Scam Email(s) from Robert to Eloha (USA)


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Letter 1

hello - okay - take care okay?

oh really? - but i think you are feeling well now right? - God will see you through okay?

are you there? - nice - what are you eating there dear? - hello

oh nice food, what is your time there now? - oh nice food, what is your time there now? - okay -take care ear - nice meeting you dear

hello how are you doing? - spiders? - well, they are also part of life, you know - how are you doing today? - Dear, dont say that okay? You are not going to have any cold okay? - am fine dear - are you at home now/ - hello - alright dear - take care - bye for now

So how are you doing today? - I hope you are doing well? - Am doing great ,dear - I was worried when you told me you are not feeling well? - thank God you are fine today - yes am working today,dear -

Yes dear what is the time there now? - Dear are you there?

Sorry am at home right now and my time here is 5:40pm here - Am out of my country to work somewhere and i dont usually tell people that i travel but you i have to tell you now dear - Am on a contract in China for the past three month now - but everything is alright here




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