Romance scam letter(s) from Carl V. Barris to Jane (USA)
Letter 1

The network here is poor so I keep in my notepad my thoughts and things to share. To be frank, it's worse than I thought here.
The first day I got here I was met by receptive and hospitable people.
We made our way through the warm Tehran weather with views of the beautiful landscapes in the background. The dichotomy I faced over the next couple of days almost caused me to cry.
The massive burial pits that can be seen from space.
The country's struggles with a shortage of medical equipment and protective gear.
The injustices against women, children and the elderly.
Women are raped and the girl child sold into early marriage while boys are shooting and killing before they even hit puberty.
There's no respect or regard for the elderly.
I saw kids playing soccer and a cat was the ball an elderly lady told them to stop and they threw the dead cat at her... made me sick to my stomach. Animal cruelty and disrespect at it's peak.
Almost everyone has lost a relative(s) to terrorist violence here.
There are deprived of Basic amenities but the government seems to be living in royalty.
The pollution is so awful people wear masks (even before Covid).
(April 12, 2020) We are in the coach headed back to our apartment.
We did some distribution and made contributions to some people here in South Tehran, seeing old women lay their clothes on the ground for us like we were some sought of Messiahs was a real tearjerker. Mom we've been robbed. Mom our belongings are gone...
They took everything, money, passports, documents even our clothes Our security guard has been brutally assaulted The assailants were caught on CCTV If God is carrying dad out of the lions den, He will see me through whatever.
All my credit cards are gone...
All my money Over 2,500 Swiss Francs 😤 Our superior has sent a letter to the UN and the Swiss Embassy.
For now we are just livid. Hopefully we get a reply by tomorrow. Meanwhile we've called the Iran police and they still haven't arrived
Letter 2

No money
No appetite
I'm lethargic
And having minor panic attacks I have been sitting under what looks like an oak tree for the past hour now. As the wind blows with a distinct smell of burned wires and tires, my phone connectivity fluctuates, it's battery falls simultaneously and with no distractions left, I take stock and reflect on my life. When we are done with this mission, God willing, I will proudly wear my medal and laminate my certificate of service because I know it wasn't easy but I came through successful.
Hopefully this will also go a long way to also help secure my dream job at the UN.
I am not a quitter. God hasn't given me a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind.
Deep down I know I come from greatness, I attract greatness and I AM GREATNESS. The Swiss embassy contacted us and asked about our wellbeing.
They claim they are already under immense pressure by citizens stuck overseas trying to come home. So they can't guarantee anything but they will liaise with the UN. A representative at UN said she spoke to the Iran ministry for foreign relations and they have diplomatic issues with moving us even to a neighboring country. It will take about 10 working days or more to get permits and documentation.
She added that, Iran was denied an IMF loan last week so we should be careful we are not used as bargaining tools, we should stick together to avoid getting kidnapped. Jane, as if all this isn't enough we are being kicked out of the apartment.
The establishment owner said he's receiving death threats for keeping us.
He's terrified and doesn't want his building burned to the ground with us in it. So he kicked us out and has replaced the broken locks. The Irani police came this afternoon, asked about 2 questions about the robbery and spent the rest of the time trying to extort us for money us to do their work, that didn't even get me irked as much as they passing backhanded comments in their language about us trying to be heroes and not staying in our country to mind our own business. And that they will quarantine us with covid victims if we are seen outdoors and do not observe the lockdown. Then UN is saying it could take weeks. Irani government is turning a blind eye. Sorry Mom.
My internet bundle will exhaust soon - I'm left with less than 50mb. I doubt it will last me to tomorrow. I know a friend of Dad's who can help me, I have his card in my diary, which was in my satchel, which was stolen. The security guard said he knows someone who can help us, so I called up a mate and we went to a hookah lounge and met with a Brock Lesnar looking guy, we followed him to the back door into an alley and the security guard starts babbling in Farsi and lifts his shirt to show some bruises on his ribs.
Macho dude said we should call him back in an hours time. We wait. The whole day I've eaten just dates and drank water. We slept in front of a convenience store. Still haven't had anything to eat. I used to have stomach ulcer when I was young I just hope this doesn't erupt it. We don't have water. My money got finished yesterday. Only 4 of us had a little change on us and yesterday we put it all together to buy fruits so we all could eat something. They are asking for $5000 Mom. He told the security guard in Arabic that the robbers can get more than they requested on the black market.
So if we want our stuff we best be fast about it. I told the team and the they've already started making calls trying to scrape up something. Money is still coming in. In a few hours we'll have more than half. Everyone is making contacts. Trust me nobody wants to spend a day more here. Jane what's going on? I've read it and I'm lost. Do you believe the article? I don't know what it is you are thinking but you are mistaken. Mom it's left with my part. We don't want to spend a minute more please. I promised the team I could trust you. So you won't send the money? I'll pay 500 for the passport, and I'll need 500 for upkeep until I get my credit card replacements and pay you back. Which part Jane?
It doesn't make sense that we are being ransomed for our passports in IRAN?
Or that even after I get my passports I'll need to buy something to eat. He told the security guard in Arabic that the robbers can get more than they requested on the black market.
So if we want our stuff we best be fast about it. What will hurt me is that UN will take 24/48 hours to come and tell you the same thing I told you and our only chance of getting out will be dashed and we'll have to be here for at least 3 more days. Well if it's not from your heart I don't want it.
Letter 3

Dear Captain Barris, CONSTRUCTION ACTIVITY & PROJECT REPORT Projects in Final Construction Phase: VILLA MUDITA, KWELA, KOMOREBI - Contractor: Swan Construction.
(Value of Contract - $2,270,000) Pace of work has delayed over the past few weeks with a division of labour on various water and sewer improvements in the Euclid corridor, as well as alley improvements and street reconstruction on Voorpret.
All underground improvements on Mudita were completed in March. Storm sewer main installation in the alley north of Kwela and east of Komorebi was accomplished as well. Concrete patching and various sidewalk, curb and driveway installations along Kwela also continued last month but are still not complete. Completion of street reconstruction of Komorebi should be accomplished by mid April. Underground work on Mudita should be done in about two weeks, to be followed immediately by roadway building activities.
The project remains approximately three weeks behind schedule with a currently projected completion date of about May 12. Project costs appear to be tracking near bid amounts. PAVEMENT AND STREET IMPROVEMENTS - Contractor: L. S. Hartman.
(Value of Contract - $1,680,000) Work on Grandview is substantially complete. All underground work on Brandon and Cranston Court was completed before March ended. The Brandon roadway has been excavated and concrete placement started this week; the roadway base course should be installed by May 3. With just minor exceptions, all concrete work on Akubekuhle and Miller court is complete; those roadways have been milled and the binder layer of asphalt installed. The final surface course and landscaping should be done on Gesondheid, Miller Court and Grandview within two weeks. The project is about a week behind the original schedule and all work should be substantially completed by May 20. Project costs are tracking somewhat above bid amounts due to additional storm sewer and street undercutting work. UBUNTU, GLENWOOD METRA PARKING LOT - Contractor: Glover's Landscaping.
On March 6, the Village Board approved Plan Commission and ARC recommendations as well as construction and related engineering contracts. Project construction began in mid-March. Work accomplished to date includes initial removals, storm sewer and underdrains, excavations to grade and preparations for curb pours. Work is progressing satisfactorily and the lot should be substantially completed in early May. I reckon SVH has received your recent request for payment in full.
Mr. Reindolf said he is aware the initial payment of $52 million made to your account was not part of the terms you agreed on last year. But if you bear with him, a lot has changed since then. In effect, he is saying due to the unforeseen turn of events caused by Covid-19, they will be unable to make full payment this month. They want to keep our good business relations going so they will be endorsing a good faith payment of $820,000 and they plan to make similar weekly/monthly payments until your account is fully paid. Mr. Reindolf said all efforts to reach you over the weekend proved futile. He would kindly appreciate you returning his calls. Nonetheless, he will send you an official letter to that effect. So far, this is what has been intimated to me. Attached are pictures of the current state of the project. Sincerely, Mr. Hans Visser.
Chief Foreman.
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