Romance scam letter(s) from Joshua Barnes to Lori (USA)
Letter 1

I am not sure if this is going to get through so would keep it short... Babe, i've missed you so much and so sorry i've not been able to get in touch.. As you rightly guessed, i am currently off base leading a field ops delta team to deliver a vital equipment to another base across the border as well as oversee it's installation... I am so pissed to be away from the comfort of base where i have the chance to connect with you regularly but i had no choice babe..It was short notice and had to get going immediately which is why i couldn't inform you before leaving.. . Internet connectivity is very restricted over here and I am discreetly using my AT&T SIM on roaming to send this message and not sure i have enough data left on this device to communicate as often as i would want :( .. Words can't describe how much i have missed you babe i haven't slept properly since we left base I have not been able to get you out of my mind and it really sucks not getting to keep in touch with you....It's great that you thought it wise to email me you should've seen the huge smile on my face when i signed in and saw your Emails. What i have to do is to try and get a couple of iTunes cards so i can secure more data for my SIM which will give me the chance to either text or email at least cos i really miss chatting with you Lori :-(..I'll try my very best to get them babe don't worry... This connection i have with you is very important to me and i cherish it so much. 💙 Not sure how long it'll take for everything to be completed here but not too long i hope.. Took a picture earlier and would be attaching it.. Hope you are taking very good care of yourself out there.. I LOVE AND MISS YOU SO MUCH
Letter 2

Babe, thanks for the lovely messages and pretty pics ! Loved them :-) . I am however extremely disappointed about one thing you said in your response :( . I understand that it must have been tough for you being offline for sometime and out of reach but for you to quickly assume I may have ghosted on you and for no other reason than ‘being fake ‘ really got to me 😯😞..Does this mean you still harbor such thoughts after all I’ve said to you and all the sacrifices I’ve been making to keep our connection going ?? There can’t be a relationship if trust and doubts exists and it really saddens me as I’ve put a lot into this physically and emotionally to make you know that my feelings for you are genuine and I’m really committed to this . It sure puts a lot into question for me and makes me wonder if you really mean it when you say you love me ☹️.. Anyway work is still ongoing and it’s been a long hard day under the blazing sun . Sorry I couldn’t get on to wish you a happy mother’s day and hope you had a wonderful day ? ..Internet connectivity is still a major issue for me out here and I had to move to higher grounds just to send you this ..I really need those iTunes cards to make it easier but it’s been hard working on that with the current communications limitations .. Time for me to go get something to eat and get some much needed rest it’s been a tiring day . Stay well and keep safe
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