Letter 2

Good-day My Darling Ruth How are you today and how was your day ? Firstly, I would love to thank you for all your emails and i really do want you to trust your instinct about me been real .I had a meetings with the Turkish board of interior committee.Today at 12 noon and it took like forever and i couldn't help but pray it ended on time so i could give a response to your emails.They wanted another detailed explanation about My work since they were really amazed and impressed with the work outcome so far . I can't stop thinking about you, like always it puts a smile on my face and make my heart race a little with joy. At the just concluded conference, I talked about my innovation in geological Construction Efficiency I called it (G.C.E Alpha) because it is the first of its kind, It saves cost for labor, Time and also increase the mining accuracy which means less damaged material, less error for drilling and Polishing of the gem stones, Just by running a software on my Mac book coupled with other equipment's. I will be running statistically and demonstrate a 3D review on how the software works. It has 3-D blueprint stimulation and it went as far as 3-D stimulation on how it scans the ground density to help you pin point the exact place to drill and a 3-D blue print for every floors and room any space in the structure, you can also design your intro decor using a registered application registered with google, wikipedia, yandex etc, to collect samples and remodel it to your clients taste.
A project planning and management that would take months or years to develop, my method and innovation cuts the time by 53.78% to 84% depending on the amount of information (data) that you upload to the software. enough about work, it is boring. The conference turned out to be awesome, a lot of new faces, new companies were present, and my 3-D stimulation gave me a standing ovation haha. but during most time of the conference I was distracted, the thought of you got me day dreaming and I had this smile on my face sitting and facing every other person at the conference. I usually do not smile that much unless I am the one talking, I pay attention to other respected Geologist, Engineers Contractors and Innovators share their ideas. but actually I was thinking about you most of the time. So one of the Board of director couldn't help but notice the smile on my face during the presentation and asked what if i wanted to share anything with him after Looking directly to my face, because I was day dreaming with smiles on my face, and I had a thought about what we both can do together (you and i), that made me giggle a little bit I said yes and went further to explaining that I think I met, not just a woman but a lady and the thoughts of her always make me smile.
The truth is that I realize how good it felt saying it. this is me telling you that I want this feeling, I want us, I really want us to work and if that happens hmm,I will hold your hand, hold you close, hug you tightly, kiss you on the lips and let you rest your head on my chest so that you can hear my heart beat… just for you.
Have fun. Listen to this
Always in my thoughts
yours sincerely
Warm hugs
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