Romance scam letter(s) from Robert Edwards to Kathy (USA)
Letter 1

Hello Kathy
How are you doing tonight and how was your day and I hope it hasn’t been too boring for you? Mine has been great and I've been indoor relaxing and keeping distance amid all this
pandemic and I really do hope you are doing the same. I'm glad to hear back from you and thanks for sharing such a beautiful picture of you with me. I want to take some time out to tell you a little about myself.
My name is Robert Edwards, I consider myself as a distinguished looking, I am 6'0 with an average build. I have white short hair,Hazel eyes and an olive complexion. My personality type
tends toward being outgoing. People would most often describe my temperament as energetic, understanding, very supportive, very caring and warm and very passionate and loving; I'm very
sarcastic. In regards to punctuality,I'm always early.
I have a 17years old daughter who live with me her mother passed away 4years ago when she was 13,I must tell it's not been easy been a single parent. I was born in Italy. My main interests
in life include my work, daughter, friends, and my faith.I truthfully enjoy Religious music as well as reading Bible, driving with my top down in the country.
Am a conservative man that is content, secure, generous, romantic, values honesty, honor, courage. I would love to take time to meet someone Loving,Caring,Honest,Trustworthy,God Loving
with Sense Of Humor. In order to build a lifelong romance.romance. I've been a labor construction for many years - so I really like to Constructing good road every chance I get!
I like to live in jeans, but enjoy sporting a jacket and tie on occasion.I am a poem and poetry writer, and into philosophical matters. I enjoy the outdoors, spontaneous fun and will dance with you, and live for long evenings of committed conversation. I am intelligent, honest and good heart-ed man, non-smoker and non-drunken, good sense of humor. I guess my dreams would be
is to be happy with my soulmate. I like to play sports just as much as I do watching them. Most of all i like to spend time with who I am with, and cuddle up and watch a movie. It is my opinion that we all want the same thing in regards to a partner, and that most of us either do not know how or is scared to and sabotage themselves from getting it. Okay, I like the outdoors, but I don't care about hunting or fishing, well I will fish with an un-baited hook if it means I will get to spend some time with someone I care about.
There are a lot of things I like doing as in boating, riding motorcycles, camping, etc. My ultimate goal and what I think would make me happy is to have a woman by my side that I love and
loves me... My education includes a masters degree.I have 1 pet, a dog. I also enjoy dogs, cats, birds, horses and fish.My religious affiliation is christian and I observe religious practices daily. I don't smoke and don't drink. I don't do drugs. I am tolerant of others' indulgences.I enjoy a vegetarian, fish and meat diet.
I like to cook. Foods I enjoy include anything Italian, Mexican food and intercontinental dishes. I have no tattoos, no piercings and usually wear one or two items of jewelry. I don't wear
makeup. I have no interest in politics and I am a member of the know nothing party.I enjoy reading. Some of my favorite books is first knight. Some of my favorite musicians/songs is don
moen. I watch news or sports shows and I watch videos and movies. My favorite shows include Oprah. My favorite movies include James Bond series and old romantic movies. I'm currently
living in a house. My ideal dwelling would be a beach house. My house keeping habits are about average. My place is"clean enough to be healthy." I drive a European sports car. I would like
to meet a loving,caring and honest woman, who will love me for me and I will also do the same to her in return...i am new at this online date site,so i am not always on here and will remove my profile when I find someone. I think that basically all you need to know about me. Mornings can be spent like two birds in the same bath splashing water.. there is a lot more to my heart but you will have to write in order to find out. I'm financially secure. If there is anything you will like to know about me. You can go ahead an ask me and I will be asking some few questions in my next email. I so much look forward to learning more about you too and I hope all what I've written is not too much for a start.
Have a very wonderful rest of the day and God bless you.
Letter 2

Hi Kathy,
How are you doing and how has your day been? So good to hear back from you and it's really nice learning more about you. I will really love to know much more about you. This Pandemic
has really been affecting everyone livelihood and I have been praying for the world and I really do hope and pray all the pandemic come to and end soon. I am presently not working and I am
caught up here in MN, I live in Newman, CA and my daughter is home alone and it's safe we also keep some distancing due to the danger with our age. I'm a construction Engineer and I really
do hope it will be safe out there again so I can be with my daughter. I had to join the online dating cause everything has been so bored and I also understand life is too short and I decided to give the online dating a try. I will love to know more about you and I hope you are also keeping safe. I was born and raised up in a Italy my father was an Italian man while mother is a British born and live in America most of her life she was on a mission to Italy when she and my dad met and got married What is left of my family is now rather spread and I have sadly lost some close relatives in recent years so there are not so many of us anymore! Its one reason why I like Christmas and Easter holidays ... they are good opportunities for re-unions. I was born, in a nursing home in Carrara, Tuscany. Carrara is now is a beautiful and rather expensive commuter town and university city about 132.9 to Tuscany city. It has some of the most amazing designer clothes shops outside of Carrara in Tuscany, Italy, and there many things to do there like island hoping, Medieval games plus food festivals are great things to do when you visit and for someone who likes to keep up with fashions it has everything. In those days when I was small it was anything but affluent. where I grew up until I was 9 was set in the heart of Carrara Villaggio. To give you an idea of how humble the house was ..there was no bathroom, the bath was in one corner of the kitchen, no central heating, an open fire in the living room and a coal stove to heat water in the kitchen. This childhood paradise lasted however only 9 years, but they were the happiest years of my life so far! As to my future family .. .I was at the age of 25 years old. I started my work as a Labor construction cause my dad was also a construction engineer little by little, My Father and my mother had to rent a apt where we both live in California, she died a week after my father will be 9 years he has been late. It one of the days i can never forget in my life when I lost my mother... Chloe is a great Daughter to me and I adore and admire her a lot and she is 17yrs.A very friendly and beautiful young lady, . she like movies Comedy and Adventure. I brought her up in the Christian way I was thought by my parent. She's schooling here in CA.
What time do you get up in the weekday morning and go to bed at night?I like to be in bed by 10pm on a weekday and tend to be up around 6am or 6.30 am if I have to be at work in the office
(or later if I am working from home) but I do enjoy a lie in at the weekend even past 9am, but that enjoyment is sadly limited without my sweetheart to cuddle up to and make breakfast for and bring a coffee to in bed.
Hope hear from you soon...
2. Dark Chocolate or Milk Chocolate?Both!!!
3. Favorite flower?A Fragrant rose!
Letter 3

Hello Kathy,
How are you doing and how has your day been and I hope you are keeping safe and staying safe and only leave the house for Essentials. Mine has been great and I've been staying here
sleeping and watching the news and hoping a news for the cure for the Covid-19 will be discovered and I hope it does soon cause staying indoor can be boring but we really do need to stay
safe. Thank you for the wonderful email and it's feels great learning more about you and I will really love to know and learn more about you. I'm willing to share more about my personalities and what I want from a woman with you. This is going to take a long time to read, think about and absorb. If you sometimes don't understand what I am trying to say when I write you letters just ask me to explain. I sometimes ramble.
However, no one is perfect although I try hard. to be the best I can be. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with responsibilities and just sit down and cry.
I own my home (My house is paid off ). The house is 2,000 square feet, living room with gas fireplace, dining room, kitchen and great-room combined; a large Master bedroom and large bath;
a guest bedroom and bath. This is a gated 40 and over community. I've been told that there about 2,000 homes in there but that wouldn't stop me from relocating(If we can get a good home
together) when I find the right woman.
I'm Self-Employed... Working in the field of Wiring,Construction Of Road, Houses and Pedestrian Bridges.
After my late wife passed away I was very sad and decided I had to keep working or I would never get out of bed and then I realized anyways that I still needed the extra money. I work 8:45
a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and Friday.. I get up in the morning at 6am. I sometimes have to take a nap getting up so early. I don't like getting out of bed so
early,Since I am alone it is good for me to get out and be with people. I would be retired very soon so that i can enjoy the rest of my life with my lucky woman. I have worked hard most of my life and now I want time to do fun things for myself and my woman.Pets: I have two little Yorkies. Name Penelope and Blossom.
What do I like to do for fun? Well, Love to read, watch TV and listen to Gospel Music I love history. And I also like shopping. I like watching NASCAR races the Indy 500; and the winter
Olympics on television and I have my favorite evening shows on television. I like walking in the snow and making snowmen and snow angels, but do you get snow???? I like decorating the
house and yard for holidays; I like yard work planting roses, lilacs, pussy willows, etc
I would hope that I would never have a reason to fear my woman, that you would be loving, kind, patient, caring and gentle; Second off, I would want to know that you love me just as I would
Letter 4

Hello Kathy,
Thank God today is finally over and we both survive the day and I will be praying for the world again before I go to sleep. It's so great to hear back from you and learning every little thing about you feels great and it's feels like I've known you for a while now. You have qualities in a woman that I would treasure. Communication as you know is very important to me. First in getting to know one another this is very valuable. But the important part of communicating is being honest. We can talk and talk and make our self look and sound good but unless we are
completely honest we will be disappointed when the time comes to finally meet each other in person. I have lived now for a awhile and have traveled many places and therefore I feel I have
learned to accepted myself for who I am. I always try to be a good person to myself and others. I prefer people who are nice, kind, respectful and honest. People who view themselves better
than others or think they are I do not like. I want to find a woman who respects herself. A woman who takes care of herself mentally, spiritually and physically.. I want a woman who is willing to work hard at our relationship. Someone who will contribute to improving and helping us grow together and as a family. While we are able he needs to and wants to work hard (like I will) to have nice things in life and to work hard so we can be comfortable together in order to enjoy ourselves. We must be the example for our child in raising a family and she must be the woman I will love forever. There is so much more I could tell you but I will end here. I only hope you can understand where I am coming from. Again, speaking of age - I am at a point in my life - where I do not want to play games. I have opened myself to you and would like to know more about you and see other pictures of you. I have seen the ones on your profile so please send me a new recent picture of yourself. And finally one last thing with regard to age - there is an age difference between us - so I will just come out and ask you - how do you view and feel about that our age difference? Please tell more about when we can meet and what plans you may have for the future and it will be so great to hear your voice. Please kindly share your # with me. I hope to hear from you soon.
Hugs & Kisses
Letter 5

Hi Kathy,
How are you doing this beautiful morning and how was your night and I hope you are keeping safe and keeping distance and I pray God save us from all this Pandemic? Mine was great and
I woke up today with a very beautiful thought of you on my mind. Thank you for the beautiful picture. I thought I would tell you what I was looking for, and see what you think.... All I am looking for is "True Love," no Games, no Playing around, just want to find my soul mate in life...the one woman I connect with in every way... I do know very much about you, yet any man that does not treat you with respect, true love, genuine kindness and caring is absolutely a fool. True Love can be given without being shared, but a shared Love still allows for your special loved one to grow.
To me, there is nothing more special than a shared Love. One that delights in our loved one's achievements, and growth as a person. One that has no jealousy, anger or mistrust. I believe
when I have met the right person, we will believe so completely in each other, and Love each other so completely, that we will trust without hesitation as well....
I am a lovingly touchy person. I like to hold hands, hug and kiss ... when appropriate... I like open affection, but in good taste, not for affection sake. I love to look into my loved one's eyes, and often get accused of starring... But I stare at flowers too, they never complain that I could look at them from when the blossom until they fade away... I like being touched too. Held and having my hair played with... I like simple things, not complications and overbearing...
I want my soul mate to be my best friend, so I can always talk with him, and my other friends all accept and love her too, that she can accept and love them back. Life is so short, why do
people make it so complicated by wanting everything they see...and forgetting that we are here to Love one another, not "bed as many as we can" and have nothing true and genuine when
our time comes... I believe it takes "a lot of time" to know someone, and when an actual "relationship" does start ... I still believe intimacy should be saved until "you know" they are someone you want to be with. I told a friend once, if people would date for six months to a year or more without sex, they would know the person, and either be just friends, or continue on with an Intimate Loving Relationship, and have a much better chance of it lasting. I did not say "making it last" as I have tried that, and trust me, you never want to "make" anything happen, it is either there or it is not... Let go and let God ... and save yourself, you'll be happy you did. Hope that wasn't too much, but it is honest and all me...I look forward to reading your thoughts and comments, And I have a hypothetical question for you. Lets say we were married and we stayed up late laughing and enjoying each others company while getting to know each other better.
We end up making love most of the night and fall asleep without putting the alarm on to wake us up in time for work. When we do wake up in the morning, we're not late , but we need to hurry
up and get ready. Would you take a shower with me to save time or would that be to embarrassing for you ? Or Maybe you would want to shower alone, just thought I would ask as it was
something that was on my mind and I was interested in how you feel about something like this. as I am awaiting your answer. Well Babe, I have to go for now and I will look forward to read
back from you. Have a nice and lovely rest of the evening and take a very good care of yourself for me... Hugs & Kisses
Your Dear One,
Letter 6

Hi Kathy,
How are you doing and how has your day been and I hope you are keeping safe? I am very sorry I haven't written you all day. I have been relaxing and trying to find a better time to write
you. I am so happy we are both matured enough to understand what we need in life. Please do not blame my feelings! I don't want to lie to you nor to myself so I urge you to be happy that you have a man who expresses himself just the way he feels rather than pretend or lie. The truth is, a journey of a thousand years start with a single step. The best we can do is what we are doing now . If you cannot know me now and love me for me, believe me, you will not love me when we are together. Love knows no bound and distance makes us know if truly we are in love or not.
One can not wait till one meets a man or a woman before one decides to love one another cos if that is the only way it works, there won't be dating sites. Let me make an illustration here
perhaps it will help you hit the right point. When you meet a man who is handsome and you too look sexy and you both meet at a cafe or mall, without knowing any thing about each other,
your minds jump and most of your decisions would be controlled by what your are seeing, I mean the handsome in him and your sexy look will make most of the decisions for both of you and
before you even get to know one another, you are already making love and having sex and before long, you begin to know the person and in the end, he might never be the right man for you
and you may not be the right woman for him. Then, it is already late to make some corrections, but all you can do is to say farewell to each other. That hurts I bet! But if you both meet in
writing just like the real dating works, both of you have not seen each other apart from the pictures and if you can express yourselves and fall in love under such condition, then I promise that when you both meet, the main chemistry is already there and such relationship would last forever and ever. This is the reason I joined the dating site; to look for my own woman, my best friend, my own wife, my own love, my sweetheart, my co-pilot, my angel, my all and every thing, someone that will love me for me no matter the condition and she is sure to get more of equal love. I am so happy my heart is in for you and wants you for the rest of my days. I urge you not to lie to yourself as well. You had joined the dating site as a matured woman knowing fully well that a serious relationship has to be built first through writing and then you meet for the main chemistry... I really can't wait to hold my woman's hand, Hope to hear from you soon
Hugs & Kisses
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