Romance scam letter(s) from Patrick Carnes to Mick (USA)
Letter 1

What are you thinking?
Today very busy.
Security Company coming at 9am to update my system. Then I'm going to Charlie's to help her fill out government forms. Then out with the gang. New brewery with local music tonight. Tomorrow kayaking trip. Another busy weekend.
You? What will you do?
Letter 2

Hey hi honey
Thank you for updating me about your day as you know it’s a hard time for me to be separated from the woman I love so much at heart due to this rough circumstances about my identity. Other women will just stop talking but you have been strong for me and I appreciate that.
I’m doing very well and I’m working for the next 3hours. I’m getting my release file done today as well as it was sent by fax to my office. I got the notice.
How you doing and how was your night ?
Release papers wonderful news!!!
Can you share?
I will not be here in 3 hours.
Letter 3

Alright yes my love I can. Will get it scanned and sent to you later.
How are you doing honey ?
Good so busy
Gonna try to get my 5 mile walk in very soon before the day begins at 9am.
Send me a new picture. I know you have one somewhere on that computer or better a selfie, yes I would love that very very much!!!
What will you do tonight? Tomorrow?
Letter 4

Honey none for now. I have been advised. You know what is going on so kindly don’t pretend to not know. You yourself knows the reason why you have strengthened your heart so much. You’re not willing to let go and absolutely trust your man but you on the other hand want some proofs before you take the risk of continuing this relationship forgetting lifetime relationship is about risk taking. So kindly don’t ask me things I can provide at the moment. Especially not pictures on the internet. Thank you.
I have no plans for now. I will be sending some personal informations by fax to the Defense department and security. They are working on my identity protection.
Letter 5

So why the change my love. Or you just decide to treat me this way because of the on going blackmail to my identity?
Or what ? Because the change has been too rapid. Is like you don’t even want to listen to me anymore
Why Rhonda ?
All I did was to just love you and never to cause you no harm.
Now I can’t sleep well. I can’t eat well. I jus my can’t focus without thinking about us and where our relationship stands.
Remember this is will over. But how you treat me in this times will never l
eave my head.
Day was fine but I can’t stop thinking about you honey. I’m frustrated as chat ...
Dont be all will be fine
I have never been or felt better!
Letter 6

I’m not a scam. Just get that out of your head already. OMG
Had my nails done mani/pedi wish you could have one too lol
we can go together
fun things to share right?
Have you ever had a pedicure?
No scam talk ok?
I did not mention that.....
Is nice to chat this time of day
Letter 7

I really miss you babu.
I’m so sad. My days are so short and I don’t even go out to have fun anymore because I’m not happy
Why not happy? You should be ecstatic! You are leaving in a few weeks.
Have fun, life is to short not too.
I have my mind good. I am so happy with my life and my state of mind can not get better.
Life is what we make it.
I'm soaring high, thats where I want to stay living, loving, exploring this great earth god has created!
Tell me why not happy?
Letter 8

I’m not happy because of you
You’re my heart and with the way things are going I feel like I’m loosing you slowly
Letter 9

Dearest this mail is a token of my love for you, as a keepsake for you to treasure, and as a reminder of my commitment to us and to our life together. Sometimes we just can't express all our feelings in one short message of phrase, which is why i write a little too much to explain how i'm feeling and i believe you don't get bored reading a mail from me. We met at a time when self-doubt plagued us both and probably in that hour of need we bonded. That bond grew stronger over time and I know now that we were meant to be all along. The fact that I have you in my life, to love and to hold makes me feel alive and you my dear make me feel blessed to have you in my life. You have proven to me that love doesn’t cost a thing, because I can’t possibly imagine what I could have done to deserve this kind of love, Rhonda I appreciate you for sharing part of your heart with me, I promise to handle and guide it with my life. I am obligated by work to be far away from you at the moment; I suffer a lot when I realize you are not near. I know the circumstances make things be this way. I try to conform myself but I can´t, because thoughts of you can't make me sleep, it is more evident how dependent I am of your love. Your absence agonizes and hurts me, everything I see, hear or do reminds me of you. Distance is cruel. I want you to know that I love you, ALL OF YOU, and I always will. I am committed to our relationship until eternity. At times, in moments of deep frustration, I may have questioned otherwise, but that was my immature way of seeking love from you when I should have been looking for God, not you, to fill the void in my temporarily wandering heart. I sincerely and humbly ask for your total devotion to our relationship. I’m not in the business of denying myself the simple pleasure of saying true things. I know that love is just a shout into the void, and that oblivion is inevitable, and that we’re all doomed and that there will come a day when all our labor will pay off soon. Seeing you smile means a great deal for me, I would never want to see you sad. I would do anything humanly possible to keep your face all gloaming with smiles and laughter, because your love is everything to me. It’s even more than what I bargained for, I am glad I have got you. I will love you forever because you are the only one that deserved to be loved this tenderly. Rhonda when I first met you, I was unsure about how things would turn out for us. Looking at things now, I can be glad to say that it was one of the best decisions of my life to have chosen you, for you bring so much joy into my life. I know now that I would never want to part ways with you or ever let you go, you are the one who makes my heart so glad. I love you, always have and always will and I know that I am yours forever to keep. There are a million ways to tell you that I love you, but it would never suffice, for a love like ours can't be expressed so easily. I love the way you have integrated yourself so effortlessly in my life, it is no longer I or me, I know now that it will forever be "we". I have changed and you have changed me for the better, I can't imagine a better way to have spent my days than with you. You are the reason for all that is well with me. I love you more than you can ever imagine and more than anyone else in the world ever can. I do not say this with pride or vanity, I say this because it is a simple and the honest humble truth. You mean to me much more than anything else ever has and ever can. I am blessed to have you with me. Its not easy being so many miles away from you. but i kind of get inspired from this long distance love because i expect something or the other from it every day. I keep counting every minute and second until i get the opportunity to wrap my arms around you and fall asleep in your arms. I want to feel your breath on my shoulder and hear your laugh. You can't imagine how much i want you at this present moment. I can't wait to feel your touch. I love you. but the pain of missing you that i am going through is absolutely worth it. You are the only one who is worthy of my love and i could wait a lifetime for the most wonderful person on this planet. FYI : I shared a favorite music link with you via YouTube so do check it out by Phil Collins. link Below Till we meet soon. You're forever in my heart.
Patrick Your Man.
Letter 10

Hi baby just got back and need to go to the store. I am cooking dinner Friday night for about 12?? Not sure if I am going to invite a few, they will be so hurt if I don't so still up in the air on that one. They have all been working from home. I just wanted to comment on the beautiful jester you made on HANGOUTS.
When you said that you would give me passwords, how sweet and the thought makes me love you even more. I don't want to sound like I do not care, but the truth is. Please don't
I am so bad, that I don't even want to look at most of my stuff! let alone yours!, and I would never remember it anyway!
I want your opinion of my thoughts. I do believe advise and opinions are different do you??. Just me, I do and will trust you until reason is given to do so otherwise. I will not ever feel the need to look through your phone while you are in the bathroom or sneak around searching..or to see who's calling, or texting, I may not even asked who called... Just me You know I hate being in the office(BTW glad you can handle it). I am not a jealous person nor have I ever been. I used to love when Bob flirted with cocktail waitresses and they flirted back with him in Vegas. He needed that, it made me feel good. To me it didn't mean he wanted them as his mate he was having fun. I never felt threatened, well there was some drool sometimes, or I would ask him to at least close your mouth, as some are very beautiful or remove the sparkles from his face. Again Just me. I will believe in your word and promises that's good enough for me. If I felt deception, or lies, not trusting, jealousy or the fear of another on the back burner or when you get home. Please tell me. I'm not worried about it as you have no reason to deceive me or I you. Talk to me I will hear you, We are new at this, I want to hear how you feel. Until I feel something is not right I will confront you! Not search. I have no time for that in my life. So know you may be getting involved with someone that be very different than other girls, women. Again Just me... If you want another please seek them out! Just tell me I will be no fool.
Tell me I need to go on the back burner until you are sure about a serious relationship with only me. Hopefully I will wait, but probably not.....Maybe we could remain friends who knows really. Again just me... We cannot go into a relationship like we are both seeking with any of this in my opinion. I want us to be free from all this. I may be dreaming, but let me. I do not want to be a girlfriend that always has to wonder and know what you are doing...Who you are with...If you're having fun without me, I would hope you would be, I want you happy. Again just me... Honesty is all I want, that's what is needed to get our union off to a good start! Let me know your opinion. Does this make sense or am I in my own world? Love Rhonda, hopefully we can chat tonight when you get back.

Letter 11

Hi precious, this mail from you is just beautiful. In short i love you wholeheartedly. I believe we can talk about my opinion when we chat during the day.
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