Romance scam letter(s) from James Albert to Evelyn (USA)
Letter 1

We write to inform you regarding your parcel in our custody, that is due to be dispatch for final destination 544,kelly lane van Alstyne, TX 75495 USA unfortunately the parcel have been held by the body of I.M.F(International Monetary Fund) in Brasilia Brazil, to pay $3,635
For the certificate of (International Monetary Fund) to confirm the Legalization and Authentication of large amount of foreign currency.The International Monetary Fund certificate is needed as soon as possible to confirm the legality of fund before the release of the package box to be dispatch to the Beneficiary address. kindly check attach for the bill,Your urgent response is highly needed, our customer satisfaction is our priority

Regard, operation manager, Florence Boucher.
Letter 2

James is in the hospital Samaritano and extremely ill.
Please contact the administration office to locate the Doctor on his case.
Letter 3

Good day Mr Eva
Glad to hear everything that you have in mind about this whole thing, i am sad about it because i am the one working hard to make everything easy for him, i believe there's good thing in every situations, if you make it out you will know how much it's to live without problems, everyone have go through one or two circumstances!
we have talk in person and i see something good in him that's why i have stood to help him in with my professions. I pray he get's better with the one bag of blood i bought for him when i saw him yesterday, he's really getting thin i will do what i can to make him come home to his daughter he have told me much about his family, i am sad what happened to his mom and i believe if he make it home i will travel to the states to visit him on his mom funeral Mrs Eva there's nothing here to investigate, i believe if James find out what's you are thinking about him he will be sad about it and can lost his life because of this hearts breaks that;'s going on with him now, now is the time he needs you most in his like, don't let him down, This is not about money, if he need just your money i won't be here helping him as well with my money and he's till owning me more funds but i am still here because of the caring heart i have for others, this man could help me in the future things happens for a reason in this crazy world.... I have not get to see him today i have meeting.. i don't have his bank number i would call them to know if they have help him do the online bank or what did they need from him to do it.. Have a nice week madam, i am a very busy person, i replies emails mostly weeks Att, Fredy
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