Romance scam letter(s) from Bradley Garrett to Karen (USA)
Letter 1

Dear Special Friend,
Good Morning, how was your night? I want to thank you for accepting me as your friend. About me: I was born on the 11th of September 1961. I was born to Joanna and James was adopted by a family, Judy and Russ. My new mother was a homemaker and my new father was an officer in the Air Force he was in SAC and flu B-52. I did very well in school, I think in part because I loved reading. As time went on, I met and fell very much in love with my late wife. I finished college and got married. I loved being married I loved doing and being involved with the things of my kid and wife were doing. I am a naturalized American-German descent. I was told that my mom was a German- American nurse who met my dad after World War II in a military hospital, attending to him after he was severely wounded as an Air Force pilot. They fell in love, got married and I was the result - their only child. My dad never completed recuperated from his war injuries and died. I never stopped missing my wonderful adopted dad, but still enjoyed my childhood and teenage years tremendously in a loving and compassionate home. About my wife: We have a daughter, her name is Chloe. We were married for 21 years and she died from lungs Cancer. As for Chloe, she schools in the UK. I love what I do. My life is fairly routine. I own a three bedroom house in Louisville, Kentucky. Only about 1800 square feet but it is plenty for me. I drive an SUV Hyundai Santa Fe (2014) I make enough to pay my bills and have a little left over. About religion Hmm I was raised Catholic. Even as a child, I did not buy into the idea that you had to go through a priest to talk to God. But I also understand there are things you have to take on faith. For instance, if you say you love someone you've to prove it by showing it. I believe in LOVE because I have faith in it. I do attend church and I believe that God is in control of our lives. So I'm more spiritual than a religious person. I feel no regret chatting and sharing things with you, It gives me great pleasure talking to you. I'm glad we met. hoping to hear from you. Have a wonderful day ahead. The picture below is my Daughter and me
Letter 2

Dear other team doctors and I where invited by the President of Afghanistan (Ashraf Ghani) to his villa, after the meeting he compensated us all for our job well done and for the humanitarian support in his country all these years. He gave each of us a Gift and when we opened the package to our greatest surprise the gift was containing money US Dollars Bills Note. $100 denomination, clean and spendable and ask us to keep it confidential. It has been happening all these years in the International Red Cross and Crescent Movement job, it is a well-guarded secret, the kind that should be revealed only to our wives/lovers. They told us to keep the package with Safety Security Company here in Afghanistan. I sought advice from a retired medical doctor who has done this before and he opened me to the International Red Cross and Crescent Movement shipment Agents.
Darling, what you have to do now is simple, you are to contact the International Red Cross and Crescent Movement diplomatic Shipment Agent, who has been working with the ICRC health workers for 28 years now with no problem, he goes to the war countries and helps doctors deliver their achievements to the front door of their wives/lovers. You are to contact and tell him that your partner, Dr. Bradley Garret, has a parcel with the Safety Security Company in Kabul, Afghanistan. That you want him to go there and have the parcel delivered to your front door and this is urgent. Sweetness, I want to let you know that this transaction is completely legitimate and you have nothing to worry about. My best bet was to do this myself but the only problem we are faced with here is that we are not allowed to take anything out of a war country neither are we allowed to make calls or do financial transactions. These why I need your assistance. This fund is meant among other things to set up Investment and Charity Foundation for helping war veterans. Is meant for furthering the cause you know I am passionate about and I know you'll support this too. As you know veterans have lost a lot while defending our country and we can never repay them for there loss. I want you to stand by me in this and I can assure you that everything will be fine.
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